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Original LED strip CCFL Lamps Parts Solid,mainboard capacitance Sided conductive Copper foil tape Thickness 0.05mm
LED beads L-U-C shape CCFL 12"monitor Sided conductive Copper foil tape Thickness 0.1mm
Print Heads 5 inch monitor 13"monitor Capacitors
LCD screen Update LED backlight kit 6 inch monitor KAPTON Tape Thickness 0.08mm Single conductive Copper foil tape Thicknes 0.06mm
LED Converter 7 inch monitor 14"monitor Single conductive Copper foil tape Thickness 0.1mm
CCFL for Sharp TV 8 inch monitor 14.1"inch Screen driver board
10"--17"inch notebook CCFL lamp 9 inch monitor 15"monitor Aluminum Foil tape Thickness 0.05mm
10"--17"inch CCFL lamp with cable Electrolytic capacitor KAPTON Tape Thickness 0.12mm Aluminum Foil tape Thickness 0.08mm
15"--26 inch monitor CCFL lamp step down buck module Tape Aluminum Foil tape Thickness 0.1mm
15"--22"inch CCFL lamp with bracket Ceramic capacitors 16"monitor Power Supply Original
CCFL lamp Φ2.0mm Aluminum electrolytic capacitors notebook inverter Original inverter
3"--10" CCFL with cable Semiconductor Chip Fuse Black Acetate tape
CCFL lamps Φ2.6 mm 10" monitor Monitor power supply Main Board Original
CCFL lamps Φ3.0 mm 11" monitor 17"monitor White Acetate tape
LCD TV CCFL backlight photo-Flash capacitor Notebook motherboard T-CON Original
CCFL lamp EEFL for Philips panel 4"-17" monitor keyboard HDD PCB parts
4 inch monitor KAPTON Tape Thickness 0.06mm
1 Piece original new LED strip for 65" sony KS-AL1 94V-0 E465853 SBT65 750mm=9LEDs 480mm=6LEDs 265mm(26.5cm)*2.0mm for 12 inch wide screen CCFL bulbs
4 Pieces/lot 100% New LED strip 42"ROW2.1 REV 0.6 6916L-1214A 6916L-1215A 6916L-1216A 6916L-1217A 215mm(21.5cm)*2.0mm CCFL tubes
10 Pieces/lot 100% new original 42"LED strip E74739 6916L-1214A 6916L-1215A 6916L-1216A 6916L-1217A 225mm(22.5cm)*2.0mm CCFL backlight
10 Pieces/lot KBPC5010 5010 50A 1000V Rectifier bridge 60mm*2.6mm CCFL backlight for touch screen injection molding machine lamps tube
2 Pieces/lot A23A TB6560AH TB6560AHQ IC TB6560 Stepper Motor Driver Chip 75mm(7.5CM)*2.6mm CCFL backlight
1 Piece RSN311W64D RSN311W64 D MODULE IC power 80mm*2.6mm CCFL backlight for Injection molding machine or mobile DVD
1 Piece RSN311W64B RSN311W64 B MODULE IC power 90mm*2.6mm CCFL backlight for Injection molding machine or mobile DVD
10 Pieces/lot SN74LS47N SN74LS47 74LS47 IC BCD/7-SEG DECOD/DRVR 16-DIP 95mm(9.5CM)*2.6 CCFL backlight for Injection molding machine
3 Pieces/lot TDA7293 IC AMP AUDIO 100W AB MULTIWATT15 100mm(10CM)*2.6 CCFL backlight for Injection molding machine or 5.7-inch display
3 Pieces/lot AM29F400BT-90EI AM29F400BT TSOP48 IC 100mm(10CM)*2.6 CCFL backlight with wires for 5.7 inch Industrial control display
3 Pieces/lot AM29F400BT-90SE AM29F400BT Memory IC 100mm(10cm)*2.6mm CCFL backlight with cable for 5.7 inch Industrial display
3 Pieces/lot used parts,LG INNOTEK DRT 3.0 32"_A 32"_B Type Rev0.2 E74739 6916L-1974A 6916L-1975A 115mm(11.5CM)*2.6 CCFL backlight ccfl tubes ccfl bulbs
37" 31T14-D02 T315HW07 V2 LED Driver BD 120mm(12CM)*2.6 ccfl bulbs lcd backlight
1 Piece K9GAG08UOE K9GAG08UOE-SCBO K9GAG08U0E-SCB0 TSOP48 K9GAG08U0E 125mm(12.5CM)*2.6 ccfl tubes
2 Pieces/lot GP4063D IRGP4063D IGBT 48A 600V TO-247 130mm(13CM)*2.6 CCFL lcd backlight
2 Pieces/lot AUO-030 4V005 QFP128 130mm(13cm)*2.6 CCFL backlight for 5.7 inch Industrial Controls display
1 Piece Original New for LG XD ENGINE LGE2111A-T8 LGE2111A 140mm(14CM)*2.6 CCFL LCD backlight
power supply board BN44-00504C PD23AOT PSLF560501B 150mm(15CM)*2.6 ccfl bulbs
4 Pieces/lot LED strip 42"ROW2.1 REV 0.6 6916L-1214A 6916L-1215A 6916L-1216A 6916L-1217A,used parts 155mm(15.5CM)*2.6 ccfl tubes
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for Nichia 4020 6V 160MA 1W.cool white light 160mm(16CM)*2.6 CCFL lcd backlight
50 Pieces/lot LEDs baad for Dongbei 2835 3V 350MA 1W 80-90LM,cool white lgith 165(16.5CM)*2.6 CCFL backlight
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for Dongbei 3535 3V 350MA 1W 120-130LM 310mm(31CM)*2.6 CCFL backlight
50 Piceces/lot LEDs for LUMENS 5630 3V 150MA,cool white,repair sony Panasonic TV 347mm(34.7CM)*2.6 CCFL backlight
50 Piceces/lot LED lamp beads for LG 5630 3V 150MA 0.5W,warm white light 72mm(7.2CM)*3.0 CCFL backlight computerized embroidery machine injection molding machine
50 Piceces/lot LED lamp beads for OSRAM 5630 3V 150MA,cool white light 100mm(10CM)*3.0 CCFL lcd backlight for 5.7-inch touch screen
inverter 15STM6S-ABC01 REV1.0 for sony 100mm(10CM)*3.0 CCFL backlight with cable for 5-inch Industrial LCD lamp with big mouth lines
original new for 32MB25VQ Driver Board Motherboard EAX65842902(1.1) monitor LC320DUE 105mm*3.0mm with cable for 5-inch Industrial LCD lamp with big mouth lines
original new Power Adapter for LG E1945CW E1945CWA E1942CW 19V1.2A 1.3A 105mm(10.5CM)*3.0 ccfl tubes
power supply LGP4750-13BI LGP4750-13B1 EAY63050102 110mm(11CM)*3.0 CCFL lcd backlight
1 set 14 Pieces/lot for UA39F5088AR LED strip SAMSUNG 2013SVS39F L 8 R 5 REV1.9 130212 110mm(11CM)*3.0 CCFL backlight with cable for 5-inch Industrial with big mouth
14 Pieces/lot for 42" LED stirp SHARP WS V2.0 42INCH 8 7SERLES 59.3mm 115mm(11.5CM)*3.0 CCFL LCD backlight
3 Pieces/lot for sharp LE32H LED strip MEQY315D06-ZF14F-02 303ME315032 6 LEDs 115mm(11.5CM)*3.0 CCFL backlight with cable With big mouth
12 Pieces/lot for KDL-48W600B LED 1-889-674-12 SAMSUNG-2014-SONY-DIRECT-48-B-3228-6LEDS 120mm(12cm)*3.0mm CCFL LCD backlight
10 Pieces/lot KDL-40R480B LED strip 1-889-701-12 1-889-702-12 120mm(12CM)*3.0 CCFL LCD backlight With cable,big mouth
High light led strip 5M*5mm 600 Leds 2835 SMD,white,yellow,blue light,Input:12V 125mm(12.5cm)*3.0mm ccfl tubes ccfl bulbs
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for High light 77.5V-78V 1W 16MA,for Bulb,Ceiling light,Spotlight 125mm(12.5CM)*3.0 ccfl lamp with cable for 5-inch industrial control screen,big mouth
10 Pieces/lot High light led downlight ceiling spotlights cob 12W Warm white light,size:20*20MM 130mm(13cm)*3.0mm ccfl lamps ccfl tubes
High light LED mining lamp 220V 150W,diameter 160MM,no need LED drive ,white light 130mm(13CM)*3.0 CCFL LCD backlight With cable,big mouth for 5.7 inch industrial control screen
High light diameter 160MM,220V 200W no need drive LED mining lamp,white light,LED 2835 SMD 135mm*3.0mm ccfl bulbs lcd backlight
30 Pieces/lot LED ceiling light spotlight light LEDs 6565 3W white light with aluminum plate 3.0mm*155mm(15.5CM) CCFL lcd backlight
2 Pieces/lot LED strip V500H1-LS5-TLEM6 V500H1-LS5-TREM6 for monitor V500HJ1-LE1 28 LEDs 315mm 3.0mm*160mm(16CM) ccfl tubes
20 Pieces/lot LED beads for LG 3535 6V 1.2W 200MA Cool white,repair LG Innotek strip 170mm(17CM)*3.0mm ccfl bulbs
2 Pieces/lot 42"LED strip SEL420FY(LDF-110)R2_X1_L SEL420FY(LDF-110)R2_X1_R 45LEDs 472MM 3.0mm*220mm(22CM) CCFL backlight
2 Pieces/lot for samsung 2013CSR420 ART3 7020 L60 R60 REV1.0 60 LEDs 472MM 3.0mm*235mm(23.5CM) CCFL backlight lamp tube
original New QY6-0073 Print Head For Canon iP3600 iP3680 MP540 MP560 3.0mm*445mm(44.5CM) CCFL backlight lamp tube for 20 inch Bench local computer
original New QY6-0059 Print Head for CANON IP4200 MP500 MP530 385mm CCFL with bracket 392mm wide 9mm for 19" Standard monitor 2 pieces/lot
ORIGINAL New QY6-0082 Print Head For iP7220, iP7250, MG5420, MG5450 385mm CCFL with bracket 392mm wide 7mm for 19" Standard monitor,2 pieces/lot
2 Pieces/lot LED strip SVS480A07_REV3_6LED_140124 6 LEDs 505mm SVS480A07-REV3-6LED-140124 418mm CCFL with bracket 425mm wide 7mm for 19" wide monitor,2 pieces/lot
10 Pieces/lot LED strip SVS480A07_REV3_6LED_140124 6 LEDs 505mm SVS480A07-REV3-6LED-140124 418mm CCFL with bracket 425mm wide 9mm for 19" wide monitor,2 pieces/lot
4 Pieces/lot 42" LED strip 6916L-1385A 6916L-1386A 6916L-1387A 6916L-1388A 350mm CCFL with bracket 355mm wide 9mm for 17" Standard monitor,2 pieces/lot
10 Pieces/lot 42" LED strip 6916L-1385A 6916L-1386A 6916L-1387A 6916L-1388A 350mm CCFL with bracket 355mm wide 7mm for 17" Standard monitor,2 pieces/lot
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for AOT 4020 3V 150MA,cool white light 483mm CCFL lamps with bracket 490mm wide 7mm for 22" wide monitor,2 pieces/lot
adjustable 1-450℃,repair LED beads demolition welding,Set temperature 2 display T-con MDK336V-0N 19100023
T27B350AC power board BN44-00506A PD27A0Q PSLF680501A T-con MDK 336V-0N 19100165
1 Pieces 590mm 6 LEDs for LG INNOTEK DRT 3.0 32"_A 32"_B Type Rev0.2 6916L-1974A 6916L-1975A TC-42LZ80D L42S10C inverter KLS-EE42PIF18M-A KLS-EE42PIF18M-B 6632L-0535A 6632L-0535B
3 Pieces/lot 100% New LG INNOTEK DRT 3.0 32"_A 32"_B Type Rev0.2 E74739 6916L-1974A 6916L-1975A L4940V5 TO-220 10pcs/lot
1 Piece new parts for 47"LED strip 6916L-1174A(R1),6916L-1175A(R2),6916L-1176A(L1),6916L-1177A(L2) SA1371 2SC3468 0.1A300V 20pcs/lot
10 Pieces/lot 6755MYC FAN6755 6755U SOP-7 PL2303HX PL2303TA
5 Pieces/lot TAS 5342LA TAS5342LADDV TAS5342LA TSSOP44 5A-20A current sensor CS025LX CS030LX CS050LX
5 Pieces/lot NT71168MFG NT71168 25A-50A current sensor CS025LX CS030LX CS050LX
3 Pieces/lot CXD9965TN CXD 9965TN OPA2604UA BB/TI SOP8 5pcs/lot
10 Pieces/lot 47LA6300 LED strip 47" V14 DRT REV0.2 R1-TYPE L1-TYPE OPA2134UA BB/TI SOP8 5pcs/lot
2 Pieces/lot 42"LED strip V420H2-LS2-TLEM7 V420H2-LS2-TREM7 72LED 540MM IRF3205 F3205
37AV300C inverter HPC-1651E HIU-811-S HIU-811-M IRLML6302TR 50pcs/lot
55" LED inverter T87D168.00 IRLML2803TR 50pcs/lot
47" LED inverter 6917L-0141A PCLH-D210 A REV0.8 3PHCC20013A-R IRLML2502TR 50pcs/lot
4 Pieces/lot TH-L32B68C LED strip SVB320AE6-REV4-130207 SVB320AE6_REV4_130207 7 LED 610mm IRLML2402TRPBF MOSFET N-CH 20V 1.2A SOT-23 10pcs/lot
55" 55GL150C LED inverter SSL550-3E2A SSL550_3E2A REV0.1 30 Pieces/lot PT4115 PT4115B89E PT4115B 4115B89E 4115 LED CHIPS LED Drive IC
4 Pieces/lot 65" V645HQ1-LS1 LED strip V645H1-LS1-TREM1-1 V645H1-LS1-TREM1-2 44 LED 371MM AO3401 SOT-23
1 Piece CM1\M220965A103 E222034 11111503 LED strip 104LED 490MM CM1 M220965A103 R25 SMD Transistor 2SC3356 SOT-23
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for samsung 7030 6V 150MA, cool white light 7002 SMD transistor 2N7002 SOT-23
import power AC 220V,Output 0-200V LED lamp strip Tester TV Laptop monitor backlight Lamp Beads Test TL431 431 SOT-89
2 Pieces/lot LE60A5000 screen JE600D3LB4N LED strip B1824-0 MA01 130312-N5 68LED 676MM Transistor C2240 2SC2240 TO-92 100pcs/lot
1 Piece LE39A720 LE39A900P 42" LED strip CRH-HE3956301603L for monitor H390EFC-BA22 48 LED 430MM 0805 Y5V 475M 4.7UF 16V SMD capacitor 1000pcs/lot
2 Piecees/lot LED strip V500DK1-KS2-TREM02 E117098 56LED 550MM With pin fuse 3*10MM 3A 250V 200pcs/lot
1 Piece V400HK7-LS6-TREM01 LED strip 48LED 490MM RGP10M
1set=12 Pieces/lot 42" LED strip 6916L-0913A 6916L-0882A,used parts,good working TDA8512J
KDL-32R300B power board 715G6699-P01-000-002S STTH8R06D 8A 600V
50 Pieces/lot LED beads lens Circular optical diameter:16mm 3 Pin,for 2835 3528 3030 3228 2828 OL7272LF ET7272B
50 Pieces/lot LED beads lens 17mm*17*8,4 Pin,for 3535 2835 3528 3030 3228 2828 BTA40-700B BTA40700B 40A 700V SCR
LED48K360X3D inverter SSL480-3E2K SSL480_3E2K REV0.2 193E1 LED power board ILPI-175 493161400100R
4 Pieces/lot for LG 50 inch LED strip 6916L-1272A 6916L-1241A 6916L-1273A 6916L-1276A ML208D-C LED power board ILPI-280
12 Pieces/lot for LG 50 inch LED strip 6916L-1272A 6916L-1241A 6916L-1273A 6916L-1276A EX1920W power board 491A00381400R ILPI-225
12 Pieces/lot new original 47"LED strip 6916L-1174A 6916L-1175A 6916L-1176A 6916L-1177A 205BW 204BW power board FSP060-1PI02 BN44-00127D
AXE620124 connector pitch 0.4mm 20pin 10 Pieces/lot KLV-32BX205 Power supply DPS-111BP 2950247803
LED inverter C580E06E01B L580H1-1EB-C001 inverter V144-Y01 4H.V1448.811/A
40" inch LED strip 40INCH 7020PKG 54EA REV0.1 120522 54LED 455mm 2 Pieces/lot 2233 2243SWPLUS power board BN44-00295A
55E92RD LED strip 3660L-0376A 55"V6 FHD-1REV1.0 80LED 696MM 2 Pieces/lot KDL-55HX750 power supply 1-886-038-12 APS-316(CH)
LED42F2200N LED strip 35016488 35017077 1 piece 57LED 478MM LCD-40LE700A power supply RUNTKA623WJQZ QPWBF0285SNPZ PSD-0696
2 Pieces/lot LJ64-03260B LED strip SLED 2012SGS48 7030 64 REV1.0 64LEDs 520MM KLV-32BX323 Power supply APS-323 1-886-263-12
LED40K16P SSL400EL01 LED strip 40-D0WN LJ64-02730A KHE-A3P62NB458H REV_0.0 62LEDs 457mm 2 Pieces/lot T-CON LJ41-08382A LJ92-01702A
1 Piece LCD-40LX330A LED strip GT0330-4 E329419 SLED-2011SSP40-36-REV0 36LED 457MM,cool white light VA702B VS1078 VA902B VA721 power board ILPI-004 79041140
inverter E241103 CRH-LED-DRIVER V1.1 Power board FSP025-1PI01B/1 3BS0198112GP
L315H3-2EC-L001B 27-D045818 LED inverter VDT70111.00 REV:5 633NW Power board ILPI-130 491861400100R
0-320V Smart Fit Voltage LED light Tester TV Laptop monitor backlight Lamp Beads Test LCD-60DS70A power supply RUNTKB071WJQZ JSL4190-003
2 Pieces/lot UA46D6400UJ LED strip BN64-01645A for LTJ460HW01-H 84LED 570MM LCD-60NX255A power supply RUNTKB056WJQZ JSL2142-003
LED power supply 4H.B1570.031 B157-201 LCD-52NX255A power supply RUNTKB023WJQZ JSL2105-003
power supply L46SFN_DSM BN44-00610C BN44-610C power supply RUNTKB994WJN1 JSL2116-003H
UN55H6203 UN55J6201AF power supply PSLF141H06A L55H1_ESM BN44-00774A LCD-46LX440A power supply RUNTKA960WJQZ JSL2086-003
BN44-00763A L78C4LA_ESM PSLF411C04A power supply lcd-46NX230A power supply RUNTKA983WJQZ JSL2085-003A
BN44-00757B PSLF970G06B L48G0BN-ESM power supply LCD-40LX440A power supply RUNTKA959WJQZ JSL2080-003
LED inverter L500H1-2EA LCD-46LX450A 46NX255A power supply RUNTKB024WJN1 JSL2090-003A
2 Pieces/lot 55" LED strip 2011SVS55-FHD-6.5K-RIGHT LEFT 100LED 680MM Power supply RUNTKA913WJQZ JSL4104-003
2 Pieces/lot V580H1-LS6-TLEM3 V580H1-LS6-TREM3 for V580HK1-LS6 32LED 360MM LCD-46DS20A Power supply RUNTKB160WJQZ JSL2100-003
L65F3500A-3D LED strip V650H1-LS6-TREM1 for V650HP1-LS6 36LED 402MM 2 Pieces/lot EX1920NW LED Power Board IP-26155A BN44-00387 S19B300N
LED50M5580AF LED strip V500H1-LE6-TREM7 for V500HJ1-LE8 1 Pieces 68LED 620MM,used parts EX2020 E2020X Power supply IP-23155D BN44-00387D
LED strip 090907 REV.1 AE3260B RUNTK 4334TP RUNTK4334TP 1 Piece 33LED 365MM inverter L390H1-1EA L390H1-1EB L390H1-1EC
LC-40LX540H 40LX540H LED strip SLED_2011SSP40_5630_L66_NNS_REV0 66 LED 457MM 2 Pieces/lot inverter C500S05E02A KB-6160C E217670
LED46K326X3D LED strip 2011CHI460 5630N2 70 REV1.0 70LED 519MM 2 Pieces/lot inverter L500S6-2EA
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for SMT AOT 3030 6V 1.2W 220MA cool white light T-CON 6870C-0414A LC320EXN-SEA1-K31
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for samsung 7032 3V 150MA 1W cool white light T-CON LC470EUN-PFF1_CONTROL_VER 1.0 6870C-0451A
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for samsung 7032 6V 80MA 0.5W Cold white light CHIMEI INNOLUX T-con V390DJ1-CS1
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for sharp 2828 6V 1.2W 200MA Cold white light T-con LC32/37/42/47/55 FHD TM120 Ver 0.3 6870C-0401C
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for Seoul 2835 3V 1W 350MA cool white light New UA40EH5003R power supply PD40AVF_CDY BN44-00496B
50 Pieces/lot for OSRAM 3030 6V 1W 200MA LED light beads Cool white light PS50A450P2XXC power supply BN44-00205A DYP50-W3
50 Pieces/lot LED beads for Seoul 3535 6V 1.2W 200MA KLV-40EX400 power supply 4-181-967-01 APS-254
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for DBL 2835 6V 1.2W 200MA Cool white light KLV-32T200A power supply 0620D05200 A30636181469
50 Pieces/lot LEDs beads for samsung 3228 3V 1W 350MA,Cool white light LCD-32A73A 32J200A power supply QPWBFF063WJN1 KF063WE
power supply 1-894-727-11 APS-382 390W KLV-40R470A power supply 1-888-121-11 APS-349
KDL-55W950A power supply 1-894-781-11 APS-387 120W LCD-60LX920A power supply RUNTKA748WJQZ PSD-0822 QPWBS0352SNPZ(06)
power supply APS-389 800W 1-894-851-11 40 inch Power supply BN44-00248A BAR-CODE
power supply APS-388 190W 1-894-850-11 LCD-60LX840A power supply DPS-152DP DPS-140TP RUNTKA934WJQZ
power supply APS-391 1-894-928-12 Power supply 2K11 E470VA PLHH-Y009A
KD-65X9500B power supply 1-893-324-11 APS-373 400W LA46A610A3R Power supply BN44-00178B
1set=16 Pieces/lot UA46F5300AR UA46F5080AJ UA46F6400AJ LED strip D2GE-460SCA-R3 D2GE-460SCB-R3 LCD-52GE220A power supply RDENCA376WJQZ JSK5255-003
1set=14 Pieces/lot UA39F5088AR UA39F5088AJ LED strip D2GE-390SCA-R3 D2GE-390SCB-R3 KLV-32BX350 Power supply APS-317 1-885-885-12 1-733-302-12
4 Pieces/lot new original 47"LED strip 6916L-1174A 6916L-1175A 6916L-1176A 6916L-1177A 37AV300C Power supply PE0538 B V28A00070500
10 Pieces/lot 42"LED strip E74739 6916L-1214A 6916L-1215A 6916L-1216A 6916L-1217A,used parts 32AV300C power supply PE0538 A V28A00070500
inverter SSL320-0E2D SSL320_0E2D REV0.0 for screen LTA320AN01 KLV-46EX600 power supply APS-271 APS-262 1-881-773-12 PS61527A
PD22A0-BPNV power supply BN44-00467A 40C1C inverter T87I111.00
power supply EAX66055501 EAY63729201 LGP6065-15UL6 OPVP-0258 UT42MX08CB power supply MODEL PS-92 1CA1091 A
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for samsung 5630 6V 80MA 0.5W Cool white light 37TA1800 power supply 715T2056-1 3138 103 6294.3
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for LG 7020 6V 80MA 0.5W Cool white light 37X3300C 32X3000C power supply PE0391 B V28A00053101
original for P246H power supply 4H.19J02.A00 50" T-CON JA30423 AE2-LOGIC JP58671 PWB
150 Pieces/lot LEDs for SMD 2835 3V 1W 350MA 115-120LM for monitor Cool white 47PFL3605/93 Main board 0171-2271-3204
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for SMT AOT 3030 3V 1W 350MA Cool white 42PFL3605/93 Main board 0171-2271-3204
50 Pieces/lot Seoul LEDs 5630 3V 0.5W 150MA Cool white light 32PFL3605 Main board 0171-2271-3204
New original for AT2616M power supply 715G3467-P01-H20-003M T-CON 19100057 MDK336V-0N 94V-0 JAPAN
3DTV46860i LED strip 46T09-02A for T460HB01 V.0 1 Piece 84LED 600MM LCD-46LX440A T-CON QPWBXF966WJN1 KF966WE
LED55K380U LED strip LT-1135464-A 2014CHI550 7020 70 REV1.1 1 Piece 70LED 600MM LCD-60LV925A Mian board DUNTKF637WE QPWBXF637WJZZ
LED light strips V500DK1-KS2-TLEM02 1 Piece 56LED 550MM LCD-52LX710A motherboard QPWBXF422WJZZ DUNTKF422
1 Piece KDL-40EX520 LED strip LJ64-02826A STS400A42_62LED_REV.1 62 LEDs 455mm LCD-46LX710A Main board QPWBXF42WJZZ DUNTKF422
55" 55-DOWN LJ64-03353A LED strip SLED 2011SGS55 5630 R L for LTA55HQ16 86LED 603MM 2 Pieces/lot LCD-40LX710A Main board QPWBXF422WJZZ DUNTKF422
LED37760X L37E5200BE LED strip 73.37T06.007-1-CS1 58.37T06.002 for T370HW04V.8 1 Piece 44LED 420MM LCD-46LX710A 52LX710A power supply RUNTKA662WJN1 LC0914-4001CC
LED43K5500U LED light strip RSAG7.820.6185 for screen HE426HU-B51S1 1 Piece 60LED 466MM LCD-460LX710A LCD-52LX710DA T-CON CPWBX4220TP KF294 XF294WJ
HE420HFR-851 LED light strip RSAG7.820.5146 1 Piece 74LED 516MM inverter SSL550EL02 REV:0.2
HE420HFD-B52 LED strip RSAG7.820.5777 1 Piece 48LED 520MM inverter SSL460EL02 REV:0.2
2013SSP60 5630 76 REV1.0 2013SSP60 LED strip RUNTKB075WJZZ AVS 60 5630 1 Piece 76LED 661MM TH-42PV8C TH-42PV80C Power supply ASSY.NO.LSEP1260 LSJB1260-1 DPK SU2AV-0
42P21FBD LED strip 74.42T13.001-0-CS1 for T420HW08 V.5 1 Piece 60LEDs 478MM T-CON LJ41-10158A LJ92-01855A
BF41-00354A 00 M8_REV.03 for Samsung 2.5 PS60E530A6R power supply BN44-00512A PSPF391501A PSPF391501B
100535537 for Seagate ST32000542AS ST31000525SV HDD PCB PS60E530A6R X parts LJ41-10161A LJ92-01858A
100535704 for Seagate ST3320418A ST35000413AS ST500DM002 HDD PCB T-con 6870C-0094A VER 1.0 LC420W02-SLA
2060-800039-001 REV P1 for 500G 1TB 2TB HDD PCB PS60E530A6RXXZ Main board BN97-05698G BN41-01799A
original new 303C3203063 TV3203-ZC02-02(A) for L32E10/M05/02 LCD32R26 power supply LGP32-10SLPBAU EAY60802702
100645422 for Seagate HDD PCB ST 3.5 KDL-46EX520 KDL-40EX520 Power supply 1-883-804-22 APS-285
100724095 REV A for Seagate ST2000DX001 ST2000DM001 KLV-60EX640 Power supply DPS-202DP 2950309306
G003138A for Toshiba HDD PCB LED Power supply 1-880-464-11
220 0A90377 01 2200A9037701 for Hitachi Toshiba 500G 1T white label 0J21872 HDD PCB KDL-55NX720 parts DPS-76(CH) 1-883-923-11
100466725 for Seagate ST3500620AS ST3500320AS HDD PCB KDL-32EX420 power supply APS-288(CH) 1-883-824-13
BF41-00282A M7S-SLINE REV.01 for seagate Samsung HDD PCB KDL-55EX720 power supply 1-883-922-12 APS-299
100609264 for seagate HDD PCB 2.5 KDL-65HX920 power supply 3T379W-1 PSC10357C M
2060-771698-002,771698-T04 for WD desktop hard drive Power supply BN44-00331A
2060-771640-003 for WD3200AAKX WD5000AAKX PS42S5H Main board BN41-00582B BN94-00702B
2060-701640-002 ,2061-701640-002 for WD Laptop 42PX1RV-TA power supply 3501V00220A 1H251W1
2060-771801-002,771801-002 for WD Laptop Power supply PSPU-J904A EAY60704401 PSPU-J905A EAY60704701 3PAGC00002A-R
2060-771823-000,771823-200 for WD Laptop TH-50U20C P50VT20C power supply ETX2MM806MEH NPX805MS2
100617465 REV B for seagate ST2000DL003 ST2000DM001 LED Converter Universal 15"---24" with wire
100720903 M8_REV.07 R00 for Samsung STDR1000 500G 1T HDD PCB 5mm*3M Duplex tape for LED kit
BF41-00373A M8U_539B_REV.01_000 for Samsung HDD PCB 23"23 inch LCD monitor upgrade LED backlight kit 524mm Brightness adjustable
100687658 REV C for seagate HDD PCB ST1000DM003 12"12 inch LCD notebook laptop upgrade LED backlight 258mm Brightness adjustable
100731589 REV A for Seagate HDD PCB 500G 1T 11"11 inch notebook laptop LCD screen upgrade LED backlight kit 240mm Brightness adjustable
2060-771961-001,771961-F01 for WD Hard drive for notebooks USB 15.4" 15.4 inch notebook LCD laptop Update LED backlight kit 336mm Brightness adjustable
100664987 REV B for eagate ST3000VX000 ST3000DM001 HDD PCB UA46EH5080R Main board BN41-01777B BN41-01777
100717520 REV B for eagate ST1000DM003 1T 2T HDD PCB UA40EH5000R Main board BN41-01777B BN41-01777
100749730 REV A for eagate ST2000DX001 ST1000DM003 HDD PCB UA32EH4000R Main board BN41-01777B BN91-06354R
1 piece 54 LEDs 535MM 6922L-0103A 6922L-0062A LED light strip 6916L1166A for screen LC420EUN 55" T-CON 550HHC6LV0.7
50 Pieces/lot for LG Innotek LED beads 7030 6V 80MA LEDs Cool white KLV-46J-400A motherboard 1-875-581-12
50 Pieces/lot LED beads for samsung 3537 3V 1W 350MA.repair LED strip cool white LC-40R35 T-CON 400WHC8LV1.3
50 Pieces/lot LED beads for LG 3528 1W 3V 280MA cool white light KLV-32S550A T-CON 320AB03C2LV0.3
50 Pieces/lot LEDs for samsung 2828 3V 1.5W 350MA cool white light T-CON V546H1-CS1
50 Pieces/lot LED beads LG 3535 6V 1.2W 200MA SMD Cool white for repair LG Innotek strip T-CON V6 32/42/47 FHD 120HZ 6870C-0358A Ver1.0
UA46D5000PR LED strip BN64-01644A 2011SVS46-5K6K-H1B-1CHPV-LEFT RIGHT 72LED 510MM 2 Pieces/lot​ T-CON 6870C-0402C 32/37/42/47/55 FHD TM240 VER0.4
can Update 27" 27inch CCFL LCD Screen to LED Monitor,620mm LED Backlight Strip Kit T-CON V6 55 FHD 120HZ 6870C-0369C
Update 26" 26 inch CCFL LCD Screen to LED Monitor,560mm LED Backlight Strip kit,adjustabl T-CON LM300WQ5-SLA1-611 CONTROL PCB 6870C-0334A
Update 25" 25 inch CCFL LCD Screen to LED Monitor,560mm LED Backlight Strip kit T-CON 6870C-0207B LC420WXE
original t-con 6870C-0562A LC650EQL-SHP2 for 4K T-CON LC470EUN-SEF1 6870C-0401A
original t-con LC420/470WUB-SCA1 6870C-0322B T-CON LC470WUD-SBM1-731 CONTROL 6870C-0284A
New original t-con 16Y_BS_GU13TSTLTA4V0.1 16Y-BS-GU13TSTLTA4V0.1 T-CON LM240WU4-SLB1 6870C-0265A
original BN44-00504A power supply PD23A0T_CPN BN44-00504A T-CON LM240WU4-SLB3 6870C-0265B
original BN44-00505B power supply PD23AOQV-CPN BN44 00505B T-CON LM300WQ5-SDA1 CONTROL PCB 6870C-0314A
original EAX64908202 LGP60-13WL LGP60I-13WL power supply T-CON LM300WQ5-STA1 CONTROL PCB 6870C-0183C
original with IC T-con T370HW02 VC CTRL BD 37T04-C0G 37T04-COG,for 32"37"40"46" all in stock T-CON LC470DUE-SFR1_CONTROL_VER 1.0 6870C-0444A
original 40" inverter SSL400EL01 REV0.2 T-CON 32/47 V5 60HZ 6870C-0318B VER0.7
50PC5R 50x4 t-con EBR38447401 EAX37080201 T-CON LM240WU7-SLB1 6870C-0308B
new original power supply EAX64905001 EAY62810301 LGP32-13PL1 LGP32I-13PL1 T-CON LM270WF1-TLC1 6870C-0291B
100% New original 40T02-CO2 t-con T400HW01 V4 CTRL BD 40T02-C02 T-CON LM240WU7-SLA1 6870C-0253C
LA32R71B t-con 320WSC4LV5.8 T-CON LM300WQ5-SDA1 6870C-0314B
T315HW07 V8 LED Driver BD 31T14-D04 LA37C530F1R power supply P3237F1_ASM PSLF211401A
LCD-52LX530A LCD-52LX830A LED light strip E129741 1 Piece=56LEDs 591MM original APS-307 1-884-864-11 Power supply for KLX-32EX355 KLX-42EX410 KLV-46EX430 all are in stock
LED E329419 for sharp 60LX531A LCD-60LX830A 80LED 675mm 4 Pieces/lot 46"T-CON A60EDGEC2LV0.2
for BENQ G2200W NEC 22WV LCD220WX power supply 715G2639-1-2 T-CON LJ41-02104B LJ92-01221A
W2252TQ W2252 Driver Board EAX43086501(1) screen M220EW01 T-CON JPN-S128BM4C4LV0.2
t-con ART 42/47/55 TM240 VER0.1 6870C-0450A T-CON K2-60HZ-CONTROL-MB4-V0.0
original New T500HVN09.1 CTRL BD 50T26-C03 t-con 50T26-CO3 with 2 cable T-CON LJ41-03317A LJ92-01318A
inverter SSL400-3E2A SSL4003_E2A REV0.2 Power supply AYP380002 AYP380002-013 AY1038A28275
SSIP-1719-HD-A BIZET-17 BN44-00123C power supply for 740N/BX 940N/BW Power supply DPS-129BP-1A
new original Y320AB01C2LV0.1 t-con 46R1C Power supply 40-P272C0-PWB1XG
740N 731BF 940N 931BW 931BF 940BW power supply PWI1704SV 32PFL1409 Power supply 715G3332-1 715G3332-P02-H20-003S
U2412Mb power supply 4H.1GH02.A02 TLM32V78K TLM32V86K Power board RSAG7.820.2059/ROH VER.B
GL2750HM POWER SUPPLY 4H.1KV02.A10 Power supply LC1015-4001BC
100% new original PW52057A PW52057B power supply 12V 5V AY050D-2SF03 AY050D-2SF04 37SL863 Power supply PSLF161502A V71A00021500
S2021A wj675A Drive board L9137-1M 48.7E205.01M TH-P42GT20C Power supply ASSY.NO.LSEP1289 ST/LSJB1289-21
42LM3450 42LM3150 power supply EAY62713701 EAX64770201 Power supply PLHL-T826D EU-IPB32-FHD-FUII 3PAGC00004A-R
100% new original 2211f drive board pwb-1389-1a E053113891 Power supply LGP42-10TM PLHF-L913A EAX61131701/12 3PAGC10013A-R
original S23A300B drive board SA300 BN63-07709A screen LTM230HT09,not work for 24" Power supply PD26G0S_BSM BN44-00471A PSLF800A03G
original 37T04-C09 T370HW02 V9 Ctrl BD 37T04-CO9 t-con New power supply PD55B1_LFD BN44-00476A PSLF171B03M
T-con 31T09-C0M T315XW04 VB CTRL BD 31T09-COM UA55C7000 power supply PD55CF2N_ZSM BN44-00408A
T-con 42T34-C00 T420HVN06.2 CTRL BD 42T34-COO power supply BN44-00439A 137F1_BSM PSIV181411A
V92WG VIEWG V92G J92W T4160D power supply CEC-170418 REV1.1H power supply I37F1_BDY BN44-00439B
6917L-0139A Replacement inverter 6917L-0123A KLS-E500SNAHF06,100% good working LA55C650L1F LA55C630K1F power supply I55F1-ASM BN44-00342A
G2000WD Q22W6 FP222W VW222U power supply 4H.09C02.A01 UA32EH4000R Power supply PD32AV0_CSM BN44-00492A
original t-con EAX62110703 for 42LX6500 47LX6500 55LX6500 all are in stock Power supply PD32B1D_CSM REV 1.1 BN44-00517A
original LED19 inverter E328942 HQ-LED60-1 HQ-LED20L2 HQ-LED60-1C HQ-LED60E2 HQ-LED60F HQ-LED20E Power supply BN44-00517C PD32B1DE_CSM
100% new original LGP32L-12P EAX64324701 EAY62512301 power supply Power supply PD32CV1_CSM BN44-00551A PSLF930C04C
V645HQ1-LS1 LED V645H1-LE1-TREM4-1 V645H1-LE1-TLEM4-2 44LED 371MM 4 Pieces / lot original power Supply PD46A1N_CSM BN44-00502A
LED42L288 LED HE420HF-B52 RSAG7.820.5772 for screen HE420HF-B52 1 piece 54LED 520MM Power supply PD46A1N_CSM BN44-00502C
LED42K200 LED HE420FR-B51 RSAG7.820.5056 1 Pieces 35LED 475MM Power supply PD46A1_LFD BN44-00535A
LED46K11P LED46K01P LED RSAG7.820.4454 RSAG7.820.4453 for screen HE460DF-E02 1 Piece 70LED 526MM UA46ES6100J Power supply PD46B1DC_CSM BN44-00518E
LED32K320DX3D LED32T36 LED HE315EH-B16/B21 RSAG7.820.4301 for screen HE315HR-E51 1 Pieces 38LED 355M UA46ES6100J Power supply PD46B1D-CSM BN44-00518A
KDL-55EX710 LED for SONY SLS55_5630_SONY_120HZ_100312 LJ64-02566A LJ64-02567A 1 piece=60LED 616MM UA50ES5500R Power supply PD55A1_CSM BN44-00503A PSLF121B04A
LED for SAMSUNG 2012CHA420 7020 60 LEFT RIGHT REV1.1 CH420S7020-2003S-01 60LED 542MM 2 Pieces/lot UA55ES6100J Power supply PD55B1DC_CSM BN44-00519E
LED32K300 LED BE315FH-B22 RSAG7.820.5225 VER.B RSAG7.820.5243 VER.A LT-1123510A 355MM 2 Pieces/lot Power supply PD55AV1_LFD BN44-00530A
LED32K300 JT-1118066-B LED RSAG7.820.5182/ROH VER.A for screen HE315FH-E88 1 pieces 44LED 405MM UA55D8000YJ UA55D7000LJ UA55D6400UJ Power supply PD55B2-BSM BN44-00428A
HE650HF-B51 LED RSAG7.820.6416/ROH VER.A 1 Pieces 50LED 355MM Power supply PD46AV1_CSM BN44-00498A PSLF930C04A
LCD-46LX640A SLED-2011SSP46-5630-R-L74 GK0363TPZA-1 74LED 522MM 2 Pieces/lot Power board V710A00023500 PSIV400601A T24_LIPS2
LETV MAX70 LED L700LB0010-001 025-0001-7058 for screen L700HHA-1 1 pieces 64LED 514MM Power supply PSLF131502A V71A00021400
E329419 LED K4475CS K4476CS for screen LK400D3LB23 54LED 447MM 2 Pieces/lot 32A150C Power supply PSIV161C01V V71A00023700
UA32D4003B LED BN64-01635A 2011SVS32-4K-V1-1CH-PV-LEFT58-1116 1 Piece 58LED 392MM Power supply PSIV131601A V71A00024900
KDL-46NX710 3D inverter SSL460EL-S02 Rev:2.0 Power supply PSIV700501A V71A00025100
PPM-LX47BD-O(A)REV:1.2 6918LX-0080B SP2SC Power supply 715G3714-P01-H20-003U
6870C-0400A T-CON LC550EUN-SDF1-831 6870C-0400A_Rev0.2 KLV-40EX600 Power supply 1-881-774-13 APS-264(CH)
inverter 6917L-0137A PPW-LE55TM-0(A)REV0.6 Power supply 32D31W1 V71A00026700
40" LED strip 40-DOWN LJ64-02609A 2010SVS40-60HZ-62 for LTF400HM02 1 Piece 62LED 455MM Power supply V71A00027800 32D59W2
original inverter 715G6747-P01-000-003H KDL-60LX900 Power supply APS-267 GE4 1-881-894-11
t-con RSAG7.820.4766 RSAG7.820.4766/ROH for LED32K360 LED32K170JD LED32K360J Power supply BN44-00270A PSLF251B01A
inverter 40-RT3213-DRB2XG UA55B8000XF Power supply PD5512F2 BN44-00272A
t-con BN95-02131A BN41-02354A for UA40JU5900CXXZ UA40JU5920JXXZ UA40JU50SWJ Power supply PSLF500B01A BN44-00344A
55" LED stip 3BL-T5954102-005B 3BL-T5954102-006B 13 Pieces/lot Power supply BN44-00352C
KDL-46EX720 T460HW08 LED 74.46T09.001-1-CC1 STA460A38-REV2.0 1 Piece 52LED 522MM UA60C6900 Power supply PD60AD1_ZSM BN44-00360A PSLF261B02A
for 6922L-0052 6922L-0052A LED 6916L1003A 1 Piece 66LED 587MM Power supply PD65AD1_ZSM BN44-00361A
inverter PCLF-D102B REV0.4 6917L-0082B Power supply PD46CF1U_ZSM BN44-00371A PSLF201C0B
inverter 6917L-0082C 3PHCC20002D-H PCLF-D102C REV:0.4 Power supply PD46CF1E_ZSM BN44-00372A for 46"
original inverter T87D086.00 for L420H2-4EC-A002B 27-D046026 L420H2-4EC-A001B Power supply PD55CF1E_ZSM BN44-00374A for 55"
inverter T87D159.00 LED for screen V420H2-LS1 L420H2-4EE-C00 LED42K16X3D Power supply PD65AD2_ZSM BN44-00378A for 65"
6917L-0124A PCLH-D204 A Rev0.7 inverter Power supply PD60AD2_ZSM BN44-00377A
6922L-0055A LED strip 6920L-0001C 6916L1206A 1 Piece 84LED 688MM UA32C4000P Power supply PD32AFON_ZSM BN44-00401A
BN44-00527A PD37A1_CPN Power Supply BN4400527A UA46D5000PR UN46D6003S UA40D5000PR Power supply PD46A0_BSM BN44-00422A BN44-00423A
BN44-00650A F32A0_DPN power supply UN46D6003S UN46D6000S Power supply PD46A1_BSM BN44-00423A
PWL2204STCCM BN44-00507A power supply UN46D7900X UN46D8000Y Power supply BN44-00430A PD46C2_BSM
original PD270H_CPN BN44-00546A power supply UN55D7900X UN55D8000Y Power supply PD55C2_BSM BN44-00431A
work 46inch T-con T370HW02 VE CTRL BD 37T04-C0J 37T04-COJ PS51D6900DR Power supply BN44-00446A PSPF371501A
2 Pieces/lot 73.31T14.004-5-DS1 LED Strip 31T14-07 31T14-07a for T315HB01 V.1 40LED 361MM Power supply BN44-00448B PSLF380501A
ITV42839E LED 73.42T09.01B-4 CJ110234A 73.42T09.02B-4-CJ110830A 42T09-05B 52LED 472MM 2 Pieces/lot Power supply BN44-00449A PSLF500501A KTL SU10054-10052
for sony power supply EUC 180d R/01 1-474-010-11 Power supply BN44-00450B
T645HW02 V2 Ctrl BD 64T02-C03 UA55D6000SJ Power supply BN44-00457A
V500HK1-CS6 t-con for V500HK1-LS6 Power supply PD46AV_LFD BN44-00529A PSLP151504A
original New LTI700HA02 t-con DIDMB3C4LV0.0 Power supply PD46B1QE_CSM BN44-00520F
original 82" t-con for samsung DIDMB3VLC4LV0.1 UA55ES6100J Power supply PD55B1DN_CSM BN44-00519D
6870C-0446C LC420/470/550EUF-FFP1 t-con Power supply PSLF790D04D BN44-00517D PD32B1N_CSM
T460HVN05.3 CTRL BD 46T21-C07 for UA50F6100AJ Power supply BN44-00506A PD23A0Q PSLF560501A
New V16_49UHD_SONY 6870C-0598A T-con Power supply BN44-00505A PD23A0Q PSLF560501A
inverter SSL460-0E2A SSL460_0E2A REV0.3 Power supply BN44-00504D PD23A0Q PSLF560501A
6870C-0036D LC260WX2 t-con UA60EH6000R Power supply PD60AV1_CSM BN44-00500A PSLF131C04A
HV460WU2-200(T)T-CON 47-6021001 E222034 UA40EH5003R Power supply PD40AVF_CSM BN44-00496A PSLF760C04A
inverter 6917L-0084A 3PHCC20002B-H PCLF-D104A REV0.7 Power supply PD32AVS_CSM BN44-00495A PSLF710A04A
original T-con EDL-4LV0.3 EDL_4LV0.3 for KDL-40EX720 KDL-46EX720 KDL-55EX720 all are in stock Power supply PD26AV0_CSM BN44-00491A PSLF360A04A
original inverter 1-883-300-21 1-732-438-21 for KDL-40EX720 KDL-46EX720 KDL-55EX720 KDL-60EX720 Power supply PD4046A1_LFD BN44-00474A PSLF151A03M
40-MS81VL-TCE2XG t-con UA40D5003BR power supply BN44-00473A PSLF121A03S
TLM42V68PK inverter RSAG7.820.2046/ROH VER.B UA32D4003B Power supply PD32G05_BSM BN44-00472A
LE32D59 LED K320WD 4708-K320WD-A2213K01 471R1055 3PCS/lot Power supply BN44-00536A PD55A1_LFD PDLF121B04D
TH-32A400C power supply TNP4G572 Power board PD64B1Q_CHS BN44-00545A
inverter L320B1-1EA UA32F4008AR power supply L32S0E_DSM BN44-00604D PSLF_600S05B
power supply 715G6592-P01-001-001R new original UA40F5000AR power supply L425F_DSM BN44-00609A
BDM3200FC main board 715G6575-M01-000-004L power supply L42SF1_DSM BN44-00609C
32PFL5708 t-con TPV_LC320EUJ-FFA1_Ver 3.0 TPV-LC320EUJ-FFA1-Ver 3.0 UA60F6300AJ power supply BN44-00613A PSLF191S05A L60S1_DSM
CPT 320WA01 S6Y151 T-con power supply L32X1QP_DSM BN44-00620A
40-RD4810-DRA2LG inverter PSLF151X05A power supply L42X1Q_DSM BN44-00622A
10PCS/lot LED58R5500F LED V580H1-LD6-TLDC2 V580H1-LD6-TRDC2 power supply L42X1QN_DSM BN44-00622C
6917L-0103A PPW-LE42AT-0(A)REV0.4 6917L0103A UA55F6100AJ power supply L55X1Q_DSM BN44-00625A
8 Pieces/lot LED42D15-ZC14-01 LED42D15-ZC14-02 LED42D15-ZC14-03 LED42D15-ZC14-04 KDL-40EX710 KDL-46EX710 Power supply 1-881-956-12
10PCS/lot UA40JU5900CXXZ UA40JU5920CXXZ LED strip 2D 40UHD BN41-02375A E473485 Power supply PSIV101B01A V71A00026900
UA40JU50SWJXXZ UA40JU5900CXXZ power supply BN96-35335C L40S5_FHSV Power supply PSIV750401A V71A00021600
39D3700I LED strip CH39L51A-V02 DSBJ-WG 4 Pieces/lot Power supply PSLF361501A V71A00024300
260AP02C2LV0.2 T-con original T-con V420HK1-CS5 for 42" 50" 55" 58" 65" all are in stock
KDL-32R300B LED strip GJ-DLEDII P5-315 D307-V7 3 Pieces/lot 7LED 614mm 42LE5300 42LE4500 Power supply 3PCGC10008A-R EAY60803101 PLDF-L903A
UA32EH4080R LED strip 2012SVS32 3228 HD 08 REV1.5 1.6 4 Pieces/lot T-CON LM300W01-STA1-C11 6870C-0015J
43PFF5650 power supply 715G6131-P02-W22-002M AUO T-CON T645HW05 V0 CTRL BD 64T05-C00
43PFF5650 LED E349376 EVT LBM430P1001-AJ-2S 5 Pieces/lot AUO T-CON T546HB01 V2 CTRL BD 54T07-C02
original BN41-01939 BN41-01939A t-con for UA40F6300AJ UA46F6400AJ UA55F6100AJ all are in stock T-CON 46T16-C01 T460HVN02.2 CTRL BD
5800-P32DWE-0010 168P-P32DWE-00 inverter 32"37"40"46"T-CON T315HW04 V0 CTRL BD 31T09-COE or 31T09-C0E
13GAOC_SQ60VLMB3C2LV0.1 t-con 13GAOC-SQ60VLMB3C2LV0.1 T-CON 07A35-1A T260XW03 V2 CTRL
original T-con LA02M EAX62110705(0) for 55LX6500 42LX6500 are in stock T-CON T420HW01 V2 Control Board 07A33-1B
T-con 6870C-0261A LC470WUL-SBM3-731 T315XW01 T-CON 04A05-1C
PH_120PSQBC4LV1.0 PH-120PSQBC4LV1.0 for 40" 46" 55" all are in stock inverter VIT70076.00 VIT70076.10 REV:1
46T20-C01 T460HVD02.0 CTRL BD 46T20-CO1 T-con UA55C8000XF Power supply PD55AF2_ZSM BN44-00363A
55LX9500-MASTER KLE-D550WFF-C REV:0.5.0 LED Power supply PSLF191402A V71A00017600
55LX9500-Slave EBR71508701 inverter KLE-D550WFF-D REV:0.5.0 LED Power supply V71A00017700 PSLF211402A
P2350 SM2333T power supply BN44-00297A IP4L23D PWI2304SL Power supply DPS-321AP
power supply PWI2304SL for 2494LW P2450H 2494SW P2350 2443BW Power supply DPS-262BP
original TNPA5416 T-con for TH-42PH30C TH-50PH30C all in stock Power supply DPS-143AP-1 2950254504
original MPF6911 power supply for TH-42PH30C TH-P50UT50C all in stock Power supply PLHL-T826C 2300KPG102C-F
New TH-P50UT50C power supply MPF6913B 47LH45YD 47LH50YD Power supply PLHC-T840A 2300KPG108A-F EAY57681901
New 42SL80YD 42SL90QD 47SL80YD 47SL90QD power supply CAEAY58470001 Power supply PLHL-T847B 3PAGC10005B-R MPR 0.2
New original 27MP35VQ-B 27MP35VQ-W main board Driver board Power supply PLHC-P984A 3PAGC10021A-R
New original for KDL-50W680A inverter ST500AU-6S01 REV:1.0 42PFL8605D power supply PLDF-P975A(PSL42") 3PAGC10025B-R
Original T-CON 6870C-0401B 32/37/42/47/55 FHD 6870C0401B Power supply PLDD-P973A (PSL37") 3PAGC10025A-R
42PJ350C-TA YSUS EAX61332701 EBR66607501 47PFL3605 Power supply PLHH-A963A 3PAGC10032A-R
original EAX40783404(1.1) main board for 42LK466C 47LK466C M-LPB 47" LED Power supply PLDH-A954A 3PCGC10012A-R
60LN616C main board EAX65411401(1.0) Power supply PLDK-A955A 3PCGC10013A-R
FSP233-4F01 PK101V1390I 3BS0228412GP power supply Power supply PLHH-A945A 3PCGC10016A-R 0500-0412-1000
LE190wl power supply ILPI-201 6Pin or 10Pin all in stock 47" Power board 3PCGC10016B-R PLHH-A945B
190S8 170S8 power supply 4H.OBH02.A01 PLHL-T803A HD Power Supply
3660L-0346A LED AG1027-A-1 AG1027-B-6 innotek 32" rev0.4 1 Piece 48LED 356MM DPS-315BP 50005071000 Power Supply
LED46" LJ64-02211A LJ64-02230A LED SLS46-5630N SLS46_5630N LCD 120 REV1.0 1 Piece 62LED 520MM Power supply LGP42-12P EAX64648101(1.2)
LED50R5100DE V500HK1-LS5 LED V500H1-LE1-TREM3 56LED 620MM UA40D5000PR power supply BN41-01598A
LE39A720 LED 4A-D074762 074762N31B33M0A V390H1-LE1-TREM6 1 Piece 495MM 48LED 42LK450 power supply LGP42-11P PSLH-L010A EAX63543801 3PAGC10047A-R
LED39H130 LED HE390HH-E51 RSAG7.820.4989 1 Pieces 54LED 476MM original EAX64604501 LGP32-12P power supply
for Sharp 70" LED SLED 2011SSP70_4K2K_64_D0WN_7030_REV0 1 Piece 64LED 514MM 2011SSP70-4K2K-64-D0WN power supply LGP4247L-12LPB EAX64427101 EAY62608901
LED LBM420M1903-K-1 37016729 484.M420E110/00 1 Piece 57LED 476MM 47LM7600 power supply LGP4247H-12LPB-3P EAX64744101 EAY62512702
UA55C7000WF LED LMB-5500BM12 BN62-00048A 1 Pieces 80LED 617MM 42LM3450 42LS315H 42LS3150 42LS3450 Power Supply EAX64770201(1.8) EAY62713701 LGP42P-12LPB
UA55C6200UF T546HW02 V.3 LED 74.54T02.001-0-SX1 74.54T02.002-0-SX1 LMB-5500BM12 1 Piece 80LED 617MM P42-10LF EAX64743301 EAY62770801 power board
1 Piece UA55C6200UF LJ64-02386A LJ64-02391A LED strip SLED 2010SVS55 120/240HZ-80 80 LEDs 617MM power supply PSPF-L011A EAY62170901 EAX63329801/8
60" LED SAMSUNG_2012SVS60_7032NNB-3D_LEFT88_REV1.3_120629 for samsung 60" TV 88LED 760MM 2 Piece/lot PLHL-T826D EU-IPB32-FHD-FUII 2300KPG102A-F power supply
LED42R5100DE 42E600Y LED strip 6922L-0051A 6920L-0001C 6916L1269A 1 Piece 54LED 535MM PLHE-P986A IPB40-FHD-L0W 3PAGC10022A-R power supply
T315XW06.V.3 LED strip 31T15-03 73.31T14.004-6-SK1 1 piece 40LED 356MM Power supply LGP32-10TM LGP37-10TM REV 1.0 EAX61131704/3
LED46K310X3D LED strip HE460FD-B01 RSAG7.820.4744/ROH Ver.B GT-1111560A 1 Piece 66LED 585MM UA32B6000VF power Supply PD3212F1 BN44-00293A
LED46K660X3D LED strip RSAG7.820.5132 HE460HFR-B51 1 Piece 88LED 565MM UA32ES5500R power supply PD32A1-CSM BN44-00501A
55LM6200 55E600Y LC550EUN 55" LED strip 6922L-0003A 6922L-0004A 6920L-0001C 6916L0781A 6916L0782A LED UA32D5000PR Power supply PD32AF_BSM BN44-00460A PSLF800A03C
KDL-46HX850 power supply 1-886-217-12 APS-324 LH32EDC Power Supply PD32AV1_LFD BN44-00528A
T220HD power supply IP-54135T LN22B460 PD37AF1E_ZSM BN44-00355A power supply BN4400355A
inverter V341-201 V341-202 4H+V3416.021 / A1 UA46EH5080R Power Supply PD46AVF_CSM BN44-00497A PSLF860C04A
100% new L46S1_DSM BN44-00611A power supply Power Supply BN44-00520C PD46B1QE_CDY
100% new original L46S1V-DSM BN44-00611D power supply Power Supply PD46B2F_BSM BN44-00465A
L32X1QP_DDY BN44-00620B power supply Power Supply PD46B2Q_CDY BN44-00522B
KDL-40R550C main board 1-894-094-22 1-894-094-12 for screen NS5S400VND02 Power Supply PLHC-T828A 3PAGC10004A-R
715G6863-P01-000-002S power supply PD60C2_BSM BN44-00432A PSLF171C03L Power supply
LED MBL-40057W064MT1-L 4C-LB4064-UN1L 64LED 514MM 2 pieces/lot LED32T28KV 37T28P Power supply RSAG7.820.1947/ROH VER.G
LED STA460A44-LEFT_REV3.0_80_110221 1 piece 80LED 602MM PSPF-L911A 3PAGC10014A-R EAX61415301/10 EAY60912401 Power supply
LED strip 6916L1605A 1 piece 26AV300C Power supply PE0538 C V28A00070500
LED strip SYV7031 00.P1C01GA01 REV.A 1 Piece 72LED 431MM original Power supply PD46A1D_BSM PSLF151A03D BN44-00458A BN44-00458B can be employed
KDL-60W850B LED strip VLT SYV6031 00.P2B01GA01 61.P2B05G002 1 Piece 64LED 370MM 46PFL3500 Power Supply 715G4877-P01-H20-003M
T87D159.00 V420H2-LS1 42"LED backlight V420H2-LS1-TREF7 V420H2-LS1-TLEF7 65LED 477MM 2 Pieces/lot UA32D4000N Power Supply PD32A0_BSM BN44-00421A PSLF800A03A
42" V420H2-LS1 LED lamp strip L420H2-LS1-TLEF2 L420H2-LS1-TREF2 477MM 56LED 2 Pieces/lot PD46AV1_CHS BN44-00498B Power supply
42" V420H2-LS1 LED strip V420H2-LS1-TLEF1 V420H2-LS1-TREF1 56LED 477MM 2 Pieces/lot Inverter 6632L-0440A PNCP-M605A(1-2)
KDL-55HX750 LTY550HQ04 LJ64-03374B LJ64-03374A LED strip 2012SLS55 7030 58 L R REV1.2 2 pieces/lot T-CON LM240WU7-SLB3 6870C-0308C
46" LED strip V460H1-LS2-TREM6 V460H1-LS2-TLEM6 80LED 597MM 2 pieces/lot 52"T-CON FHD60C4LV0.5
KDL-55EX720 74.54T04.003-2-SX1 LED strip STA546A02-rev5.0-62-101124 62LED 620MM 2 pieces/lot 40"T-CON CPWBX RUNTK4415TP ZZ
KDL-55EX720 LTY550HJ03 LED lamp strip LJ64-02875A LJ64-02876A STS550A26-60LED-REV.3 1 piece=60LED UA60D660VJ power supply PD60A1-BHS BN44-00425A
50EL300C 4A-D078708 D078707 D071072 D071074 LED strip V500H1-LS5-TLEM4 TREM4 2peices/lot UA55B6000VF UA55B8000 power supply PD5512F1 BN44-00271A
42"LED strip 6916L-1123A 6916L-1120A 6916L-1121A 6916L-1122A for LC420DUN-SFU3 1 set=12Pieces/lot LA40D550K1R power supply BN44-00440A PS1V231411A
47" 6922L-0043A LED strip 47" V13 Edge REV0.4 1 6920-0001C 6916L1009A 1 piece=66LED 597mm SD120PBMB4C6LV0.1 T-CON
55" LED strip V546H1-LS2-TLEM4 V546H1-LS2-TREM4 358MM 48LED 1 pairs=2 Piece/lot 945mm C Shape CCFL tube for 42 inch LCD TV backlight
LED strip HE550HUC-B52 RSAG7.820.6366/ROH VER.C 1 Piece=80LED 692MM 595mm U Shape CCFL lamps for 26 inch LCD TV backlight
LCD-70LX550A 70LX840A 70LX732 JE695D3GW8FX GA0393 LED strip 01CVB058A003 70INCH 7030PKG 64EA Rev0.1 583mm U Shape CCFL tube for 26 inch LCD TV backlight
KDL-55NX810 LJ64-02644A LED strip SLS55_5630_120_1D_A_Rev1 SLS55_5630_120_1D_B_Rev1 2 piece/lot 597mm C Shape CCFL lamps for 26 inch LCD TV backlight
LCD-40DS30A 40LX235A 40LX260A GK0362ZA LED strip SLED_2011SSP40_5630_L66_NNS_REV0 R66 2PCS/lot 822mm U Shape CCFL tube for 37 inch LCD TV backlight
KDL-55HX800 LJ64-02438A LJ64-02437A D000628A0 LED strip SLS55_5630_SONY_240-1D-REV-100218 1 Piece 42"inch philips TV CCFL backlight length 959mm
LED strip V315H3-LE2-TREF3 V315H3-LE2-TLEF3 52LED 360MM 2 pieces/lot 37“inch philips TV CCFL balklight length 860mm
LCD-52LX845A 52LX540A 52NX545 LED strip SLED_2011SSP52_5630_L86_NNS_REV0 1pair=2Piece/Lot 86LED 59CM 26"inch philips TV CCFL backlight 610mm*3.4mm
40" LED strip V400H2-LS5-TLEM3 V400H2-LS5-TREM3 E88441 1 Pairs=2 pieces/lot 72LED 508MM 110mm(11CM)*2.0 CCFL lamps with cable for 5 inch LCD panel
LED strip V400DK2-KS2-TLEM01 1 Piece= 48LED 443MM 105mm(10.5cm)*2.0 CCFL lamps with cable for 5.7 inch Touch panel
LC-50A11A LED strip V500HJ1-LE8-TREM02 for V500HJ1-LE8 1 Piece=56 620MM 120mm(12cm)*2.0 CCFL tube with cable for 5 inch Touch screen Lamp
New original FSP117-2PSZ01 power supply 6" inch Touch screen 140mm(14cm)*2.0 CCFL tubes with cable
MP128FL-3C 55" 65" 70" 82 inch advertising power supply 125mm(12.5CM)*2.0 CCFL lamps with cable for 5.7 inch Industrial screen
original power supply 715G3801-P01-W30-002H 150mm(15CM)*2.0 CCFL lamps with cable for 7 inch Touch screen Lamp
original 715G3801-P02-W30-002H power supply 155mm(15.5CM)*2.0 CCFL with cable for 7 inch Touch screen Lamp
Original New power supply 715G3962-P02-W20-003U 90mm(9CM)*2.0 CCFL With cable for 4 inch Industrial screen Lamps
New 715G4623-P1A-W20-003E power supply Original 115mm(11.5CM)*2.0 CCFL lamps with cable for Touch screen
Original New 715G4199-P01-W20-002U power supply 192mm(19.2CM)*2.0 CCFL with cable for LCD screen lamps
Original New 715G4497-P03-002-0V3S power supply 85mm(8.5CM)*2.0 CCFL with cable for LCD screen lamp
original New power supply 715G3763-P01-W31-002S 160mm(16CM)*2.0 CCFL With cable for 7 inch Industrial screen Lamps
New original power supply 715G4149-P01-H30-003U 170mm(17CM)*2.0 CCFL lamps with cable for 8 inch Touch screen
New power supply 715G3467-3 165mm(16.5CM)*2.0 CCFL with cable for Industrial screen Lamps
S1980 S1950 S2080 inverter LED2201-000A HF50-23-LED022 130MM(13cm)*2.0 CCFL Lamps with cable for 5.7 inch lcd screen
247E3L 227E3L E3Q 90E3L Driver Board 715G4502-M01-000-004K 26"inch monitor 600mm(60CM)*2.4mm CCFL lamps
247E3L 227E3Q power supply 715G4750-P02-000-001S 17"inch wide screen monitor 375mm(37.5CM)*2.4 CCFL Lamps
VA2206H VS14864 LED power supply L22AIVM-BK57K LE22BW-S-1 23.6"inch wide screen monitor 533mm(53.3CM)*2.4mm LCD CCFL backlight
S27C430J S24C430J Driver board SC430 BN41-01994A 19"inch wide screen monitor 418mm(41.8CM)*2.4 lcd CCFL backlight
Drive board BN41-00349A for samsung173V S 544mm(54.4CM)*2.4 ccfl bulbs for 24" wide screen monitor
170S8 HNS8170I 190s8 main board 4H.0BQ01.A00 15"inch notebook 335mm(33.5CM)*2.0mm CCFL Lamps with cable
100% new W2408 L2445M power supply ILP-004 490191400100R LCD-26CA330 Main board 471-01A2-32002G A2
S2315L 2316 E223H N1916 inverter 6003050314 42PFL6609/93 Main board 40-T8222P-MAE2XG
55LE5500 inverter 6917L-0025A 3PHGC10003A-R PCLK-D901 A 32PFL5609/93 main board 40-T8222P-MAE2XG
L43E5390A-3D LED strip STQ430A03_62LED_rev.3 STQ430A03-62LED-rev.3 1 piece=62LED 479MM 27WL55C MAIN board A5A001390010 PD2131
65E510E LED 1555-R6500000-01LT-20T50328A CRH-A6570201106L486Rev1.1 1 pairs=2 Pieces/lot 66LED 718MM 32WL55C main board PD2131 A5A001390010A
LED40R5500 35018007 LED strip LED40R5500FX 1 piece=64 647MM PD4612F1_B BN44-00269B PSLF171B01B Power supply
2 piece/lot 55" 74.55T02.001-3-DX1 LED strip E117098 E150504 72LED 605MM 32LD9580TC Main board JA08041
37" LED inverter 6917L-0027A PPW-LE37ED-0(A) 32LD9500TC Main board JA08041
42LW5500 inverter 6917L-0061G PPW-LE42GD-0(A) 42"46"52"T-CON CPWBX3520TPZ A D Y Z all in stock
main board EAX66064802(1.1) for 43LX310C 49LF5400 all in stock T-CON CPWBX4151TP KF097 XF097WJ for 46"52" in stock
New W2243S Driver Board W2X43S W2243SV W2243S-PFV 2241S Main Board T-CON CPWBX3796TPZ for 42"46"52" in stock
New power supply LGP22-12LF EAX64667601 T-CON RUNTK4225TP CPWBX KF239 XF239WJ for 40"46"52"60"in stock
inverter 35017986 KDL+L023E02-01 REV-01 T-CON CPWBX3333TPZ E,F,H,X,Y in stock
KDL-50W800B t-con 50T20-C00 CTRL BD T500HVN08.0 T-CON 6870QCE120C 6871QCH066G
power supply PLE86B PLE48P-2A 860-AS0-PLE48P2-260R or 860-AS0-PLE86B2A-2R all in stock T-CON 6870QCE020B 6871QCH053C
original t-con BN41-02111 BN41-02111A 2014_60HZ_TCON_USI_T for UA32H5500AJ UE40H5000AK UA48J50SWAJ 42V7 T-CON 6870QCE020C 6871QCH053G
1PCS=100LED UA55D6000SJ LTJ550HW03 LTJ550HW0 LED strip 2 Pin or 8 Pin all are in stock LA46B530P7R Main Board BN41-01163A
New 55PFL6340 power supply 715G6607-P02-001-002M LA40B530P7R Main Board BN41-01163A
RUNTK 4340TP SLED 090907 Rev.1 AE5260A RUNTK4340TP 1PCS=69LED 585mm LA37B530P7R Main Board BN41-01163A
1PCS LED strip SLED 090907 AE4060B RUNTK 4335TP 109-014-62 RUNTK4335TP KLV-40U200A Main Board 715T1947-F
1PCS LED strip SLED 090907 Rev.1 AE4060A RUNTK 4336T 109-013-56 RUNTK4336T 50PD9900TC Main Board JA07352
LCD-52GX3 inverter RUNTKA327WJZZ RUNTKA328WJZZ RUNTKA329WJZZ RUNTKA330WJZZ 4PCS/lot KLV-46V440A Main Board 1-876-534-12
32P1300VE power supply V71A00028700 B55D-2H8 KLV-46X200A Main Board 1-871-615-12
inverter 40-0E3213-DRD1XG KLV-46V200A Main 1-869-852-13
LED55K20JD LED55EC280JD t-con RSAG7.820.5528/ROH KDL-52V5500 Main Board 1-878-942-12
42PFL3500 t-con V315H3-CE7 KLV-46V530A Main Board 1-878-942-12
LED42K310X3D t-con RSAG7.820.5259/ROH KDL-46W5500 Main Board 1-878-942-12
inverter L014E02-01 REV-00 34007538 35015404 KDL-32V5500 Main Board A-1663-964-B 1-878-942-12
KDL-46EX700 LK460D3LA8S LED strip SLED 090907 Rev.1 AE4660B RUNTK4337TP 1 piece=54LED 520MM KLV-40BX400 Main Board 1-880-238-33
KDL-46EX700 LJ60-02445A LJ64-02444A LED strip SLS46_SONY_120HZ_54LED_100121 1 Piece 54LED 520MM TC-37LX70D Main Board TNP4G399 BC
KDL-47R500A inverter 3PHCC20005A-H 6917L-0117A PCLH-D201 A Rev0.7 TC-32LX60D Main Board TNPH0655
UA40D5000PR BN64-01639A LED strip 2011SVS40-56K-H1-1CH-PV 2 pieces/lot 62LED TC-32LX1D DG board TNPA3075
L40F3200B 40-DOWN LJ64-03029A LTA400HM13 LED strip 2 pieces/lot 60LED 455MM 32AV550C Main Board PE0676 V28A000902D1
LGP4247H-12LPB EAX64310401 EAY62512701 3PAGC10075A-R power supply for 47LM6200 47LS4100 47LS5600 37A3000C Main Board PE0333B V28000387A1
UA39F5088AR t-con V390HJ4-CE1 32WL58C Main Board PD2238 A5A001511010
original inverter SSL460-3E1C SSL460_3E1C REV:0.1 52ZF500C Main Board PE0399 D V28A000489B1
LCD-52LX530A LCD-52LX830A LED strip SLED_2011SSP52_56_GD_REV0 1 piece 56LED 591MM​ 46XF300C Main Board PE0399 D V28A000489B1
LED 32"TV LED strip SW 32 3228 SW3228 7LED 580mm 3Pin 2 piece/lot 52X3300C Main Board PE0415 V28A00052401
19" 19 inch wide monitor 1 CCFL lamp with cable bracket 0.5cm and 0.7cm all in stock 2 Pieces/lot 46X3300C Main Board PE0415 V28A00052401
100% new original KDL-55W950B power supply APS-362 1-893-621-11 RF-02CA 6870VM0306E(0) Main Board MT-50PZ41
original 100% new power supply APS-376 1-893-421-11 KLV-46EX400 Main Board 1-880-238-21
original 100% New KD-65X9500B power supply APS-371 1-893-323-11 KLV-40BX400 Main Board 1-880-238-21
55"inverter 6917L-0133B PPW-LE55AR-O(A) REV0.2 42WL68C Main Board V28A000174A1 PE0194
UA32F4088AR CY-HF320AGEV3H LED strip D2GE-320SC0-R3 2013SVS32H 9 REV1.8 130103 5 pieces/lot KLV-40BX400 Main Board 1-880-238-32 1731411232
100% original New BN44-00695B L28S0N_ESM PSLF490S06B power supply KLV-32S550A Main Board 1-878-659-22
47"inverter 6917L-0026A PPW-LE47LD-0(A) REV:0.8 LCD-37A33 Main Board QPWBXE557WJZZ DUNTKE557
42" inverter 6917L-0022A 3PHGC10002A-R LCD-32GH3 Main Board QPWBXE557WJZZ DUNTKE557
52PFL5403 52PFL7403 52PFL8803D power supply DPS-411AP-1 LCD-52G7 Main Board KD932 XD932WJ
inverter 6632L-0623A PNEL-T911A 3PEGC20005B-R LCD-46B7 Main Board KD932 XD932WJ
original inverter 715G6432-P01-000-002H for 55PFF5650 50PFL6540 LCD-46G7 Main Board KD932 XD932WJ
47PF9541 inverter 6632L-0359B 6632L-0360B LCD-42G7 Main Board KD932 XD932WJ
65" CMO t-con V645HQ1-CS1 LCD-52GX3 AV board QPWBNE414WJTN KE284
65" inverter L645H1-8EB LCD-42GX3 AV board QPWBNE414WJTN
KDL-60NX720 t-con 1-884-050-11(173253811) LCD-37GH3 Main Board QPWBXE557WJN3 DUNTKE557
inverter V361-101 4H.V3616.011 /A REV: 0.0 for KDL-60W850B 70W850B UA65HU8500J all in stock LCD-32GH3 Main Board QPWBXE557WJN1 DUNTKE557
52T01-COJ 52T01-C0J T520HW01 V3 CTRL BD t-con 46C3000C AV board PE0410A-1 V28A000514A1
original main board 1-884-076-13 1P-0113J01-4013 for KDL-46NX720 KDL-55HX820 KDL-60NX720 all in stoc 50PC5R-TB Main Board LP78A/PP78A EAX32572503(1)
inverter 6917L-0119A 3PHCC20006A-H PCLF-D202 A REV0.4 42LC7R Main Board EAX32572506(0)
LA32C350D1 power supply I32HD-ASM BN41-00369A 47LH40FD-CE Main Board LC91A(BPR) EAX60736302(0)
L48F3600A LED strip YY-4C-LB4872-YM2-4424KK-S-4-44A-0003 1PCS=72LED 603MM 42LF30FD-CA Main Board LC91A EAX60736302(0)
LED48K370 LED48EC510N LED strip HE480HFD-B33 RSAG7.820.5698 VER.B 1PCS=65LED 600MM 42LH40FD-CE Main Board EAX60736302(0)
LED46K270D LED strip 2012CHI460 B31 7020 64LED REV1.1 for HE460GFD-B31 1PCS=64LED 586mm 37LH40FD-CE Main Board EAX60736302(0)
T-con 6870C-0324B LC550EUD original main board EAX40043808 EAX40043810 for 42LG60FR
1pairs=2pcs/lot LED strip with Aluminum board 3660L-0385A for screen LC370EUN(SD)(F1) 50LED LA46S81B Main Board BN41-00933B
1pairs=4pcs/lot Used 40“ LED strip E331251 ECHOM-4640DQ001 002 CRH-ES40A3535080242BREV1.1-A B 47PFL1609/93 Main Board 715G3639-M01-000-004K
55LA6800 55GA7800 LED strip 55" V13 ART TV REV0.1 2 R-Type 6920L-0001C 6916L1210B for 6922L-0069A401 47PFL1609 Original New 715G3196-3=715G3196-1-HV power supply
1pairs=8pcs/lot LED strip 40-LB4310-LBF2XG for screen LVF430SSTME13 5LED 42PFL1609/93 Main Board 715G3639-M01-000-004K
LED strip 47" ART TV REV 0.7 S L-type 6920L-0001C 6916L0945A for 6922L-0029A 1PCS=63LED 521MM LCD-37CC10 Main Board 715G3639-M01-000-004K
1 pairs=12pcs/lot 42" LED strip E227809 42INCH 6Ser1es 7Ser1es LCD-32CC10 Main Board 715G3639-M01-000-004K
52LD550 55LK530 55LD650C LGP5260 power supply LGP5260-10P EAY6086900 LCD-32Z120A Main Board QPWBSF609WJZZ SF609WE
W1943SV W1943SE Driver Board EAX59305907 LGM-001 LCD-32G120A LCD-32N120 Main Board QPWBSF705WJZZ
original New T240 T26 T24 power suupply IP-54155A BN44-00226B BN44-00226D KLV-S40A10 Main board 1-868-059-21
LED strip STS320A00-50LED-REV.6 STS320A00_50LED_REV.6_100427 for LJ64-02590A LTA320AP18 1PCS=362MM KLV-46EX500 Main board 1-880-238-33
inverter SSL320-0E2A SSL320_0E2A Rev:0.1 original Main board LP91U EAX64049202(1) for 32LV265C 37LK460 42LK460 47LK460 all in stock
LED strip STGE-320SM0-R0(110309) for LJ64-03019A LTA320AN01 1PCS T-CON 1-878-090-11 for 40"46"52"in stock
LED strip 6916L0889A 6920L-0001C 55"ART TV REV 0.4 for 6922L-0028A LC550EUG 1PCS KDL-52V4800 Main board 1-877-368-11
2 PCS LCD-60LX540A 60LX640A 60LX750A LED strip LG Innotek 60INCH 7030PKG 68EA R L-TYRE 68 LEDs 676MM KDL-52Z4500 Main board 1-877-368-11
LED strip 42T09-05b for 73.42T09.005-4-SK1 T420HW07 V.8 52LED 472MM 2 Piece/lot KDL-46V4800 Main board 1-877-368-11
KDL-55W800A LED strip 3112510-396-0074 for 6922L-0066A401 LC550EUF 1PCS=64LED 606MM KDL-46Z4500 Main board 1-877-368-11
55K1T LED strip 7710-655000-L010 (R010) 55U7E770020603R LT-20131005A 1 Pairs=2PCS/lot 72LED 607MM P50A101C Main board JA09393
New Display Matrix For 7" KR070IE6T TABLET 30Pins 163*97mm inner Screen Panel Lens Module replacemen 32TA1600/93 Main board 715T2011-1 3138 103 6140.4
Replacement 10.1 inch screen for N9106 A101 MTK6582 Tablet PC number T101840B L2 internal LCD screen LA40R71B Main board BN41-00680D
New PVI 5 inch ED050SC3(LF) Ebook screen Electronic ink display For Pocketbook 360; PRS-300 E-Reader LA37R71B Main board BN41-00680D BN94-01015B
7" tablet display 7 inch screen 7300101462 7300130906 7300101463 163*97mm can be employed universall TH-P42S10C Main board TNPH0784 DC
IPAN7.89 B080XAN01 display screen 46-0911-AP2-A 821-1536-A TH-42PZ800C TH-50PZ800C TH-46P2800C Main board TNPH0712 DC
10 inch LED screen display HSD100IFW4-A00 HSD100IFW1-F00 F03 F01 HSD100IFW1-A00 A01 A02 10" LED FOR TH-50PV80C Main board TNPH0713 DC
7 inch display 7" screen Digital FPC-Y83509 V02 MF0701683001A LCD internal display TH-42PV80C Main board TNPH0713 CC
16" display screen LTN160AT01 LTN160AT02 For 6930G 6930 6920 6935 6935G CQ60 X61S AX/53HPK 16 inch TH-50PV60C Main board TNPA3756 DG
7“ inch display screen TXDT700CPLA-42 TXDT700CPLA Matrix size:165*105mm Tablet LCD 7 inch 40Pin 47LG50YR-TK Main board LP81D EAX52263002(2)
7.85inch 7.85" screen WTL0785D01-18 for Ainol Novo 8 Mini Tablet PC YH079IF40-C yh079if40 LCD 1024*7 42PC1R-CH Main board PP62A 68709M9004E(2)
10.1" New display 10.1 inch screen MF1011684011A 42LC2R-TH Main board 68709M9004H
7" display 7 inch screen inside YH070IF50H-A original parts 52LG70ED-CA Main board EAX41637502
7 inch 7" MiKi6910 Display screen KR070PM7T 1030300713 REV:B 50pin 163mm*97mm original main board EAX61747401(11) for 32LD320 32LD325C 32LD310 all in stock
7 inch New 7" Tablet Display Screen 7300101463 e231732 163mm*97mm 50Pin LCD-20SH1A Main board QPWBFD016WJN1 KD016DE
New original 7" Display 7 inch Digital FPC-Y83367 V03 V02 screen Tablet panel Replacement 165mm*100 52PFL7403/93 Main board 3139 123 63491-06
6.0" Ebook reader E-ink display 6 inch OPM060A1 screen 42PFL7403/93 Main board 3139 123 63491-06
New 6.0 inch E-Book Reader Panel OPM060A2 Ebook screen 32TA1C Main board 40-TSB23H-MAC2XG 08-MT23H02-MA200AA
7" inch display 7 inch screen MF0701683003A Tablet PC 30pin 163mm*97mm 32E100C Main board 40-TSB23H-MAC2XG
6" Screen 6 inch Display ED060SCN (LF)T1-10 E-book For Amazon kindle 5 TH-50PHW5CH Main board TNPA2426AH
10.1" 10.1inch tablet screen T10140B T10140B-A3 WD 40pin TH-P50S25C Main board TNPH0845NC
7" 7 inch screen display FPC0703006_A FPC0703006-A 30pin models 163*97mm can be employed universally TH-P50X10C Main board TNPH0782 GC
10.1" LED Screen Display B101AW06 V.1 Compatible LTN101NT05 N101I6 B101AW02 for D255 D260 D257 D270 47PFL3403/93 Main board 715T2878-2
S8 display cable channel cable Ericsson X8 LCD FY07021DH26A29-1-FPC1-A AL0203B 01 42PFL3403/93 Main board 715T2878-2
6" e-ink/ebook LCD screen ED060SC4 ED060SC4(LF) for Amazon kindle 2 PRS500/600 PocketBook 301 37PFL3403/93 Main board 715T2878-2
inverter SSL320-0E2B SSL320_0E2B REV:0.1 KLV-32BX205 Main Board 1P-0107J00-4011
LCD-52LX255A 52NX255A 52LX640A LED strip SLED-2011SSP52-5630-L86-NNS-REV0 1Pairs=2pcs/lot 86LED 59CM KLV-32BX205 Main Board 1P-009BJ00-4012
LCD-60UF30A LED strip 2015SSP60-7030-80-4K-REV1.0 1PCS=80LED 676MM KLV-32BX205 Main Board 1P-009CJ00-4013 REV:1.3
inverter C390S01E01A L390S1-1ED-C002 KLV-26BX205 Main Board 1P-0105J01-4010
KDL-48R550C wireless card WIFI module circui J20H078 MCLJ20H078 2878D-J20H078 KDL-46HX850 Main Board 1-885-388-51
UA32EH4000R power supply BN41-01847A REV:1.0 KLV-46J400A Main Board 1-875-581-14
UA46F6400AJ Wireless WIFI module circuit BN5P-01161A 55X24/1.0T KLV-40J400A Main Board 1-875-581-13
original T-con BN41-02069A for UA46F6800AJ UA55F6300AJXXR all in stock KLV-40J400A Main Board 1-875-581-12
UA55F6300AJXXR TV WIFI wireless LAN module circuit BN59-01161A KLV-40V530A Main Board 1-875-581-12
UA46D6600WJ wireless card WIFI module circuit BN59-01130A KLV-40V530A Main Board 1-875-581-14
original New t-con V460HK2-CPS1 KLV-32V530A Main Board 1-875-581-12
UA58H5288AJ power supply L58GFB_ESM BN44-00787A KLV-32V530A Main Board 1-875-581-14
UA58H5288AJ t-con V500HJ3-CPE1 KLV-32J400A Main Board 1-875-581-12
BN44-00498C PD46AV1N_CSM PSLF930C04B for UA40EH5000 42LH20FR-CA Main Board LP91A EAX56856904 (7)
UA40EH508R power supply PD46AV1C_CSM BN44-00498D PSLF930C04Q LA46A550P1R Main Board BN41-01019A with screen T460HW02
LED converter with cable for 7"--15.4" inch Notebook laptop,LED Drive 10" 11 inch 12 13 14 15inch TC-32LX50D Main Board TNPA3707
T240HD 2570HD 2333HD power supply IP-58155A BN44-00226A LA52A610A3R Main Board BN41-01019A
inverter SSL550-3E1B SSL550_3E1B REV0.0 LA46A550P1R Main Board BN41-01019C with T460HW02V.5 screen
LED Strip T51M320304AI1ET13H for 67-725790-0A0 TOT32LB02 LED02 V0.6 LVW320CSTT 1PCS=356mm 36LED LA46A610A3R Main Board BN41-01019C
LED Strip 31T14-07A for T315HB01 V.1 1PCS LA40A550P1R Main Board BN41-01019C with V400H1-L01
KDL-46HX850 LED Strip SJ-010A-L SLED 2012SRS46 7030 2D REV1.0 1PCS=48LED 587MM LA37A550P1R Main Board BN41-01019A
LED strip 650TA05 VT E243951 1 pairs=2pcs/lot 358MM 40LED LS40A23W Main Board BN41-00275E
LED strip lnnotek 65inch 7030PKG 40EA 8-TYPE VER.0.0 1pairs=2PCS/lot 358MM 40LED LCD-52GX3 Main Board XE282WJ KE282
65" LED strip Innotek 65INCH 7020PKG 80EA_CAN Rev0.2 131107 for 61.P2F02G002 1PCS=723MM 80LED LCD-46A63 Main Board KE282 XE282WJ
UA55ES7000J UA55ES8000J power supply PD55B2QC_CDY BN44-00523D LCD-46GX3 Main Board KE282 XE282W
KLV-32R426A power supply APS-348 /B 1-888-423-12 50PF7320G/93 Main Board 3139 123 61252 V2
KLV-32R421A power supply 1-888-423-21 APS-348/C 42PF7421/93 Main Board 3139 123 61252 V2
original power supply 4H.0NC02.A01 4H.ONC02.A01 for G2410HD G2420HDB V2400 G2411HD 37PF7321/93 Main Board 3139 123 61252 V2
32" LED strip innotek V6 32INCH HD L-TYPE Rev 0.0 20101104 for LC320EXN-SDA1 3660L-0386A 1PCS=48LED RT-42PX10 Main Board RF-043A/B 6870VM0481E(3)
LED strip 4A-D070926 V546H3-LS5-TLEM3 V546H3-LS5-TREM3 for 55" V546HK3-LS5 1Pairs=2Pcs/lot 32LED LED55T28GPN / 150714 Main Board RSAG7.820.2228
LED strip LJ64-03317A 2011SGS43 7030 54 REV1.0 for 43" LTA430HN01 1PCS=54LED 466MM LED55T29GP / 126476 Main Board RSAG7.820.2228
LED strip SLED 2011SGS46 5630 72 H1 REV0 for LJ64-03035A LTA460HQ12 46EL100CS 1PCS=72LED 520MM LED47T29GP/126476 Main Board RSAG7.820.2228
LED strip LJ64-02639A SLS46-5630-120/240-1D-A-REV1 SLS46_5630_120/240_1D_A_REV1 1Pair=2PCS/lot 66LED TH-P50X10C Main Board TNPH0782GC
KDL-46HX850 LED strip 61.P4402G001 61.P4403G001 SLED_2011YLT46_48_LD_R L 1pairs=2pcs/lot 48LED 520MM TPW42M78G3D Main Board RSAG7.820.4279
origianl samsung 46" LED strip for LJ64-02870A LJ64-02871A 1 pairs=2pcs/lot,no with Aluminum board LA40N71B Main Board BN41-00733E BN94-01120B
LED strip SLED SJ011A-R SJ011A-L 2012SRS55 7030 32 2D R L for KDL-55HX850 1pairs=2pcs/lot 32LED 347M 42TA2000 Main Board 715T2065-1A
6917L-0045C=6917L-0045A PCLC-D002 J 3PDGC20001J-R inverter 42TA1800 Main Board 715T2065-1A
PCLC-D002 B Rev0.4 6917L-0047A 3PDGC20001B-R inverter LA46B550K1F Main Board BN41-01221B
LJ64-03495A LTA460HN05 46EL300C 46HL150C LED strip SLED 2012SGS46 7030L 64 REV1.0 1 Piece=64LED 57cm KLV-46V300A Main Board 1-873-902-11
2 Pieces/lot 40" 40INCH-L1S-60 455MM,Replacement LJ64-03073A LED strip 2011SGS40 5630,good working KLV-40V300A Main Board 1-873-902-11
LCD-40LX330A LED strip GT0330-4 E329419 36LED 457MM 4 Piece/lot KLV-52V440A Main Board 1-876-534-11 Original
LED strip E129741 SLED-2011SP60-60-GD-REV0 SLED_2011SP60_60_GD_REV0 for LCD-60LX530A 1PCS=60LED 676m KLV-46V440A Main Board 1-876-534-11
LED strip V390HK1-LS5-TREM4 for 4AD074762 1PCS=495MM 48LED P37E102C Main Board JA31172 FW3-32-MAIN
original F48S1_ESM BN44-00703E power supply for RM40D BN4400703E 42PF7320/93 Main Board 3139 123 6058.1
Original New L48S1L_ESM BN44-00703D power supply BN4400703D 47PFL3609/93 MotherBoard 40-T8222P-MAD2XG
original RSAG7.820.2317/ROH power supply for LED32K01 LED32K11 42PFL5609/93 Main Board 40-T8222P-MAD2XG
55-UNB-P2-TMG-C4LV0.1 55_UNB_P2_TMG_C4LV0.1 T-con for 55" LCD-52LE700A Main Board DUNTKF400WE QPWBXF400WJN1
I460SNBHDC4LV0.2 T-con for 46" LCD-40D500A-BK Main Board DUNTKF400WE QPWBXF400WJN1
DIDMB4C4LV0.1 T-con LCD-40D500A-RD Main Board QPWBXF400WJN1 DUNTKF400WE
original BN44-00195A=BN44-00173A for 245BW 245BW 2493HM power supply PS50B350B1 Main Board 3104 303 39136
power supply PD46CV1_CSM BN44-00552A PSLF930C04D 50PF966198 Main Board 3104 303 39136
55INCH V5 Edge REV 0.2 (090730)Type-A 84EA 55" FHD 3B -TYPE for 3660L-0344A LC550EUD 1PCS=84LED 613M 55PD8900TC Main Board PW3 FC PWB JA06335
LED strip E88441 94V V315B5-LE1-TLEF2 V315B5-LE1-TREF2 for 32 inch 1Pairs=2pcs/lot 75LED 358MM 32LD8900TC Main Board JA06335
SLED SLS40_56EA_5630N LCD 120 REV0.2 100107GA for LTA400HF12 LJ64-02267A LJ64-02268A 1Pairs=2PCS/lot 55PD8900TC Main Board JA06322-A
37" LED strip 6916L0828A 6920L-0001C for 6922L-0007A RIGHT 1pcs=54LED 462MM 42PD8900TC Main Board JA06322-A
42" LED strip GT-111097 RSAG7.820.4691/ROH 62LED 475MM 37LD8900TC Main Board PW3-MAIN PWB F ASIA JA06322-A
LED strip LT-1109283 RSAG7.820.4618 VER.C/ROH 1pcs=66LED 540MM KLV-52X300A Main Board 1-873-983-11
LED strip 6917L0700A 6917L0701A for 6922L-0017A 6922L-0018A 1pairs=2pcs/lot 48LED 593MM KLV-52W300A Main Board 1-873-983-11
LED strip HE420GFD-B52 RSAG7.820.5434 1PCS=56LED 520MM KLV-46X300A Main Board 1-873-983-11
LED strip V390H1-LS6-TREM2 for V390HK1-LS6 1PCS KLV-46W380A Main Board 1-873-983-11
T650HVN12.2 CTRL BD 65T37-C09 T-con P50A101CM Main Board JA09392-A
T550HVN08.1 CTRL BD 55T23-C02 T-con 32PFL7422 37PFL7422 Main Board 715T2408-4
UA65H6400AJ t-con V650HP1-CPS1 LCD-52LX620A Main Board QPWBXF589WJTX KF589
V850DK1-CQS1 t-con LCD-46LX620A Main Board KF589 QPWBXF589WJTX
64T02-C01 T645HW02 V0 CTRL BD t-con TH-50PZ80C Main Board TNPH0763 DC
V850DK1-CLS1 t-con KLV-32S400A Main Board 1-875-581-13
UA50HU7000J t-con V500DK2-CQS1 KLV-32J400A Main Board 1-875-581-13
R580DK2-CD1 t-con P50A102C Main Board JA30891
55P02-C01 P550HVN02.0 CTRL BD t-con LCD-32GA5/32GA6/32AX3 Main Board XD558WJ KD558
TPV-V500HJ1-PE1-T-con-BD-V20 TPV_V500HJ1_PE1_T-con_BD_V20 42PC1RV-CJ Main Board PP-61A/LP-61A 68709M0348C
V650DK1-CLS1 t-con LG32LC2R-CJ V3.25 Main board PP-61A/LP61A 68709M0348F
T-con V460HK1-C01 for UA40D6000SJ UA46D6000SJ all in stock TH-50PV70C Main Board TNPA4311AH DG
80" t-con CPWBX RUNTK DUNTK 4531TP CPWBX1143MP PPM50M5H Main Board BN41-00627A BN94-00748A
V320HK2-CPE1 t-con original parts LCD-32A37A LCD-32J200A Main Board QPWBXF067WJN2
P546HW03 V0 CTRL BD 54P03-C02 T-con UA46C5000QR Main Board BN41-01518A
55FU11BPCMTA3V0.0 t-con UA32C4000P Main Board BN41-01518A
55T22-C01 T550QVN03.1 CTRL BD t-con LCD-37Z330A Main Board QPWBXE557WJN2
13Y_OCS120PBMB4C2LV0.2 13Y_0CS120PBMB4C2LV0.2 t-con LCD-32Z330A Main Board QPWBXE557WJN2
13Y-S60TMB4C2LV0.2 13Y_S60TMB4C2LV0.2 t-con LCD-37A33 Main Board QPWBXE557WJN2
inverter 6917L-0056C PPW-LE37GD-0(C)Rev1.0 LCD-42PX5 Main Board KD892WE QPWBXD892WJN1
original LED strip SLED 2012SSP60 7030 76L 76R REV0 for 60inch 1pairs=2pcs/lot 76LED 677MM LCD-46BK7 Main Board QPWBXD892WJN1 KD892WE
55E610G LC550EUN(SF F1) 6922L-0048A LED strip 55" V13 6920L-0001C 6916L1092A 1 Piece=84LED 695MM​ LCD-37BX6 Main Board QPWBXD892WJN1 KD892WE
LED strip SLED 090907 REV.1 AE5260B RRUNTK 4339TP for LK520D3LB1S for 1PCS=63LED 585MM 37AV300C Main Board PE0539A-1 V28A000706A1
KDL-46EX650 LJ64-03363A LTY460HN05 LED strip 2012SLS46 7030 44 R L 44LED 506MM 2 Pieces/lot 32AV300C Main Board PE0539A-1 V28A000706A1
LED strip E117098 V400D1-KS1-TLEM2 for V400DK1-KS1 1PCS=48LED 490MM KLV-S40A10 Main Board 1-868-059-11
STS400A19-63LED-REV.3 D3410 STS400A19_63LED_REV.3_100511 for KLV-40EX600 LJ64-02776A 1PCS=44LED 453M KLV-32BX205 Main Board IP-009CJ00-4013 REV1.3
STS550A05-LED70-rev.4 STS550A05_LED70_rev.4_100127 for LJ64-02220A LJ64-02219A LTA550HJ03 1PCS=70LED LCD-37A33 Main Board DUNTKE557 QPWBXE557WJN3
LED strip V320B1-LS5-TREM1 for V320BK1-LS5 1pcs=36LED 403MM LA37A550P1R T-CON T370HW02 V402 CTRL BD 37T04-C02 37T04-CO2
original t-con 6870C-0505A V14 TM120 GPLUS UHD Ver0.3 for 42" 49" 55" all are in stock TC-20LA2G power supply ETXMM538E6D NPX538E6-1
inverter SSI320-4UP01 SSI320_4UP01 Rev 0.1 TH-42PA50C TH-42PA500C power supply TNPA3570
original inverter 40-RL4010-DRE1XG LCD-52Z770A power supply RDENCA374WJQZ DPS-255FP
50PFF5650 power supply 715G6439-P02-000-002M 42PD7900TC 42PD7980TC 42PD8900TC Power supply MPF7415
inverter SSI400-08A01 SSI400_08A01 Rev 0.2 Rev 0.3 all in stock T-CON 404652FIX2HC6LV1.2
42PFL3609 42PFL6609 power supply 40-1P42CS-PWJ1XG 40-IP42CS-PWJ1XG 16"inch notebook 360mm(36CM)*2.0mm lcd CCFL backlight with cable
inverter K-6L-AP2 4710-AP3041-A2233K01 524mm(52.4CM)*2.4 ccfl tubes for 23" wide screen monitor
AMP40LS REV:1.0 power supply 783A 7575 ERP 6003070029 power board four lamp small mouth
original GSD BT01 GSDBT01 Bluetooth Receiver Board KLV-32G480A Power supply 1-877-024-11
LED strip 47“V6 Edge FHD REV1.0 1 L-Type 6920L-0089A 6920L-0089B 3660L-0369A 1pairs=2pcs OB3316QP 10PCS/lot
t-con 42T24-C09 T420HVD01.3 CTRL BD Best digital multimeter pen autoranging BEST-890B
t-con 42T24-C04 T420HVD01.0 CTRL BD Best Mobile computer essential tool BEST-9205A Digital Multimeter Pen
original t-con TT5461B03-2-C-1 for 48PFL5445 55PFL3045 all in stock 47"inch philips TV CCFL backlight lamp 1075mm
T-con 14Y-FF13-MB4C2LV0.0 14Y_FF13_MB4C2LV0.0 32"inch philips TV CCFL backlight 742mm*3.4mm
original power supply RSAG7.820.2194/ROH VER.C for 40 inch 42" 46" 55" all are in stock T-CON 1-878-090-21 for KDL-40Z4500 46Z4500 52Z4500
LCD-50S3A 50DS72A power supply DUNTKG524 QPWBFG524WJN1 LA32D450G1 LA32D400E1 power supply BN44-00438A I2632F1_BSM PSIV121411A
original t-con V500DK2-CKS2 for 39 inch 42" 50" 58" all in stock LCD-40E66A inverter RUNTKA568WJZZ DAC-60T020 BF 2995326400
LCD-50S3A LCD-50DS72A inverter C500S02E02A MT-42PZ45V main board 6870VM0387D
power supply 2950244506 DPS-151AP inverter 6632L-0501A 6632L-0500A
FS5VS-10 FS5VS10 FS5VS TO-263 500V LCD-32Z100AS Main Board QK1TPF184WJN2
inverter T731041.00 T73I041.00 REV.0 GP original parts LCD-26Z100A Main Board QK1TPF184WJN2 XF184WJN2
original inverter SSI520A-20A01 SSI520A_20A01 INV52S20A(M) INV52S20A(S) REV0.1 MT-42PZ12 Main Board 6870VM0261C
V470K1-C01 V470K1-CO1 t-con power supply BN44-00273C PSPF321501A LJ44-00182A
V500DK3-CQS1 t-con LCD-37AX3 inverter QKITF0124SBP2(56) QKITF0124SAP2(57)
original new V500HK1-CE6 t-con 32PFL7332 Power supply DPS-182BP 2950175503
LED strip STS460A09_60LED_REV.6_100427 for LJ64-02420A LJ64-02421A LTY460HM02 1pairs=2pcs/lot 518M LCD-32GH3 Main Board DUNTKE557 QPWBXE557WJN3
UA55D6600WJ LED strip 2011SVS55_6.5K_V2_1CH_PV_RIGHT100 2011SVS55-FHD-5K6K-RIGHT 1pairs=2pcs/lot LA32C360E1 power supply BN41-01320B P2632HD-AVD
LJ64-03514A LED strip 2012SGS40 7030L 56 REV 1.0 1 piece=56LED 493MM T-CON CPWBX3829TPZ XE258WJ for 42" 46" 52" all are in stock
55PFL5300 LED strip LG innotek 55" Rev 0.1 110908 55inch 6030PKG 40EA ver.3.2 1PCS=40LED 353MM KLV-26BX205 Main Board IP-009CJ00-4013
L50E5000A V500HJ1-LE1 LS5 LED strip V500H1-LS5-TLEM4 V500H1-LS5-TREM4 28LED 315MM 2pieces/lot LCD-32Z100AS Main Board QKITPF184WJN2 XF184WJN2
LED strip V546H1-LE5-TLEM4 L546H1-LE5-TREM4 LMB-5500BM02 1pairs=2pcs/lot 84LED 615MM LA27S71B power supply BN96-03058A PSLF181501B
UA46D6400uJd LTJ460HW04-B LED 2011SVS46_6.5K_V2_4CH_PV_RIGHT84 LEFT84 2 Pieces/lot 84LED 571MM LA32D400E1 Main Board BN41-01628A
46"LED strip V460H1-LS2-TREM5 V460H1-LS2-TLEM5 2 Pieces/lot 80LED 597MM LCD-30HV4 Main Board KB797DE XB797WJ
LED strip 2012CSR420 7020 L60 R60 REV1.1 120529 for LC420EUJ-SFK1 1pairs=2PCS/lot LCD-20B10A Main Board QPWBXD673WJN1 KD673WE
KDL-55HX72D LJ64-02893A LJ64-02894A LTY550HQ03 LED strip STS550A27_60LED_REV.4 60LED 2 pieces/lot PS42C350B1 Main Board BN41-01395A
LED strip 6916L0912A for 6920L-0001C 6922L-0016A LC420EUN 1pcs=60LED 531MM RT-42PX11 Power supply PSC10089E M 3501V00180A
LED strip E88441 74.46T07.002-3-SX1 74.46T04.006-3-SN1 for T460HW04 V.6 1PCS=84LED 522MM KLV-S32A10 Main Board 1-868-059-11
60LX540A LED strip A600LB009L-001 A600LB009R-001 512BP0160307A E253117 512BP0160308A 2 Pieces/lot TC-20LA2G Main Board TNPH0594-2
L39E5000 4A-D069457 V390HK1-LS5 LED strip V390HK1-LS5-TREW4 TREM4 1 piece=48LED 495MM LCD-20B10A power supply DUNTKD797WE QPWBFD797WJZZ
50E510E LE50A5000 50DU6000 V500HJ1-ME1 LED strip V500H1-ME1-TLEM9 1 piece=68LED 623MM 715G4135-P01-L30-003U power supply
KDL-46HX800 LED strip SLS46_5630_SONY_240_1D_REV for LJ64-02421A LJ64-02420A 1pcs=66LED 520MM TC-26LX60DA power supply LSJB1221-1 DPK SU2AV-0
inverter K-4L-0M1 K-4L-OM1 479-01A5-31501G 42AV300C Main Board PE0539A-1 V28A000706A1
46XV500 power supply PE0597 A-1 V28A00079801 inverter SS1320WA16 SSI320WA16 REV0.6
power supply L46ZF_DSM BN44-00616A LCD-32BX5 Main Board QPWBXD892WJTX KD892WE
LCD-60LX640A power supply DPS-168JP RUNTKB057WJQZ 2950307806 TC-20LA6G Main Board ML-05MA 68709M0357C
power supply L46U2P_DHS BN44-00635B LCD-32A33 Main Board QPWBXE557WJN2
KDL-46CX520 inverter SSI460-12F01 SSI460_12F01 REV0.2 HBL-0237 UA2024P03 E-P1-70982 Toshiba Inverter
Seventeam ST-200UAB-05E ST-250UAG-05E 1U 200W server power supply LED UA40C5000QR Main Board BN41-01518A
original power supply 2300KPG070A-F PLLM-M602C LCD-26A37A Main Board QPWBXF067WJN2 DUNTKF067
M198WA-BTH M198WA power supply 2300KPG070A-F(LC) PLLM-M602A 60" T-con CPWBX4245TP RUNTK4245TP ZZ ZB
100% New VDT70103.00 REV:5 original parts PPM42M5HB Main Board BN41-00627A BN94-00776E
New 22EA53VQ 22MP65VQ 22EN43VQ 22EA53VQ driver board EAX65118802 (1.0) 47WL68C power supply MPF4307 PCPF0165
original LED55K380U LED strip HE550HU-B81 RSAG7.820.5658 REV.B 1PCS=84LED 600MM TH-42PV70C Main Board TNPA4311 AH
original LCD-40V3A V400HJ6-LE8 LED strip V400HJ6-ME2-TREM1 1PCS=52LED 490MM Main Board 715P1197-1/A
LCD-60LX531A 840A 540A 550A 765A 830A 960A LED strip SLED 2011SSP608 677MM 1 pairs=4pcs/lot 70LED PSPF441A01A BN96-03052A power supply
original LED strip HE650HU-B01 RSAG7.820.6367 1PCS=42LED 350MM TH-L32C20C power supply TNP4G469 AE
inverter PCLF-D205 Rev 0.2 6917L-0122A 3PHCC20011A-R QPWBFF185WJN3 power supply
New 15inch--22inch 4 lamps inverter SQB-412 VER1.2 SQB-412VER1.2 can be employed universally. 32LC2R-CJ Main Board PP-61A/LP-61A 68709M0348C
L32V1 inverter RS038-2HSZ03H PDP-42V8CT Main Board 1LG4B10Z0730A
LM270 inverter 6632L-0597A 3PEGC20007A-H 37WL67C Power supply PE0245B-1 V28A00027101
original inverter SSI400-22A01 SSI400_22A01 REV0.4 P42E102C power supply 1H438WPKG1 PSC10234J M PSC10234JM
PPW-CC47SS-M -S 6632L-0583A 6632L-0584A LC470WUD inverter 14"14inch notebook LCD screen upgrade LED backlight kit 290mm Brightness adjustable
LM2596 DC-DC 4.0~40V OUT 1.25V~37V adjustable step-down module with digital voltmeter display LM2596 10"10 inch notebook laptop LCD backlight upgrade LED screen 220mm Brightness adjustable
4V-30V TO 1.25V-35V DC-DC step down buck module automatically PS42C7S Main Board BN94-00843B BN41-00745A
LA37A350CI inverter VIT71060.50 32PFL7422 32TA2800 power supply 715T2190-2
12V24V to 3.3V5A power DC-DC down buck module TC-37LX70D power supply TNP4G421
New FP202W Q20W5 FP222W power supply 4H.03V02.A02=4H.03V02.A03 can be employed universally LCD-37AX3 Main Board KD558 XD558WJ
U2410 inverter 6632L-0507C KLS-LM240SH-HF 42V7 YSUS 6870QYE011D 6871QYH045D
original t-con V320B1-L01-C TH-42PA40C power supply TNPA3213 AC
original 305T 3007wfp display t-con LTM300M1C8LV3.2 47WL68C Main Board PE0209 V28A00028901
original New t-con RUNTK 5351TP 0055FV ZZ RUNTK5351TP,same working for ZA 42PF7520Z/93 Main Board 3139.123.6145.1
42TA2800S inverter 6632L-0448C 6632L-0449C PNEL-T702C T703C P42E102C Main Board JA30891
LCD-46LX830A power supply DPS-143BP DPS-127BP A RUNTKA790WJQZ KLV-46J400A Main Board 1-875-581-13
UA60F8000AJ t-con BN41-01948 BN41-01948B original parts KLV-32U200A power supply 715T2083-1
t-con V14 60HZ 6870C-0481A TH-42PZ80C Main Board TNPH0763 DC
40-LEFT LJ64-03501A LED STS400A75_56LED_REV.1 STS400A64-56LED-REV.2 1 Piece 56LED 493MM LCD-40LX620A Main Board QPWBXF589WJTX
LED40K370 LED strip HE400HUD-B31 RSAG7.820.5817 SSY-1135387-A 1PCS=50LED 445MM 42PF9541/93 Main Board 3104 313 60736
LK400D3GW40X LED strip GK0321 SLED-2011SSP40-36-GD-REV0 SLED_2011SSP40_36_GD_REV0 1PCS=36LED 457MM 1-684-946-12 APS-184 1-468-690-11 Power supply PFM-50C1E
LJ64-03479A LED strip SLED 2012SGS55 2012SG555 7030L 80 Rev1.0 1 Piece=80LED 676MM LCD-40E66A Main Board QPWBXF196WJZZ
original t-con 52T01-C0H T520HW01 V1 Ctrl BD LCD-40LX620A Power supply LC1010-4001AC RUNTKA744WJQZ
32PFL3605 power supply PLHC-A961B 3PAGC10030B-R 42PFL7422 main board 715T2408-3
F2380 NV23WS new power supply SMMD230 IP-51155A 37TA2800 Main Board 715T2408-3
RSAG7.820.4849/ROH power supply for LED42K310X3D LED46K320DX3D LED55K610X3D all in stock P42E101C Main Board JA09392-A
original BN41-01958B main board for UA55F6400AJXXR UA60F6300AJ UA65F6400EJ 37WL67C Main Board DTB-IC060815
LED48K461X3DU LED strip SSY-1134284-A 4224 HE480HUD-B31 RSAG7.820.5794 1pcs=84LED 600mm RT-42PZ70 Main Board RF030A/B RF03PA/B 6870VM0440E(4) V5
KDL-46HX800 46EX600 LED strip 46-DOWN LJ64-02421A SLS46_5630_SONY_240_1D_REV_100218 1pcs=66LED 520mm TC-37LE80D motherboard TNP 4G431 TVR4G48-4
LG55" inch LED strip 6922L-0079A 6916L1239A 1pcs=84LED 693mm T-con 6870QCE020A 6871QCH066E
W2252TQ drive board EAX40409802(0) 42G2A 42PQ30RC t-con EAX60770101 EBR64064301
E2209W power supply QPI-A034 ILPI-093 50G2A 50PQ30RC T-CON EAX60966001 EBR61784801
ST2010 drive board 4H.0YF01.A00 T-CON 6870QCH006B 6871QCH974B
V92WG 900KM power supply HJAI41147LDP-2T 42PC1RV 42V8 T-CON 6870QCH006A 6871QCH974A
T5502B HJAI21147LDP-T N9BW inverter E320794 E141940 50PQ30RC 50G2A T-con EAX60966002 EBR61784804
HH251D HH251DPB power supply UA-3600-01HA-LF=DAC-12M070 HP W1907V power board IC 9971GD 10 pcs/lot
original new power supply L42SFV-DSM BN44-00609F w1942sy l1942pe W1942SE power supply LGP-009 EAX61422702/0
VW193D-B NEC TFT22W90PS LCD220WX power supply 715G2538-1-NDS 55LE5300 55lx6500 55LE5500 Power supply LGP4247-10 10P EAY60908801
E1910 HE170SC E178FP power supply 715G2538-1-6 50PQ30R power supply PSPU-J806A EAY58316301 2300KPG085C-F
2219 power supply 715G2824-P01-010-001S Power supply LGP32-10PK EAX62106803
power supply L60S1_ESM BN44-00705A 47LD650 Power supply LGP47-10TM EAX61289501
PS51H4000AJ power supply PSPF251503C BN44-00678A P51LF_DSM LGP72-10SIOL EAY61210702 power supply
PA51H4000AJ power supply 51FH X-MAIN LJ41-XXXXXA LJ92-XXXXXA LED power supply EAY60802801 PLDC-L901A 3PAGC10017A-R
original new power supply P60QF_ESM BN44-00689A 55LX9500 55LE8600 Power supply PSLK-L903A EAY60908901 3PCGC10009A-R
original new power supply PSPF251503B LJ44-00240D 51FH REV1.0 32LE4500 32LE5500 power supply LGP3237-10Y EAY61770201 PSLC-L002A
original new power supply PSLF171X06A L55X1T_ESM BN44-00711A LED LGP-013 EAX63028703 power supply
original new power supply PSLF780H06A BN44-00768A L32HF_ESM 55LW5500 55LW4500 55LW6500 Power supply LGP55-11SLPB EAY62169901 EAX62876201
original new power supply L48S1-ESM BN44-00703A 50PT255C Power supply EAY62171101 EAX63329901 3PAGC10037A-R
original new power supply L32S1_DSM PSLF810S05B BN44-00606B New original Power supply LGP-016 EAX63995502/0
original new power supply L32S1_DSM PSLF810S05A BN44-00606A Power supply LGP-014 EAX63326302/0 REV1.0
original new power supply PSLF990G05A BN44-00666B IPS236V IPS226V main board EAX63330401
original New power supply BN44-00632A L46F2P_DSM PSLF201F05P for UN46F7500A power supply YP42LPBA EAY60803202
original New power supply L32GF-DSM BN44-00665A PSLF770G05A 42LD42 42lh22rc power supply LGP42-09LAC2 EAY60991101
original New power supply SU10571-13001 P51HF-ESM BN44-00687A 42LH30RC 42LH20FR power supply EAX55337701 LGP42-09LF
original New power supply BN44-00622D L42X1QV_DSM for UN40F6400A 32LH20RC-TA Power supply EAX62106801 LGP32-10PI
original New power supply BN44-00528B F32VF1_DSM PSLF770501A 50JP350C power supply EAY60968701/13 EAX61397101 3PAGC10015A-R
UN46H7150A power supply BN44-00715A L55G2Q_ESM PSLF151G06A KLV-22EX310 power supply DPS-54BP
original New S23C650 S23C650D S24C650XL power supply IP-35185A S24C650XL P32E102C power supply 02741 LC0804-4001BC
AXE610124 10pin 0.4mm pitch T-CON V420H2-CS1 for 42"46"
original New power supply BN44-00754A L40G0B-ESM LED T-CON V236H3-CS3-C for 39"40"42"46"
original New power supply BN44-00754B L40G0BN-ESM PSLF870G06B UA46D6000 UA46D6400 T-CON SH120PMB4SV0.3
original New power supply BN44-00752A PSLF221W07A LCD-52LV925A 60LV925A T-con KF614 XF614WJ QPWBXF614WJN2
original New power supply BN44-00770A PSFL940H06A L40HFP_ESM T-CON V6 32/42/47 FHD TM120HZ 6870C-0368A
original new UA48H4288AJ power supply BN44-00757A PSLF970G06A L48G0B-ESM TH-42PV65 TH-42PV60C T-CON TNPA3810 AG
original new power supply L32GFN-DSM BN44-00665C PSLF77 0G05B LWT55HM Main Board 090-6M1610-00
original new UE32H5000AKXXU power supply L32SF_ESM PSLF720S06A BN44-00697A KLV-32V300A Main Board 1-873-902-11
Original new Power supply BN44-00696A L32S0_ESM PSLF620S06A 32LD8900TC Main Board JA06322-A PW3-MAIN
Original Power supply L40GF_ESM BN44-00666E PSLF930G06A 37LD8900TC Main Board JA06335
New Power supply L42S1U_DSM BN44-00645D 42PF9966/93 Main Board 3104 303 39136
Original New Power supply BN44-00759A F48SF1_ESM PSLF210S06L LCD-40E66A Main Board QPWBXF400WJN1 DUNTKF400WE
Original New Power supply L65C2Q_ESM BN44-00728A PSLF231C06A 32PFL3409/93 Main Board 40-T8222P-MAD2XG
D185wA L1961WA power supply 715G2852-2 REV:D 32PF5320/93 Main Board 3139 123 6058.1
633NW power supply ILPI-130 491861400100R P32E102C plasma Main Board FW3-32-MAIN PWB F JA31172
2441V power supply 4H.1AJ02.A10 42PF9966/93 Main Board 3104 303 39135
P1911 power supply L0229-1M 48.7J103.01M 42PD6000TC3 Main Board PWB-0917-01
LG D2342P drive board EAX64137601(5) LMA3A LGM-012C KLV-40V440A Main Board 1-876-534-11
P2271WL/TFT22W90PS1 LED inverter 715G4219-P02-000-004S KLV-32D300A Main Board 1-873-902-11
S19C200 S19C200NW LS19C20K power supply IP-25155A TLM3733H(0)Main Board RSAG7.820.1316/ROH
orignian new HPIQ548CN 105,100 inverter V156-501 4H.V1561.051/C1 37TA2000 Main Board 715T2065-1A
55EC9300 t-con 6870C-0555A LC550LUD-LGP1-831 LA46N71B Main Board BN94-01120C BN41-00733E
55EC9300 main board EAX65612205(1.0) 42PF9541/93 Main Board 3104 313 60735
LG55EC9300 power supply EAY63348801 LGP55F-14OP LGP55F-140P TPW42M78G3D Main Board RSAG7.820.4279
UA55F6300AJ power supply PSLF151S05A L55S1-DSM BN44-00612A TH-P42X10C Main Board TNPH0782 FC
1 pairs=11pcs/lot LED strip SVH550AB1-6LED-REV0-131030 SVH550AB1_6LED_REV0_131030 6LED PDP-42V8CT Main Board 1LG4B10Z0740A
A660 A665 A660D P750 indicator parts NWQAA LS-6063P LED42T29GP /126671 Main Board RSAG7.820.2228
40PFL5605 LED strip A665WJ-9X A666WJ-9X 1pairs=21pcs/lot RT-42PX11 Main Board RF-043A/B 6870VM0481E(3)
32PHF3059 LED strip GC32D07-ZC14F-07 303GC315036 1pairs=3pcs/lot LCD-52LV925A Main Board DUNTKF637WE QPWBXF637WJZZ
LC550DUN LED strip 55"ROW2.1 Rev 0.1 R1 Type 6916L-1329A 1330A 1331A 1332A 1 pairs=12pcs/lot 32PF7321/93 Main Board 3139 123 61252 V2
1pairs=9pcs/lot 42" LED strip SVH420A72-REV3-5LED-130114 SVH420A72_REV3_5LED_130114 3Pin 5LED 42CM LCD-42GX3 Main Board XE282WJ KE282
1pairs=12pcs/lot 39PFL1530 LED strip 39.0 SNB-C1-R 39.0 SNB-C1-L 6LED for TPT390J1-HJ1L02 LCD-52LV925A t-con XF608WJ QPWBXF608WJN1 QZ
original UA46EH5080R LED strip SLED 2011SVS46 3228 FHD RIGHT06 REV1.0 6pairs=12pcs/lot 47PFL7422 power supply 715T2454-2
UA46D6400WJ LED strip BN64-01645A 2011SVS46-5K6K-H1B-1CH 2011SVS46_5K6K_H1B_1CH_PV_RIGHT72 2pcs/lot TLM40V68P power supply RSAG7.820.1567/ROH VER.F
2 Pieces/lot UA55D6600WJ LTJ550HW01 BN64-01664A LED strip 2011SVS55-FHD-5K6K-RIGHT 680mm 100LED TLM40V69P Power supply RSAG7.820.1374/ROH VER.B
LCD-46LX530A LED SLED-2011SSP46-46-GD-REV0 SLED_2011SSP46_46_GD_REV0 1piece=46LED 522mm 32WL58C Power supply PD2171A-1 23590258B
UA40D5000PR BN64-01639A LED strip 2011SVS40-FHD-5K6K-LEFT 2011SVS40-FHD-5K6K-Right 440mm 2pcs/lot TX-32LE80H TC-32LE80D power supply TNP4G433
SSL460-3E1C LJ64-03471A LTA460HQ18 LED strip SLED 2012SGS46 7030L 64 REV1.0 1 piece=570mm 64LED KLV-40V200A KLV-46V200A power supply 1-869-027-13
40EL100C V400HJ2-LE2 LED strip V400H2-LF2-TLEM2 V400H2-LE2-TREM2 463mm 66LED 2 Pieces/lot KDL-46V5500 46W5500 46V530 Power supply 1-878-599-11
48"LED strip SLED 2011SGS48 7030 64 L REV1.0 for LJ64-03260A LTA480HN01 520mm 64LED 2pcs/lot KLV-32V300A-32V500A power supply 1-875-007-11 1-729-075-11
400SWO 40-DOWN LJ64-03029A LTA400HM13 LED strip 40INCH-L1S-60 G1GE-400SM0-R6 2 piece/lot 60LED 455MM TH-L32X10C L32X15C power supply TNP4G455 AK 4P
2 pieces/lot LJ64-03567A LED strip SLED 2011SGS40 5630 60 H1 REV1.0_core REV1.0-core 60LED 452mm TLM42V66PK TLM42V67P power supply RSAG7.820.2123/ROH VER B
LED strip 55inch-0D2E-60 S1G2-550SM0-R1 for LJ64-02875A LJ64-02876A LTY550HJ03 1pcs=60LED 618MM 32A3000X 37A3000C power supply PE0252 V28A00032701
HE550GFD-B51(1100)PW1 LED strip RSAG7.820.5113 1119134-A 1PCS=78LED 675MM SMT-3211P power supply BN44-00227A
LTA550HQ22 LJ64-03515A LED strip STS550A66_80LED_rev0.1_111117 1 Piece=80LED 676mm 3Pin KLV-32J400A 32S400A 32V530A power supply 1-875-582-11
LCD-60LX830A LED strip E329419 SLED-2011SSP60-80-GD-REV0 SLED_2011SSP60_80_GD_REV0 1PCS=80LED 676mm 42PFL1609 power supply 715G3351-2-HV
LED strip E129741 SLED-2011SSP52-56-GD-REV0 SLED_2011SSP52_56_GD_REV0 for LCD-52LX830A 1 piece 56LED 52XV650C 46SV650C 47ZV650C power supply PE0690 G V28A00097101
KDL-50R550A LED strip 6922L-0083A 6916L1291A 1 piece=72LED 620mm LED42K11P LED42K01P power supply RSAG7.820.2264/ROH
t-con V500DK1-CS1 32PFL1200 power supply 715G3770-P01-W30-003H
UT32-MH08CW inverter PH-BLC183-S/M 42PF7421 power supply 3104 303 39584
UT32-MH08CW power supply PB-F PS-90WW 1CA1031 C LCD-52LX920A Power supply RUNTKA747WJQZ LC1009-4101AC
original T-CON FHD-60HZ-V03 FHD_60HZ_V03 BN41-01797A for UA40EH5000R UA46EH5000R all in stock 42PF9541 power supply 272217100445 3H133W1
original t-con T370XW02 VC CTRL BD 37T03-C01 37T03-CO1 LA52N81B LA52M81B power supply BN44-00150A
KDL-42W650A inverter ST420AU-4S01 REV:1.0 TLM42V78X3D power supply RSAG7.820.2169/ROH
UA46C5000QR t-con S120BF60C4LV1.2 32PF7320 Power supply 3122 133 32806 PLCD190P1
inverter KLS-E550DRGHF12 B REV0.3 6917L-0085B LED37K01 LED37K11 power supply RSAG7.820.2289/ROH
6917L-0023A PCLC-D901A 3PHGC10001A-R inverter KLV-32BX205 26BX205 power supply DPS-111BP 2950247802
inverter SSL550-0D6C SSL550_0D6C REV 0.1 42ZV650C 40XV650C power supply SRV2194WW 68-AL43A
t-con I550SNBC4LV0.2 KLV-37BX205 power supply DPS-140QP 2950265402
inverter SSL460-OD4B SSL460-0D4B SSL460_0D4B REV 0.1 inverter VIT70058.50 REV:3
inverter SSL400-3E2T SSL400_3E2T REV0.1 inverter V235-107 4H.V2358.191/D
inverter SSL460_3E2C Replacement SSL460-3E1B SSL460_3E1B REV:0.1,100% good working inverter V235-107 4H.V2358.201/D
inverter 6917L-0126A PPW-LE32RH-0 (A)REV0.7 inverter VIT70023.80 VIT70023.81 REV:5
42" t-con T420HW06 V2 CTRL BD 42T08-C00 inverter SSI400-20A01 SSI400_20A01 REV0.5
32TA1600 t-con 320WA01C BF C6Y161 CMO inverter VIT70016.90 VIT70016.91 REV:3
inverter CPT 320WA01C Rev01 4H.V1448.301/E2 KLV-46W300A 46W380A inverter 1-874-032-12 172876212
TLM52V78PKN t-con F60MB3C2LV0.2 KDL-46W5500 inverter SSB460H16S01 REV0.2
original t-con T550HVN06.1 Ctrl BD 55T16-C05 inverter IM3869 RDENC2610TPZ Z
47" t-con V470H1-CH2 LA46B750U1F inverter SSB460H16V01(L) INV46B16F(L)
32LB5610 t-con LC320DUE-VGM1 V05 6870C-0488A LA40A550P1R inverter T87I034.02 0 or T871034.02 0
55" inch T-con T550HVD02.3 CTRL BD 55T03-C00 55T03-COO KLV-46V200A inverter PCB2698 PCB2699 PCB2700 PCB2701 A06-126436C A06-126437C A06-126438C A06-126439C
46" inverter 4H.V3188.001/A2 V318-001 inverter V291-502 4H+V2918.061/B1
46" inverter I460H1-14B-F202B 4H.V3188.021/A inverter T871053.XX T87I053.XX
LC470EUF inverter CNL33-101A LCD-60E77A 60Z770A inverter RDENC2613TPZZ RDENC2615TPZZ
52" inverter SSI520-14A01 INV52N14A REV0.2 LCD-46A63 inverter 2995313500 DAC-60T007 RUNTKA383WJZZ RUNTKA384WJZZ
46XF300C inverter PE0521 A V28A000683A1 inverter KLS-470ELD REV0.6 6917L-0021A
T370HW04 V0 LED Driver BD 37T06-D04 TC-32LE80D inverter JLS-03-32EI PB-071094F REV:01
original LA32C350D1 main board BN41-01372A for panel LTA320AP09,T315HA01-DB all are in stock inverter VIT71014.50 LOGAH REV:2
42PFL3380 42PFL3390 42PFL3360 power supply 715G4878-P01-H22-003M 42PF9541 inverter 3104 313 60975
32" t-con LC470EUN-SFF1 6870C-0438A KLV-46F300A 46V380A inverter 1-874-740-11(172898111)
24" 242E3L 242EL3LSB driver main board 715G4401-M03-000-004I 32"LED inverter INV32L04A REV 0.4
S32E360F S32E360H driver main board BN41-02424A 42"inverter L420H2-2EE
27" I2769V drive 715G4502-M01-001-004I inverter VIT71023.53 VIT71023.56 VIT71023.59 REV:2
power supply PA-3131-02AM-LF inverter L315H3-1EB
power supply PE-4101-01UN-LF,PE-4151-01UN-LF all in stock inverter 6632L-0392A 6632L-0393A
power supply PK101V2520I N249A001L REV:01 1395ADR2G NCP1395ADR2G 5pcs/lot
HXH-LED-TW1375 REV1.2A Constant current board TNY277PN TNY277P DIP-7
Original t-con BN41-02297A for UA48JU6400J UA55JU6800JXXZ all are in stock TNY268P TNY268PN
LC-32HU56 32KU63 inverter DAC-24T073 CH 2995325500 FQP3N80C TO-220 5pcs/lot
KLS-E320N1F-06 REV:0.6 6917L-0038A Constant current board 1606B NCP1606B 5pcs/lot
55T10-C0D T550HVN03.5 CTRL BD T-con 55T10-COD TDA16888 5pcs/lot
37PF9531 power supply 3104 313 61213 H7224 STR-H7224-TL 5pcs/lot
TC-32LE7D power supply TNP4G404 AA 2P AMS1117-2.5V AMS1117-2.5 SOT223
LED UA60H6400AJ power supply L60X1T-EDY L60X1T_EDY BN44-00712A AS15-HF IC QFP48
40HL150C t-con JPN_S100FAPC2LV0.0 JPN-S100FAPC2LV0.0 FAN7382 FAN7382N 5pcs/lot
original main board 715G5322-M01-000-004X for 42PFL3320 46PFL3320 all in stock 3BR4765J ICE3BR4765J 5pcs/lot
KLV-46V300A inverter Output 1-872-988-11 TEA1733T TEA1733 SOP-8
LED42K100N LED42K200 power supply RSAG7.820.4543/ROH A6069H A6069 DIP-7
42PF7420 power supply 3104 303 39583A 3104 303 39583 1579 NCP1579DR2G 5pcs/lot
LCD-55S3A t-con 15Y55FU11APCMTA3V0.0 33262 MC33262 SOP-8
55ZD300C Backlight constant current TYL550TE12A01 REV:0.3 V71A00026300 DH321 5pcs/lot
t-con LC470WUL/LC550WUL 6870C-0285A TNY275PN TNY275P 5 pcs/lot
46C3000C t-con 40/46/52HTC4LV1.0 FDPF18N50 PFV218N50 18N50 TO-220
P32E102C t-con 32PH3-L0GIC PWB JA31103 K3569 2SK3569 10A 600V
42PFL3320 TPV42-T-CON-E2-V2.0 F57-3B E88441 SG6859DZ SG6859ADZ 5 pcs/lot
48PFF5021 t-con HV480FH2-600 T-CON 47-6021043 40T03GP AP40T03GP 5 pcs/lot
LC-32HU25 32HU35 t-con 569HU2226B AMS1117-5.0V AMS1117-5.0 SOT223
LED55K360X3D LED55k310x3d t-con RSAG7.820.5101 RSAG7.820.5101/ROH A6159M A6159 STR-A6159M 5 pcs/lot
LED48K20JD t-con 13VNB7-SQ60MB4C4LV0.0 FAN7313 5 pcs/lot
original t-con 14Y-UD60-EU22ATMC4LV0.1 for UA40HU5900J UA48HU5900J UA55HU5903J all are in stock FAIRCHILD Q100 FSQ100 5 pcs/lot
original t-con BN41-01939 BN41-01939B for UA40F6400AJ 46F6400AJ UA55F6100AJ all are in stock FAN6961SZ SG6961SZ
P42E101C power supply 1CA131 PS-80 Q0465R FSQ0465R
74HCT244N DIP20 FSGM300N FM300N
TC5029BP DIP14 TOP254EN POWER 5 pcs/lot
PC525 DIP6 NCP1013AP10 NCP1013AP100 5 pcs/lot
BDX33C to-220 NPN AS15-U 5 pcs/lot
D8255AC-2 DIP40 08+ M82C55 M27C256 A81SC 5pcs/lot
Bridge rectifier bridge KBPC1010 10A1000V DM0565R TO220F-6
27C512 M27C512-12F1 DIP40 VIPER17L=VIPER17H DIP-7
82C55AC-2 M82C55A-2 uPD82C55AC-2 DIP-40 TNY266PN TNY266P DIP-7
TEA2025B TEA2025 audio amplifier DIP16 5181 NCP5181 5pcs/lot
TBP24S10N DIP16 230D6 NCP1230D6 5pcs/lot
MAX202 MAX202CPE DIP-16 NCP1607B,1607B,SOP8 5pcs/lot
MC1413P DIP16 P1014AP10 NCP1014AP10 5pcs/lot
IRF520 IRF520N TO220 100V9.7A LNK564PN LNK564P DIP-7
TEA1755T TEA1755 SOP-16 P1014AP06 NCP1014AP06 DIP-7
BTA08-600C TO220 8A 600V FAN7930B 7930B SOP-8
SN74LS161AN 74LS161 DIP16 AMS1117-1.2V AMS1117-1.2 SOT-223
74HC366 DIP16 A6059H STR-A6059H DIP-7
TC4052BP DIP16 NCP1271P65 1271P65 DIP-7
HEF4017BP DIP16 FAN7601 DIP-8
CD74HCT74E DIP14 FA5571 5571 FA5571N
MC74F161AN DIP16 AS15-F AS15 IC TQFP48
74LS244 SN74LS244N DIP20 6755MYC FAN6755WMYB 6755 SOP-7
HD74LS14P DIP14 OZ9976GN OZ9976
LF398N DIP8 EA1530A TEA1530AT 5pcs/lot
GAL16V8D-15LPN DIP20 Q0265R FSQ0265R DIP-8
D82C53AC-2 UPD82C53 DIP24 LD7523AGS LD7523 5pcs/lot
D81C55AC-2 DIP40 ICE2QR0665 2QR0665
89C516 STC89C516RD+40I-PDIP40 TROP246Y TOP246YN TO-220-6
MC4044P DIP14 inverter JLS-05-32E1 PB-071109F
DM74S288LEXN 74S IC 74S288 inverter MIT68013.60-E1 MIT68013.60 REV:7
HD74LS368A DIP16 PDP-508XC Main Board ANP2204-A
LF356N DIP8 PDP-508XC t-con ANP2181-A
MC14093B CD4093 HEF4093 SOP14 BENQ VK3211A Power supply B109-A01 4H.B1090.111/A3
74LS06 SN74LS06N HD74LS06P DIP14 inverter 6632L-0030B 2300KF9001B YPNL-M007B
5M0365R TO220 inverter 2300KF9001C LC230W01-A2 6632L-0030C
L7818CV TO220 32PF953193 power supply 3104 313 60924 310431360924
27C64 NMC27C64Q150 32PF1200 power supply 715G3770-P02-W20-003S
PT2262 DIP18 30PF9946 power supply 3104 303 38754 310431360094
74F175PC DIP16 32PF9946 inverter 6632L-0035A YPNL-M006C
SN74HC573N SN74HC573AN DIP20 30PF9946/93 Main Board 3139 123 58671
TDA2822L DIP8 TLM46V66PK TLM47V88PK Power supply RSAG7.820.1357/ROH.C/D
UTC8227 DIP16 original main board RSAG7.820.1364/ROH for TLM52E29P TLM46V69P TLM40V69P all are in stock
HD74LS138P DIP16 TC-32LX1D Inverter K021055 K02I055.02 K02I055.03
HD74LS107AP 74LS107 DIP14 TLM47V67PK(1) Main Board RSAG 7.820.1588
TLC27L4CN DIP14 TLM3218 Main Board E/RSAG7.820.366A
TLC27L2CP DIP8 32LD390TC Power Board DS-1107A CEE146A(3)
SG1524BN DIP16 32LD390TC Main Board CEE087A
OP27GP DIP8 5pcs/lot 32LD9570TC Main board JA08041
UPC4559C C4559C L32F3200B Main Board 40-MT01E0-MAH2XG
TDA2030A TDA2030L TO220 linear audio amplifiers LCD32B03-P Main Board 40-LD40V9-MAB4X
BU74HC00 74HC00 DIP14 L46F19FBD Main Board 40-65P10B-MAB2XG
CD4051BD DIP16 T-CON K1-60HZ-C-2L-V0.1
LF411CN LF411N DIP8 P42E101C power supply 1CA0131 PS-80
LF412N LF412CN DIP8 RT-32LZ50 power supply BT-EFL30180W-B 6871TPT275E 6871TPT275F
ULN2803APG ULN2803 500mA x8 DIP-18 26TA1000 T-CON V26D2C1.0
TA7667P DIP16 26PF9946/93 power supply 3122 133 32891 312213332891
AT89C2051-24PU SOP-20 46"inverter L460H1-2EF
74HC257N DIP16 26PF9946/93 WK423.1 Main Board 3139 123 5804 3
PT2264 DIP-18 inverter SSI320-4UE01 SSI320_4UE01 REV:0.1
P16NF06FP TO220 60V16A LS32A23W Main Board BN41-00275E
74LS74 GD74LS74A DIP14 LA32A550P1R Main Board BN41-01019C
74HC27 SN74HC27N HD74HC27P DIP14 32WL36C Inverter K021055.13 K02I055.13 REV:0
M27C64A-12F1 DIP28 ST memory MDK 336V-0 N 19100152 for 32"
74HC151AP IC TC-26LX50D Main Board TNPA3707
IC Block integrated chip microcontroller seat DIP-6 8 14 16 18 20 24 28 32 40P TC-26LX50D 32LX500D Power supply NPX565CB-1 ETXMM565CBB
IN74LS07D SN74LS07 SOP14 hex buffer TC-32LX50D power board TNPA3722
CDT817C PC817 EL817 DIP4 817C LCD21E1A Main Board KB476DE
LG32LD320 32LD325C power supply LGP32-11P EAX63985401 LCD2199A LCD20B4A inverter KB591DE KB590DE
MA2830 ZIP-7 LCD37HV4 power supply RDENCA041WJZZ
20A 250V 20A250V ceramic fuse 6X30mm with pin LCD-37BX5 Main Board KD892WE QPWBXD892WJN1
15N60C3 SPA15N60C3 power switch T-con RUNTKA680 XF466WJ KF466 for 40" 46" 52"
BTS840S2 power switch drive vehicle contro IC LCD-26PX5 power supply RDENCA223WJQZ JSK6165-003
SF10A400H LCD / plasma diode LCD-37G1 LCD-37Q2 inverter RUNTKA080WJZZ RUNTKA081WJZZ
TD62083AP TD62083APG DIP-18 T-CON X3853TPZ XF XH for 37"46" in stock
Trumpet alligator clip with wire 46CM T-CON XC268WJ KC268 for 26" 32"37"
W5NB100 STW5NB100 TO-3P LCD-26AF3 inverter RUNTKA205WJZZ PSC10124H
0603 SMD resistor pack 240K-5.1M total 25 kinds*20pcs=500pcs LCD-40G120A inverter RUNTKA721WJQZ JSI-401403B
6.3 plug spring female copper terminals plug spring FDD2-250 LCD-42GX3 inverter ISP013-10 RUNTKA423WJZZ RUNTKA424WJZZ
IXFK27N80 27A 800V KLV-40V200A KLV-46V200A Power supply 1-869-027-12
LM224N (LM224AN) DIP-14 KLV-32S400A KLV-32J400A Main Board 1-875-581-14
STK401-020 KLV-32V200A inverter CSN308-00(32INCH) PCB2737 A06-126731 A
2SC3866 C3866 TO-220F KDL-46EX650 40EX650 Power supply 1-886-370-11 APS-322
MAX4583 MAX4583CSE SOP-16 KDL-46HX750 Main Board 1-885-388-51
OZ9906GN SOP-28 LED driver IC WSL_C4LV0.0 WSL-C4LV0.0 T-CON for 32" 40" 46"
STK650-516 Power Module KLV-26BX205 Main Board 1P-009CJ00-4013 REV:1.3
TMPZ84C015BF-6 QFP-100 Philips 170S8 190S8 converter
UPD63711AGC (D63711AGC) QFP-100 Power board FSP236-3PS01 3BS0229612GP
75C1168 SN75C1168NSR SOP-16 Lenovo L196WA power board 715G3483-3
LM224D LM224DG Operational Amplifier LI1963WA power supply 715G2852-3-6
PS21563 PS21563-P LE1851W LE1851W power supply 715G2852-3-HP
STRS5706 STR-S5706 ZIP-9 BENQ FP71G power board 48.L1C02.A11
TDA7264 SIP-8 VIEWSONIC VA712B VA712 inverter IV12511/T-LF PWB-IV125110T
0805 SMD Ceramic Capacitor Assorted Kit 1PF-1UF 32values*20pcs=640pcs HKC 980B power board WEIYI 980B HKC LCDMT19C
LM2423TE LM2423ATE HP VS17E QLIF-032 490381200*00R
TB9003FG HSSOP-36 Asus MW221C t198w AOC tft19w80ps inverter 715G2594-2
CD4051BCN DIP-16 hp pavilion f1703 inverter 715L1091-1 715L1091-1C 715L1091-1A
1206 SMD resistor pack 620R-12K total 25 kinds*20each HP 1702 power board 715L1236-2-AU
STK401-090 L1710 L1910 power supply 715G2655-2-2
TL072C TL072I SOP ACER X191W AL1706 power board Delta EADP-45AF BCC:L
LM3875TF ZIP-11 ACER AL1923W AL1916E power board FSP043-2PI02S
SM8954AC25PP SM8954AC25P 170C5 170B5 power supply ADP-40CF 2940076303
HRD051R5E HRD051R5 Philips 150S6 150S5 power supply AIP-0097
K4086 2SK4086LS TO-220F PHILIPS 150B4 150C4 power board
SI3122V(3122V)SI-3122V TO-3P Philips 170S4 170B4 170C4 power board T50P038.00 19.1436.01
SKD31F/16 module AOC T198W power board 715G2594-1-6
TA2040 TRIO-KENWOOD Philips 170S8 190S8 power board
6x6x8MM 4Pin of copper reed touch switch philips 150S4 150T4 power board AI-0059 313819870752
7M0880 TO3P-5 ILPI-003
ACS1025T SOP8 Philips 170P5 170S5 170B5 power inverter AI-0068
W20NM60 STW20NM60 20A 600V a96 Z96 g96 4 ccfl inverter DATA-04-19003B
SN75179BP DIP-8 drive Transceivers M176 T192A G96 A92 M92 G196G L9SU4 L9VB4 Inverter
TOP224P TOP224PN 10-25v 24 inch four inverter
UPC319C DIP-14 Philips 170S8 Power board 4H.0BH02.A01 4H.06k02.A00
C1093 UPC1093 TO-92 4H.L1U02.A00
D71055GB UPD71055GB QFP-44 PHLIPS 170S6 inverter 190S6 170C6 power
SG3525AN SG3525A DIP16 Power Controllers HW191A HW191D power supply JT777 VP-775
5N50U FDD5N50U TO-252 Philips 170S8 Q7T6 G900WD power board FP75G
A788J(HCPL-788J)HP788J 190S7 170S7 170V7 power supply 715G1813-2
16108FP HA16108FP HKC S2209 2275 G2208 power board K228W T2208 N220W
PC956 PC956L DIP-8 ACER P193W power board 1916W inverter 490781400200R ILPI-031
UC2842 UC2842B SOP8 Acer AL1714B ViewSonic VA712 A170E VE720M inverter PWB-IV90110T C5
LM317 LM317LM SOP-8 LC-32U16 LC32U19 LC32U25 LC32U18 32U18-20 power board LC-34B16
TDA1517P DIP-18 Philips 190SW8 power board FSP045-1PI01 3BS0164912GP
ULN2803AN DIP-18 HKC 1778 S788A 988A G9802 G988F converter
10NM60 10N60 FQD10N60C STD10NM60N TO-252 LC37R35 power board 782-L37R26-200A L37R26-20A
TFP4N60 TO-220F 600V/4A HPC-170D-1 power board HPC PI170D LWM950 LA760
Iron frame 3x6x5mm MP3 to MP5 intercom touch switch HKC S788A S988A 983A power board 7575+TL494
M51957B ZIP-5 LG L1742S W1942S 22V power supply board EAX40312101/6
71741-2001 717412001 84pin-1.0mm pitch MOLEX connector W2252TQ W2252V W1952TQ power supply AIP-0178 AIP-0178A
503480-1200 5034801200 0.5mm pitch 12PIN MOLEX connector Samsung 913NW PLUS Power board
10029449-001RLF Connector Receptacle HDMI 19 Pin ACER AL1914b power board
AXE550127 connector 50P 0.4MM pitch inverter 467-01A2-23738G
AXE550124 connector 50P 0.4MM pitch HKC 980B inverter S9819 Z191W Z98W S2019 S988A power board
AXT334124 board to board connector 34P 0.4MM pitch Samsung BN44-00328A BN44-00328B power board
TDA7496LK=SA7496LS amplifier IC REV:2 6870TB69D11=GDP-003 AIP-0108 REV:02 power suppl for L1750 L1950SQ L1715S L717G
TDA7496SA ZIP-15 LG LCD power board L17MS-5 L17NS-8 LG1719 LG1730SN LG1753S
CNY17F-4 DIP-6 AI-0066 LG L1730S power board L1710S/L1750SQ/L17NS
CNY17F-1 DIP6 VIEWSONIC VA712B VA712 inverter IV12511/T-LF PWB-IV125110T
CNY17F-2 DIP-6 LG W2242S W2242SP C222WS C222WSN W2242ST converter
CNY17-3 DIP-6 E228WFPC power supply 715G2594-1-3-VOC
C2383 2SC2383 TO92 ViewSonic VX2240W VA2220W power board al2216W VA2216W ILPI-033 492031400100R
A4506(HCPL-4506)HP4506 DELL E1909W QPI-A024
117A PS9117 PS117A TLP117A SOP5 DELL 715G1283-5 Power board
YG802C04 TO-220F DELL 1905FP Power board 6832151100-02 PTB-1511
AD7872JN DIP-16 DELL 1507 1707 1907 6832165100P01 PTB-1651
HDF-2415D DELL 2208WFPT power board PTB-1918
HDF-2415S Dell 1901FP 6832134800-04 PTB-1348 power board PTB-1345
7555ID 7555CD ICM7555ID clock IC ST2310 power supply 492951400100R ILPI-168 Rev.A
72F324K2T6 QFP-32 DELL 1703FPT 190 PTB-1348 6832134800-02
PS21564 PS21564-P Dell E193FPC power board 715L1283-4 715L1283-2 E173FPC
NMA0515SC relay ViewSonic VA1716W-6 power board VA1716W
LA4597 ZIP-13 LT4619P power GP04 GP04-1 JUJ7.820.200 FSP368-4F04
KCD105 Rocker / water heater oval rocker switch second gear two copper feet 715G2510-1-4
L603 L603C DIP-18 DELL E197FP 490441200113R QLIF-046 Rev:A 79044120_R
C2481 2SC2481 TO-220 DELL E198FPF power board QLPI-014 490761400100R
BD9488F SOP-18 HP V185W LE2001W W185Q power board PWB-1271-03 PWB-1251-01
BUK204-50Y TO263-4 Samsung 740N PLUS
LCD-60Z770A t-con XF245WJ CPWBX 4221TP ZB KF245 DELL 1800FP power 6870T445D10 Output 12V 5V
original main board 1-894-094-12 for KDL-48R550C KDL-40R550C KDL-32R500C all are in stock 12V to 5V to 3.3V power board DC/DC 3A
original main board 1-894-595-11 for KD-49X8300C KD-55X8000C all are in stock FP71G FP73G.FP91G power board 4H.L2E02.A35
original power supply APS-386 1-894-795-11 for KD-43X8300C KD-49X8300C all are in stock Philips 170S5 Power Board 170B5 170C5 170P5 190x5 170X5 190B5
T-con 6870C-0561A LC550EQL-SHP2-831 TOPVIEW T198W power board 715G-2594
PD32GV0_CDY BN44-00554A BENQ FP51G power board Q5T4 inverter
power supply 1-882-771-11 APS-276 (CH) 46GT1 AOC 715L1243-2 715L1103-1-C 715L1103-1-17A
New power supply L32G0-DDY BN44-00664A ADP-30EP Power board
power supply BN44-00709A L48X1T_ESM BenQ FP51G Q5T4 Power board 4H.L1T02.A10
BSN304 MOS TO-92 48.L1K02.A00 Q5T4 power board FP51G BENQ FP51G
P0903BDG P0903BD 50A 20V HPC PI220D-000C REV:C power board SH9188 LWM930 LWM950LA961
STRN-W6856 STRNW6856 Power Module AOC 931SW 2216VW 210V5 2016SW 917VW 715G2510-2
TDA4718A DIP-18 ViewSonic VX924 VX724 power VX724 VX924 inverter FSP035-1PI01Z
UPC1270H SIP-12 Amplifier Driver IC ViewSonic Q91B VA1916W HC194D power inverter FSP043-2PI01V
F9222L ZIP-13 ViewSonic VG1930WM power board VG1921WM-4
UC3706N DIP-16 Hanns.G HW173A ViewSonic VA1703WB power board FSP032-2PI01VA
TOP264VG DIP-12 power driver IC ViewSonic VA721(A) POWER INVERTER 2202131900 REV:1.00
13842 FA13842 SOP-8 switch controller ACER AL1916W AL1916WA motherboard ILIF-020 power board ILPI-025
new original RA35H1516M ViewSonic VA903B power board PI-SB03 REV:D BLM1700P60210
TL074CN DIP-14 ViewSonic VA1703WB power board HW173A FSP032-2PI01
TOP246PN TOP246P HYC96CM 97EM EOV96BM 97AM power board
MC33035P DIP-24 VA721 ViewSonic VE710S VE710B power and inverter 2202129103 2202129102
TL062CP DIP-8 VW193 power supply 715G2538-1-ACE
UC3895N (UCC3895N) DIP-20 BSFL#2242-71A power board BSFL#1942-70A
2SK1590 G16 SOT-23 HPC LWM991 Converter
TA2030 AOC 915SW power 919VWG PI-OB03
TT2202 TO-3P NEC AOC 196S+TFT1980PS power board 715G1349-2
2SK3018 KN SOT-23 100MA/30V W2254TQ W2053TQ W2343T C233WT power board
BFC40A TO-3P PI-170DTLA Lenovo LXM-L17CH 4 ccfl
TL084CN DIP-14 Four Operational Amplifier HPC LA961 LA970 SH7188 LA760 power board JSI-190401
2H1002 2H1002A4 TO-252 ViewSonic ve175 power board VE175 inverter HOAU222001 HOAU222009
MP1006ES SOP-16 ViewSonic VE710S Power board VA702 VE710B ADP-40AF
TL084AC TL084C TL084I TL084BC SOP14 715G2824-2 Aoc 2217V G2219 919SW 190CW9 power board
NE555P NE555N DIP-8 L shaped lamps CMV 937A power board DAC-12M028 DAC-12M030
IRFZ46N FZ46N TO-220 55V/53A/16.5 milliohms EADP-64BF B M201Un02 VP2130b power board EADP-64BF B
K3797 2SK3797 TO-220F AOC 2231VW 2292VW power board PWB-1272-02
L4972A DIP-20 HYC 97EM power PI94632 PC61168E power board SANC M2007C
P0603BD P0603BDG P0603BDL TO-252 HPC PI170D-0000 power board LWM950 LA760 PI170D LA760
IRL2505S TO263 L2505S AI-0067 Philips 150S6 power board 150S5
SK3875 Audio Power Amplifier ACER AL1916W Power board ViewSonic VA1912WB power board
TC55257DPL-85L DIP-28 ViewSonic VG2030WM VG2021WM power board JT229ZP6MR BENQ VP2212
TOP258YN TOP258Y TO-220 original DAC-19M005=DAC-19M008 power supply for AL1916W VA1912WB VA1916W
ML4800CS SOP-16 ViewSonic VA903B power board VA903B VA703M VA703B PI-SB03
STTH60P03SW fast recovery tube 60A 300V ILPI-004 ViewSonic VA721B VA702B VA902 power inverter 490411400100R
TL062C TL062CDR SOP-8 AOC 197V+715G1823-2-LG 715G1823-1 715G1823-3 power board
C5150 2SC5150 TO-3PF AOC 177S 177S+ power board 715g-1823
Pairing 2N6488 2N6491 SLC40-401A-B JSI-190406A power board output 12V 5V
BA10339F SOP-14 ACER X223HA 2230V 715g2883-1-6
T15A250V 15A 250V glass fuse 6X30mm with Pin AOC TFT1780PS power board
D3SBA60 D3SB60 LX791 860-ALZ-LZ791H L1-2206 LI-2206 Lenovo LXM-L17CH2
STRG6551 STR-G6551 HP S2021A power board
C2235 2SC2235 TO-92L NPN 0.8A 120V AOC 915SW+ 919VWG power board ViewSonic VA1916W-6 PI-LT03
PS9713 NEC9713 SOP-5 LXM-L17AB L171 power supply 715G2538-4-LEG
UC2844 UC2844B switching controller SOP-8 AOC 193SW inverter 715G1299-6 LXM-L19CH FG980-WH LW98
K2252 2SK2252 TO-263 AOC 915SW power board H902W L192W PI-SB03
2SK2225 K2225 1500V/2A TO-3P MOS LXB-L15E power supply 715L1034-2A
DVD/EVD slim small speaker 8e 2W diameter 28mm thick 5mm T-CON CPWBX RUNTK 4163TP ZK ZZ all in stock
KCD8-212N with light copper foot switch Samsung BN44-00123B SSIP-1719-HD-A E191877
TDA4865AJ Samsung YP-33155A
MAX691CWE MAX691ACWE MAX691EWE BenQ G900WA AOC 210V TFT22W90PS power board 715G2510-1
J45H11 J45H11G 5H11G 45H11G MJD45H11G TO-252 Philips 220EW9 LE22A3 HI221D power board ILPI-033
K13A60D TO-220F ViewSonic VG1930WM VG1921WM-4 power board
LM3900N DIP-14 DELL 1504FP power board
RU3C RU3AM 1.5A 1000V FH980-J1 power board
TSM1001DLM DIP-16 ASUS VH196D-A ILPI-144 492291400100R power board
4H11G J44H11G TO-252 AOC 919Vwg power board MW19E-AA BLM1700P60720 E59670 PI-LT03
TS4141 SOT-223 CMO 228D 948D converter A190A8-H-S5 VX1962WMP X193W
G6B-2114P-US 24V 12V 5V control OMRON sealed relay BenQ E900WN E700 power board 4H.09302.A02
IR2125 DIP-8 PI-190DTLB REV:A 200-000-170DTLBMH LXM-WL19AH power board
JRC4580D NJM4580D 4580D operational amplifier IC chip Samsung 932GW 732N 932B 932BW G19P power board BN4400124J
CR1220 coin cell battery cartridge ML1220 seat Samsung E1920N power board
K1518 2SK1518 TO-3P 20A 500V Samsung 740N 730BA 940N power board PWI1704SJ
TDA1085C DIP-16 Samsung 940BX 740nplus power BN44-000123E SIP-U5F
TDA1085A DIP-16 Samsung 510N 510NW power board FSP025-2PI01 IP-24135A
2N6508 2N6508G way SCR 25A 600V BENQ FP557S FP557S FP557A FP547S power board
2N6509G 2N6509 Samsung 940NW 940BW933BW G19P power board
USR60P6 TO-3P AOC 912SW 715G1899-1
AP1507-50D5L DC Switching Regulator SOT252-5 Lenovo L195WE power board
5N6001 TO-3P Lenovo LXM-WL19AH inverter LXM-WL19BH power board
KA7552 7552 DIP-8 LENOVO LXH-GJ17L3 power board TFT1780 715L1085-1
LNK500P LNK500PN LXM-L19CH inverter 715L1299-2
MJ15024G MJ15024 pairing MJ15025 MJ15025G Lenovo LXM-L15CH LXM-L15E power board
Button touch switch 6.2*6.2*3.1mm Acer AL1715 AL1912 power board AR577 VP-583 AL1914
1.5KE400A 1.5KE400 unidirectional TVS 1500W 400V Lenovo LXM-L15CH
mini-USB socket 5PF LG L1915SN L1917S L1930S L1732P L1932P LB700G power board
GT60N321 60A 1000V Lenovo L173WA power board 715G1103-2-L 715G1103-2-c
STRS6707 STR-S6707 Lenovo LXM-L17AB power board 715G1103-3-17
UC2845 UC2845BN UC2845N DIP-8 NESO LD790A power board F179 VA721 EMAX PWR0401704003
TOP227Y TOP227YN LCD power IC LENOVO 715G3483-1 715G3483-4 power board 715G3483-5
GBU808 8A 800V LG L15LP-0 L1520B L1520BL L1520BM Power board 6871TPT234G
AD736JN AD736JNZ DIP-8 converter Lenovo L195WA power board 715G2816-1-2
PC457 PC457L SOP-5 VE710B VX912 VX724 VE710 power board
MR2920 ZIP-7 LCD power IC Lenovo LXH-GJ17L3 inverter 715L1085-4-4
PC929 SOP-14 LG L194WT C192W L194SP L1942T W1942ST W1942S power board
CBB61 motor start capacitor capacitance1.2UF 450V with pin 10CM LXB-L15E LXB-L15C L150 L150p power supply 715L1034-1A-1
DS2E-M-DC12V Relay BenQ 48.L1J02.A10 Q9T4 power board FP71GX FP91G
TOP247Y TOP247YN BENQ M2200HD power board E2200HD inverter ILPI-107
PS9587 SOP-8 FK918-WT FK918-WB power board L91C-X-1 inverter 2202139601p
24C512N AT24C512N-SU27 memory IC chip LENOVO LXM-WL19AH LXM-WL19BH power board PI-190DTLB REV:A 200-000-170DTLBMH
T6.3H250V T6.3A250V 6.3A 250V ceramic fuse with Pin LENOVO L151 T15AN T15BNU power board PTB-1739 converter PTB-1737
DM07652R 07652R 07652 TO220F-6 Samsung 740N 731BF 940N 931BW 931BF 940BW power board PWI1704SV
AT28C64B-15PU DIP28 Lenovo L195WD power board 491351400100R ILPI-080
AT28C64B-15JC=AT28C64B-15JI AOC 152V power board TFT1560PS
FSFR1800XSL ZIP-9 LG lcd monitor power board W1942ST
STRW6765N TO-220 STR-W6765N lenovo 9165-AC6 power board 490431200300R 490431200100R
L6203 ZIP-11 Driver IC LXM-L17CH EMC EV727 Lenovo power board
TOP233Y=TOP233YN Lenovo L171 Converter QLIF-061 490521200100R
HCPL-0314 SOP6 E177F AL1706B AL1716 A power supply 715G1492-2-ACR
3SH21 PC3SH21 DIP-4 Lenovo LXM-L17AB power board 715G1103-4-17
TDA7056B audio amplifier IC Samsung 740N 940BW 931BW G19W 940NW 730BA power
IRG4BC20KD-S G4BC20KD-S LENOVO LXM-L19DH H193K AOC 193FW 193SW power board 715G1299- 4-5 -6 -7
TOP225Y=TOP225YN TO-220 original LGP-003 H LGP-003H EAX57485206 power supply for W2262TQ W2053S W2253TQ W2343S W2242S
IR21814S IRS21814S AUIRS21814S SOP-14 power supply 715G2538-3
P701 TLP701 SOP-6 Lenovo LXM-L19CH inverter
5KV 0.6A 5KV0.6A glass fuse 6mmX40mm Lenovo LXM-WL19AH power board LXM-WL19BH LCD monitor power board
DB107=DB107S 1A/1000V ViewSonic VA721 inverter VE710B power board
STRG6653 STR-G6653 Lenovo L193 WIDE power board L193 WIDE PI-190DTLB5
LCD Tact Switch 4x4x1.7mm Copper Button 5.2x5.2x1.7 PI-SB02 BLM1700P20211 AOC 915SW L192W H902W power board
BUT12AF TO-220F LG L194WT L194CW L1919 power board AIP0157 E148279
A3809AM CXA3809M Lenovo 19" LXM-L19Ch power 715L1299-2 /4/5/6 pole interface
ULN2804A DIP18 Lenovo LXB-L17C LXB-L17AB FG780-TBFG780-EB 715L1103-D power board
L4960 TO-220-7 Lenovo LXM-WL19AH LXM-WL19BH MAG XP911W power board PI-190DTLB
TDA8174 TDA8174A 12V-A,5V-4.0A YOKOGAWA power K355 PU778A
TL074C=TL074AC SOP-14 12V 4A HW173A power board Hanns.G HB171A
FR5505 IRFR5505 18A 55V LCD-AD191XB power ASUS MB19SE Delta EADP-50CF
K2258 2SK2258 4A 1000V VIEWSONIC VE510B power board ACER 1511S inverter FSP030-1PI01
M4003D+M4004D 12V 5V dual-output with 4 ccfl power board
STRG5653 STR-G5653 Lenovo LXM-L17AB L171 power board PTB-1652 PTB-1667
M51996 M51996A SOP-20 IC ACER AL1706 AL1716 X191W Power Board FSP043-2PI01
STRG6352 STR-G6352 AOC L192W 915SW H902W Power board PI-SB03
A1626 2SA1626 TO-92L DG board TNPA1754 for TH-42PWD3 TH-50PHW3C
TLP559 DIP-8 32PFL3403/93 Main board 715T2878-2
1N4937 IN4937 1A 600V TH-P42X10C Main board TNPH0782 FC
STRW6052S STR-W6052S TH-P42S25C Main board TNPH0845LC
T2A250V T2AL250V 2A 250V glass fuse TH-42PW5CH Main board TNPA2426AF
TOP243Y=TOP243YN T-CON LJ41-09475A LJ92-01793A 01750A
D20XB80 20A 800V LCD-32CA9 Main board 1LG4B10Z1400A-A
PC923 SOP-8 LCD-37CA5 Main board 1LG4B10Z0840A-A
Mouse switch mouse commonly used rectangular button micro switch 1A 125VAC LTY460HB09 LTY460HC03-003 LTY460HC03-004 Power supply
T4A250V 4A 250V glass Power fuse with Pin 42WP36C power supply PKG-4000 PDC20331.M PTF-422
R39MF5 DIP-7 42WP36C Main board PD1653 -1 23599918 DS-7405 23547535
TOP243PN=TOP243P 26TA1C Main board 40-TSB23H-MAC2XG
HER107 US1M UF4007 42PF7421 parts 310431360647 3104 313 60647
G50N60RUFD G50N60 50A 600V TO-3PL 47PFL7403/93 Main board 3139 123 63491_06 wk750
200D6 NCP1200D60R2G SOP-8 42PF9946/93 Main board 3139 123 5866 2
38N30 FQA38N30 38A 300V 32CE860LED Main board 715G4561-M01-000-004K
PC922 DIP-8 42PFL3350 Power supply 715G3829-P03-W20-003M
TOP223YN=TOP223Y TO-220 42PFL6609 Converter board 3104 313 6361.2
TOP250Y=TOP250YN power IC inverter T871029.26 T87I029.26
2SK1762 K1762 450V 12A TO-220F inverter VIT71881.00 VIT71881.01 VIT71881.02 VIT71881.03 REV:6
A7860N(HCPL-7860N)HP7860N UT47-MX28CW inverter PH-BLC189 N264891 S M
A7860K HCPL-7860K SOP-8 P42E101C T-CON JA08751 JP54961
A7860L HCPL-7860L SOP-8 T37-MX08CW inverter PH-BLC184A N264833 S/M
A7860P(HCPL-7860P)HP7860P P50X102C T-CON JP6171(P#JA30284)
TLP759 SOP-8 P50X102C T-con JA30902-B
APW7142 SOP-8 P50X101C T-con JA08694 JP56844G
STRV152 SIP-6 P42E102C P50X102C Main board JA30892
CA3140EZ CA3140E DIP-8 P50X102C power supply 1H438W 1H439W PSC10234J M
BAW56 A1 A1t 0.2A 70V P50X101C T-con JP54681 JA08521
A4504V(HCPL-4504V)HP4504V Inverter K021055.02 K021055.03
RJP63F3 RJP63F3A LA46M51B inverter 120V46W2A 120V46W2B
LM393P DIP-8 PEBBLE22MFM IP-45130C power supply
UC3843AN=UC3843BN=UC3843N T-CON T460HVN02.0 CTRL BD 46T16-C00
UC3844=UC3844N=UC3844BN DIP-8 PS42P3S PDP Main board BN41-00304C
2N2219A NPN bipolar transistor T-CON 320AB01C2LV0.7
TLC7524CN DIP-16 DAC PS51D450A2 Main board BN41-01750A
HER208 HER208G 2A 1000V PS63P5H Main board BN41-00655C
M81019FP SSOP-24 PS43D450A2 Main board BN41-01590B
A3120V(HCPL-3120V)HP3120V inverter SSL400-0E2B SSL400_0E2B REV 0.4
C3852A 2SC3852A TO-220F LN40A550P Main board BN41-00975C
T3.15A 250V 3.15A250V Rectangular Power Fuse inverter 4H.V2358.071/A 4H.V2358.081/A
MZ73B-9ROM MZ73 9RM270V 9Ω LA37R81BA power supply PSLF231501A BN44-00157A
HCNR201 SOP-8 LA32C530F1R power supply P2632HD_AVD BN41-01320A
JB-01E kettle thermostat switch 13A XE-3 LA40A610A3R LA40A350C1 inverter SSB400W16V01 REV0.1
5L0380R KA5L0380R KA5L0380RYDTU TO220 Samsung SSL320_0E2D SSL320-0E2D
T10A250V 10A 250V with pin power glass fuse:5mmX20mm S100FAPC2LV0.3 BN41-01678A T-CON
T2A 250V 2A250V Cylindrical Power Fuse inverter 6632L-0438A PPW-EE26NC-0 (L) for REV0.2 REV1.0 all in stock​
TD62064F TD62064AF TD62064AFG SOP20 inverter SS1550-16A01 SSI550-16A01 INV55N16A REV0.2
MZ72B-27ROM MZ72 27RM270V 27Ω 553mm(55.3CM)*2.4 lcd backlight for 25" wide screen monitor
CH-2 wire connector terminals LCD-32PX5 32BK8 32AK7 T-CON X3772TPZ A
ICL7660CSA ICL7660 SOP-8 LCD-20S5A power supply DUNTKD572WEF QPWBFD572WJN1
HRS2H-S-DC12V-N relay 8Pin 12V/2A LCD-20S5A Main board FD400WJZZ
TOP244Y TOP244YN TO-220-6 LCD-20S5A inverter KD057WE QPWBFD057WJN2
MZ72B-18ROM MZ72 18RM270V 18Ω T-CON CPWBX3547TPZ A (B) for 32";37";42"
UC3846N KA3846 DIP-16 T-CON LJ41-09724A Lj92-01828A
BYV26E 1A 1000V T-CON LC370WX1-SLA1 6870C-0088E
Power IC TOP224YN TOP224Y TO-220 RT-42PX11 Main board 6870VM0481D(3) RF-043A/B
MZ73B-12ROM MZ73 12RM270V 12Ω 6632L-0159C 6632L-0160C 6632L-0161C 6632L-0162C Inverter
A316J (HCPL-316J) HP316 50X2 60X5 T-con 6870QCC005C 6871QCH028C
W29C040P-90B W29C040P90B 42PD300TC Main board 431AB430001
SN74LS245N 74LS245 transceiver DIP-20 inverter PPW-EE42VF-0 LC420WU 6632L-0418A
PC410L SOP-5 TC-37LX70D inverter KLS-EE37HK-S KLS-EE37HK-M REV:0.5 6632L-0361A 6632L-0362A
A7800(HCPL-7800)HP7800 PDP42F1 T-CON EAX39649001 EBR43992101
MZ73B-18ROM TV tripod degaussing resistor MZ73 18RM270V 18Ω original main board EAX61747401(6) for 32LD310 32LD320 32LD325C all in stock
KDC-A04-2 TV power switch A04 KLV-32BX323 inverter VIT70097.10 VIT70097.20
MCZ3001D MCZ3001DA MCZ3001DB DIP18 KLV-46V300A inverter SSB460WA20-R SSB460WA20-L REV0.7
PA1A-12V PA1A-12 APA3311 KDL-52V4800 52Z4500 inverter SSB520H24S01 REV0.1(RL)(RU)(LL)(LU)
PA1A-5V APA3319 (LC420WUE-SAA1)-LG-42"51PIN cable\11
PA1A-24V PA1A-24 APA3312 T370HW02 VB-FI-R51HL(JAE) cable 1-5 feet for Power left Side Power feet \10
TLP251 DIP8 FI-X30H-D8-T315XW02VL large lcd TV Cable D8\3
TL250 TLP250 FI-X30H-D8-T315XW02VL large lcd TV Cable D8\3
TLP351 DIP-8 T315XW01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8/2
TLP350 TLP-350 P350 DIP SOP Black belt hook 30P chip inserted FI-X30H-D8 D88 bit Cable\1
EC2-12NF Relay T370HW01V1 large lcd TV Cable (1-4 power foot) FI-WE41P-HF/9
LN60A01E LN60A01 power IC DIP-8 T296XW01 large lcd TV Cable DF19-20P-D8\6
LM4766T Audio amplifier IC Samsung 41-pin large lcd TV Cable FI-RE41S-HF\14
IT6633E-P BXO CXO QFP64 V260B2-L03 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\2
74HC245D CMOS SOP20 wide 7.2MM T315XW01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
WT61P7 Driver IC QFP48 LTA320W2-L04 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
UPS121A KZ4H039802P LCD IC QD32HL01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
07N50E 07N65GX MA07N65GX TO-220F LTA400AA04 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
UF806=ER806F TO-220F LTA320W2-L01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
XL1530E1 XL1530 power DC-DC buck IC SOP-8 LTA400WT-L11 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
ULQ2003A ULQ2003ADR SOP-16 Driver IC T260XW03-V2 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
74HC08D SOP-14 LTA400WT-LF2 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
Regulator diode 1/2W 0.5W 7.5V Regulator C7V5 LTA320WT-L16 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
Regulator diode 1/2W 0.5W 3V Regulator C3V0 LTA320AB01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
Regulator diode 1/2W 0.5W 2.7V Regulator C2V7 LTA320WT-05 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
Regulator diode 1/2W 0.5W 3.9V Regulator C3V9 LTA320WT-LF2 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
SN74HC138N 74HC138N DIP16 Encoder / decoder LTI400WT-L01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
2SC2026-Y C2026 LTA320W2-L14 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
RF1501 TO-263 LTA320AP02 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
RF1501-TF3S RF1501 LTA460WT-L14 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
TDA19997HL/C1 TDA19997HL TQFP-100 Video Processor LTA320WT-L06 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
LT1057 LT1057ACN8 LT1057CN8 DIP-8 320WS-L03 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 black with card\1
1808 7A 125V 6MM*2.5MM*2.5MM 7A125V SMD fuse V260B1-L01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\2
30F133 GT30F133 TO-252 T315XW04 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
386D JRC386D SO-8 T315XW02 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
JMB385 QFN48 M260TWR1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\2
JMB388 QFN48 CLAA320WF01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\7
JMB380 QFN48 M185B1-L02 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\2
JMB389 QFN48 T370XW02-V5 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
RTL8201CL RTL8201 QFP48 TFTMD80170CBA large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
RTL8201CP RTL8201 LQFP48 T370XW02-V0 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
RTL8103EL RTL8103 LQFP48 LTA400WT-L17 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 Black with card \ 1
RTL8111DL RTL8111 QFP48 LTA400WS-L02 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 Black with card \ 1
RTL8201BL RTL8201 QFP48 T315XW02VC large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 Black with card \ 1
AP18T10AGH 18T10GH 18T10AGH TO-252 V260B1-L04 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8 Black with card \ 1
1N4746 1N4746A 1W18V T200XW01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\2
1N4733 IN4733 1W5.1V LC370WX1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
FA5640N FA5640 5640 SOP-8 LC260WX2 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
Carbon Film Resistors 2W820K LTA230W1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\2
Carbon Film Resistors 2W150R 2W150 LC320WX1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
MP3389EY MPS SOP LQ370T3LZ49 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
AD827JN AD827 DIP-8 LC320WXN-SAC1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
INL833GN inverter IC LC420W02-B6 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
A6019A MC6019 A6019 SSOP-24 LC420W02 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
OPA2604AP DIP-8 LC420WX7-SLA1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
LRU4312X1A LCD chip LC370WXN-SAB1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
T541A TC74VHCT541AF TSSOP-20 V315B1-L08 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
FSFR1700US FSFR1700 SIP-9 LC470WX1-SLA1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
Cement Resistor 5W 3.3 5W3.3RJ V270W1-L01 large lcd TV Cable DF14-30P-D8\5
Cement Resistor 5W 0.22 5W0.22R T240XW01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
30F131 GT30F131 power MOSFET TO-263 V315B3-LN1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
Q64-104HIP memory chip SOP-8 LC370WX4-SLA1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
ICE3B2065 power IC DIP-8 LC320WX6-SLA1-VER1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
T6.3A250V T6.3A 250V 6.3A 250V cylindrical fuse LC320W01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
TYN1225 way thyristor 1200V/25A TO-220 V270B1-L01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\4
TIP41C 100V/6A/65W NPN TO-220 LC420WX6-SLD1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
1808 8A 125V 8A125V fuse SMD LC420WX5-SLA1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
KBU1010 1000V 10A SIP-4 LC370W01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
FQPF18N60 18NM60N 18N60 LC420WX6-SLA2 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
UC3842BN UC3842AN UC3842 power IC DIP-8 LQ315T3LZ29 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
TPS54286 54286 Switching Regulators HTSSOP14 T420XW01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
N1212 NCP1212DR2 power IC SOP-8 LQ315T3LZ18 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
TB1212N IC chip QD32HL02 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
K4D263238F-QC50 TQFP10 CLAA320WB02 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
H25R1202 H25R1202 IGBT V315B5-L02 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
MP3398A MP3398AGF-Z MPS TSSOP-16 LC420WX3-SLA1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
MB3773P 3773P Power IC DIP-8 LC470WXN-SAB1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
54B65 NCP1654BD65R2G SOP-8 QD32HL03 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
MP8125EF-LF-Z MP8125 TSSOP16 LC320WX3-SLA1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
TNY279PN IC DIP7 T370XW01-V1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
V526D VF526DT sensor T370XW01-V1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
JCS730R TO-252 LC420WXE-SAA1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
OZ9902 OZ9902CGN SOP-16 LC370WX3-SLD1 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
FR9889SPCTR FR9889 SOP-8 T370XW02-VC large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\3
DMP3056LS P3056LS SOP-8 V320B1-L04 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\4
HD1750FX V230W1-L01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\4
ICE2A265 2A265 DIP-8 V296W1 large lcd TV Cable DF14-30P-D8\5
MP3389EF V320B1-L01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\4
P8008HV SOP-8 T296XW01 large lcd TV Cable DF19-20P-D8/6
TT2190 TO-220F QD32WL01 large lcd TV Cable DF14-20P-D8\8
B3965D TO-252 CLAA320WA01 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\7
MST6M19GL-LF-S1 T370XW02-V1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power \10
PTC IC PT2328-X PT2328 SSOP-16 LTA400HA07 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power \10
2SJ529 J529 TO-252 LTA400HA07 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power \10
L32X1QPN_DDY BN44-00620C power supply LTA520HB01-001 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power \10
LM2596S-ADJ DC-DC step-down module adjustable power module IN3-40V OUT1.5-35V T315XW01VE large lcd TV Cable FI-RE41S-HF\14
P4404EDG TO-252 CLAA300WA11 large lcd TV Cable FI-X30H-D8\7
P2504BDG TO-252 LTA400HT-L03 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power
STU405DH TO-252 T260XW01 large lcd TV Cable DF19-20P-D8\16
STU404D TO-252 T370HW02VB Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power
SD6832 DIP-8 V520H1-L08 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power
SD6830 DIP-8 LTA460HB07 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power
ME04N25-G 4N25 MDD4N25 MOS TO-252 V400H1_L01 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power
STF13NM60N 13NM60N LTA520HA02 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power
HRF3205 TO-220 NPN 100A55V LC420WUE-SAA1-VER1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
TNY179PN DIP-7 LC370WUE-SBA1-6R1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
D25XB60 25A 600V V420H1-L11 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
DDA010 DIP-8 V420H1-L11 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
HS01G SOP-8 LC470WU4-SLA1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
SELC2010M SELC2010 SOP-16 V470H1-L02 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
FSL306LR L306LR DIP-7 LC370WX4-SLE1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
SVF7N65F 7N65 TO-220 V420H1-L07 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
SF10A600H TO-220F T420HW02-V4 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
RU3A 1000V 1.5A LC370WX2-SLA1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
MPSA42 A42 0.5A/300V NPN TO-92 LC370WX2-SLA1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
5H0165R TO220-4 LC320WX1-SLB1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
AP8012 AP8012 8012 T420HW01-V2 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
FDC6333C FDC6333 333 SOT-6 LC420WU2-SLB1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
L6562A SOP-8 LC470WUN-SAA1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
SS16 SR160 1A/60V LC470WU1-SLA1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
PG4006 V420H1-LN1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
74HC125D SOP14 LC370WUN-SAB1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
FDS4935 SOP-8 FDS 4935 LC470WUD-SAC1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
KA3842 KA3842A LC420WUD-SAC1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
FSD210 DIP-7 LC420WX7-SLE1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
SD6835 DIP-8 LC320WX5-SLC1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
D2011K SQD2011K DIP-8 FI-RE51S-HF-LM240WU4-SLB 3 Double 10bit 51-pin Cable Right Side Power
T1A250V 1A 250V Cylindrical Fuse V460H1-L01 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF left Side Power
OB2226AP DIP-8 LC420WUN-SAA1 Large LCD TV Cable FI-RE51S-HF Right Side Power
RJP63F4A inverter 6632L-0448A 6632L-0449A 2300KTS001A 2300KTS002A
LD7523AGS LD7523GS LD7523 ATI9000 M9-CSP32 216Q9NFCBGA13FH
K15A60U TK15A60U 15A 600V TO-220F G86-731-A2 G86-741-A2 G86-751-A2 G86-771-A2
OB2269AP DIP8 GF-GO7800-A2
MBRF20150C 20150C NF-550-N-A2
THX203H THX203H -7V DIP-8 G84-601--A2 G84-603-A2
TDA7056A TDA7056 G86-770-A2 G86-741-A2 G86-740-A2
T2.5A 250V 2.5A250V cylindrical fuse QG82945PM LE82PM965 AC82PM45
TBA820 TBA820M DIP8 NF550-N-A3 NF550-N-A2 NF570-N-A2
D256 AOD256 TO-252 RG82852GMV
T4A250V T4A 250V Square fuses RG82852PM
FSFR1700XSL FSFR1700XCL VN896 CN896 PN800 VN800 P4M890 P4N266
OB5269CP OB5269 SOP8 DDP2000
24C08 AT24C08 AT24C08A AT24C08AN DIP8 216YBFCGA16FH 216YDHAGA23FH
SSC2S110 2S110 SOP-8 215HCP4ALA13FG 200M 216BCP4ALA12FG 200M
SS56 60V 5A DO-214AB M672FX M672 M671DX M672DX
AS0038 receiver QG82945GMS 82945GMS 945GMS
25Q16 25Q16VSIG 25Q16BVSIG SOP-8 HD5570 215-0757004
MP1593DN SOP-8 ATI1150 RS485M 216MSA4ALA12FG
TDA16846P TDA16846-2P TDA16846 N12P-GV-B-A1 N12P-GV1-A1 N11P-LP-A1 N11P-GE-A1 N11P-ES-A1
SB2200 =SR2200 G86-630-A2 G86-631-A2 G86-635-A2
SS220 SR2200 200V/2A ICS954310CGLF 9P956AFLF ICS954227CGLF
GR8935L DIP-8 QD-NVS-110M-N-A3 QD-NVS-110MT-N-A3
2N4401 0.6A/40V NPN O-92 ATI 216-0707005 216-0707009 216-0707011
20F40HF 20A 400V TO-220F 216-0674005 216-0674021 216-0752007 216-0752003
TNY278PN TNY278P DIP-7 QD-NVS-110MT-N-A3 GF-GO7300T-N-A3
BF423=F423 TO-92 216-0674022 216-0674024 216-0674026 216-0674014
MP8126DF MP8126DF MP8216 TSSOP-16 216-0749001 216-0674026 216-0728020
H25R1203 IGBT G86-730-A2 G86-770-A2 G86-740-A2 G86-750-A2
SR3100=SB3100 3A/100V DO-41 M62-CSP64 216DCHAVA12FAG M64-CSP128 216DDHAVA12FAG
LD7537 37R SOT23-6 216-0909024
FQPF7N80C 7N80 HFS7N80 7N80C N10P-GS-A3 N10P-GS-A2 N10P-GE-A2
15N10 ME15N10-G TO-252 G86-631-A2 G86-621-A2 G86-920-A2
TGD30N40P 30N40P TO-252 216PDAGA23F 216PDAGA22F
RM 11C RM11C 2A 1000V AMD 216-0674026 216-0674006 216-0674020
SD4844P DIP-8 216-0728018 216-0728016 216-0728020
13NM60 STF13NM60 STP13NM60 STB13NM60 CG82NM10
original t-con BN41-01939 BN41-01939C for UA40F6300AJ UA46F6400AJ UA55F6400AJ 218-0697014 216-0752001 216-0772008 216-0774007
32" invterter 40-RT3210-DRF2XG 216CXJAKA13FAG M54-CSP128 X1400+128
26LH20RC 26LD310 power supply EAX62106801 LGP26-10P1 216-0683018 216-0707001 216-0707005
SSL400-0E2D SSL400_0E2D REV0.0 216-0728018 216-0728020 216-0749001
40HL150C inverter SSL400-0E2C SSL400_0E2C REV0.0 G86-631-A2 G86-621-A2
46WD100C inverter SSL460-3E2T SSL460_3E2T REV 0.1 G86-620-A2 G86-631-A2 G86-603-A2 G86-621-A2
SSL460-3E2C SSL460_3E2C REV0.1 216PLAKA24FG 216PLAKB26FG M56-P X1600
Constant current board SSL460-3E2B SSL460_3E2B REV 0.2 218-0697014 218-0697020 218-0792006
Constant current board SSL460-3E2K SSL460_3E2K REV0.2 216-0729042 216-0729051 216-0774007 216-0769000
Constant current board SSL460-3E2A SSL460_3E2A REV 0.2 G86-630-A2 G86-631-A2
6870C-0535B V15 UHD TM120 VER0.9 t-con N10M-GS2-S-A2 N11M-GE1-S-B1 N10M-GS-S-A2
original t-con BN41-02354A for UA40JU5900JXXZ UA48JU5920JXXZ UA65JU5900JXXZ all are in stock G84-603-A2
49UF6300 power supply LGP49BIU-15CH2 EAX66252701(1.4) EAY63789701 G86-631-A2
MIP2F2 DIP-7 G86-741-A2 G86-771-A2 G86-751-A2
DK1203 DIP-8 BD82HM57 BD82PM55 BD82P55 BD82HM55 BD82IBX
RJP30H1 N11P-GV2-A2 N11P-GV1-A3 N11P-GT-A1 N10P-LP-A2
RJP30H1 216-0674026 216TQA6AVA12FG
RJP30H1DPP RJP30H1 TO-220F 216-0707001 216-0707011 216-0707009 216-0728018
Ceramic fuse 8A250V 5mm*20mm 8A 250V with pin 216-0674022 216-0674026 216-0674024 216-0674014
SB5150=MBR5150=SR5150 5A/150V inverter CA05951-7939 NMB IM4417
J6920 1700V/20A/60W KLV-32S550A power supply 1-878-661-11 PS6203 F6104T4A
AP34063 34063 SOP-8 Sharp 46" inch LCD CCFL tubes 1026mm*4.0mm with lamp holder
TEA1716T TEA1716 SOP24 1716 sharp 40" inch LCD CCFL backlight 896mm*4.0mm with lamp holder
TPA3100D2 QFP-48 sharp 37" inch LCD TV CCFL backlight 833mm(83.3CM)*3.4mm
CQ1265RT TO-220F-5 inverter 6632L-0159D 6632L-0160D 6632L-0161D 6632L-0162D
FQPF7N65C 7N65C TO-220 inverter HITACHI INVC781
SS5150 DO-214AB V144-001 48.V1448.001/J inverter
3.15A 250V Ceramic fuse 3.15A250V with pin 3.6*10MM KLV-40U200A inverter KLS-400W2 REV:06
AS19-H1G 704mm(70.4CM)*3.4 CCFL backlight for sharp 32 inch with lamp holder
OB2269 OB2269CP SOP8 945mm C Shape CCFL for 42 inch TV backlight
AO4614 AO4614B STC4614 SOP-8 720mm U Shape CCFL for 32 inch TV backlight
SMK630 TO-252 720mm C Shape CCFL TV backlight for 32 inch TV
MBRF20200CT 20A/200V SRF20200 100mm(10cm)*2.0 CCFL with cable for 5 inch
SSC3S111 3S111 SOP-7 LED Converter M200O3-LA3
FAN7602 FAN7602B FAN7602C SOP-8 LED Converter SQD-609-VER3.1 for M215HW01 VB
TEA1733 TEA1733P SOP-8 LED Converter SQD-606-VER3.2 for MT190AW02 V.4
D2253 2SD2253 LED Converter 12P 12 feet
4A250V 5*20mm glass fuse 4A 250V LG LED Converter LP154WX7-TLB3 LP141WX5
30F124 GT30F124 TO-220F CMO LED Converter M185B3-L01 VER1.0 LP141WX5
SF10A400HD TO-252 AUO LED Converter M185XW01 VD M215HW01 VB N156B3-L01
TOP253PN TOP253P DIP-7 LED Converter SQD-605 VER3.2 for M215H3-LA1
30J124 TO-220F LED Converter 18.5" 19" 21.5"
LNK304P LNK304PN dip-7 Samsung 23"LED Converter LTM230HT05 LTM230HT08
LA78041 to-220 LED Converter SQD-605.VER3.2 for M215GH01
2SC5297 C5297 LED Converter SQD-605.VER3.2 for MT185GW01
BIT3251 SOP-8 21.5" LED Converter SQD-609.VER3.1 for M215HGE-L10
5A250V 5X20MM ceramic fuse 5A 250V with pin 21.5" LED Converter SQD-609.VER3.1 for M215HW01 VB
FGD4536 TO-252 LED Converter SQD-605 VER3.2 for M215H3-L01
C2655 2SC2655-Y TO-92L LED Converter SQD-605.VER3.2 for M185GH01
SE024 TO-220 LED Converter SQD-605 VER3.2 for TPM185B1-L10 C1E
FSL206MR DIP-8 LED Converter LM215WF4 (TL)(A5)
5A250V 5x20mm 5V 250V ceramic fuse LED Converter SQD-605-VER3.2 for CLAA215FA04 MT215DW01 V.1
FGA25N120ANTD FGA25N120 25N120 M215H3-LA3 M185B3-LA1 LM215WF4 LED Converter
25Q64BVSING W25Q64BVSIG SOP-8 485mm LED Strip Backlight kit 64 LEDs AS-Z1MO1088-MJEX-X-1-11T-0881
TMD5N50G FQD5N50G 5N50 TO-252 KLS-E4700DRGHF12 B REV 0.2 LED driver LG 6917L-0077B
30J127 GT30J127 TO-220F KLS-E550RNP16 A REV1.0 6917L-0043A LED
10 pieces/lot 20N60 20N60C3 SPP20N60C3 TO-220 SSL320-0E2B SSL320_0E2B Monitor LED converter driver
RU2 RU2A SSL400-3E2K SSL400_3E2K REV 0.2 LED
HER508 5A/1000V SSI-320-0E2C SSI_320_0E2C REV0.1 LED Samsung Driver
5A250V square fuse 5A 250V SSL460EL05 INV46L04A REV0.2 LED Driver
IC LA4285 T315HW07 V8 LED Driver BD 31T14-D06
FGPF4536 F4536 6917L-0082C LED Driver
FGPF4533 F4533 6917L-0060D LED driver LG
4A250V Ceramic fuse with pin 4A 250V 5mm*20mm inverter 6917L-0035A PPW-LE47VB-0(A) REV1.0
MUR460 4A/600V 3PEGC20008A-R PCLF-D002 A REV1.1 6917L-0061A LED Driver
5A 250V Ceramic fuse 5×20mm 5A 250V 100pcs/lot 428mm(42.8CM)*2.4 ccfl bulbs for 20" Standard screen monitor
ceramic fuse 6.3A 250V 5*20MM 6.3A250V 100pcs/lot 100mm(10cm)*2.0 CCFL with cable for 5.7 inch Touch screen Lamp
R015 6A 500V 10*38mm ceramic fuse 18" 18 inch LCD screen upgrade LED backlight kit 418mm Brightness adjustable
FDD8N50NZ 8N50NZ TO-252 20" 20 inch LCD backlight upgrade to LED monitor 450mm Brightness adjustable
LD7535MBL LD7535 1P35 SOT-23-6 180mm(18cm)*2.0 CCFL lamps with cable for 8 inch Touch screen tube
FA5643AN 5643A 5643 FA5643N SOP-8 inverter V225-001 4H.V2258.001/D
FAN7930C 7930C SOP-8 BN44-00181A power supply
HX1838/PC638 infrared receiver UA32C4000P Power Supply PD32AF0E_ZSM BN44-00348A
T3.15A 250V T3.15 cylindrical fuse inverter SSL460EL01 REV0.2
AZ431 AZ431LBZ-E1 TO-92 KLV-40V440A inverter SSB400W16S01 REV0.5
RU3C 1.5A/1000V inverter TDK TBD292LF REV1.0 EA02B292T1
EUP3484A P3484 EUP3484DIR1 SOP-8 t-con 3240WTC4LV0.3
T5A250V 5A250V T5A 250V new Cylindrical Fuse Monitor Accessories T-con RUNTK4499TP CPWBX4499TP XF460WJ KF460 for YA ZH ZT ZU
RL207 2A/1000V 32"inveter VIT71020.62 VIT71020.64 VIT71020.66 VIT71020.68
MBR5200 MBR5200A SR5200 5A/200V LA46N71B power supply BN44-00141A IP-350135A
TL431A TL431 TO-92 DPS-214AP power supply
original new Control IC 1608A1 1608A for iphone 5 Charging IC LA52B750 LA46B550 power supply BN44-00267B
original new Control IC 1610A3 1610A 5pcs/lot for iphone 6S Charging IC 36pin LED power supply BN44-00240A
original new Control IC 1610A2 for iphone 6 Charging IC T-con T520HW01 V3 CTRL BD 52T01-C0Q
KDL-65HX920 main board 1-884-078-23 for panel FQMY650DT01 KDL-46V25L1 Power supply 1-871-504-11
RFU20-TM5S FU20-TM5S KLV-46EX400 46EX500 Power supply APS-260 1-881-519-11
TNY267PN TNY267P DPS-408AP B power supply for 65 inch
BT131-600 TO-92 600V/1A 55LH45YD 55LH5OYD power supply LGP5255-09P EAY5858410
2SJ103 J103 TO-92 50V/10MA/300MW DPS-245BP DPS-275MP power supply
2SK246 K246 TO-92 50V/10MA T-CON LC370/420WUD 6870C-0309C
2SK30A K30A TO-92 50V/10MA/100MW LA32R71B LA32S71B power supply BN96-03057A PSLF201501B
2N7000A 7000A TO-92 60V/200MA/1.2Ω 42PFL5403 power supply PLHL-T721A 2300KEG031A-F
S8550 TO-92 0.5A/40V PNP JLS-04-37EI PB-071095E REV:01 JLS-04-37E1 inverter
Welding power tube RJH60F7 90A 600V LCD-45G1 t-con XC478WJ KC478
2SC4706 C4706 14A 900V PS43D450A2 power supply PB4-DY BN44-00442B HU10251-11020
C5480 TO-3PF 2SC5480 52PFL7403 T-con CPWBX3901TPZ A X
B649A D669A 2SD669A 2SB649A KLV-40EX600 Power supply APS-264(CH) 1-881-774-12
TDA2611 TDA2611A audio amplifier circuit PS42C350B1 power supply PSPF301501A BN44-00329A
Infrared receiver,Remote control receiver HS0038 LA40F71B power supply CS61-0250-10A IP-280135A BN44-00140A
LM339 LM339N PSPU-J808A EAY58349601 2300KPG086C-F power supply
TL494CN DIP-16 TL494 inverter driver IC Power supply BN96-04034A
GZS10-301-2 LA40C550J1F LA40C530F1 power supply I40F1_ADY BN44-00340B REV 1.1
TDA8177 LA32R71B power supply SIP32-F-A BN44-00143A
EG8010 LQFP32 inverter KLS-EE26CI-S(P) KLS-EE26CI-M(P) REV:7 6632L-0223F 6632L-0224F
K2837 2SK2837 MOS TO-247 20A500V inverter 6632L-0237A 6632L-0238A
TNY377PN DIP-7 inverter KLS-EE26CI-S KLS-EE26CI-M 6632L-0225F 6632L-0226F
EM8564A 8564A DIP7 inverter DARFON V144 4H.V1448.331/C
AD8564A T-con LC420WU2-SLB1 6870C-0146A
COX3212B COX3212BDP DIP 40S40BP 320P power supply BN96-02023A MODEL:PSLV301501A
SD6834 DIP-8 inverter V211-001 4H.V2118.001/D2 4H.V2118.011/D2
VIPER22A ST DIP-8 LA46A610A power supply BN44-00203A
FM24C128A FM24C128 SOP-8 T-CON T296XW01 control BD 48.29T01.007 03A17-1B
TEA1622P TEA1622 inverter INVC764
ICE1PCS01G 1PCS01 SOP-8 40A1CH T40LIPS power supply PSIV231I01T V71A00016600
TD1507TR TO-252 32LD350 32LD310 Power supply LGP32-10LF EAX61124201/15/16
ICE3B0565 ICE3B0565J 52LG50 52LG5FRC 52LG70ED Power supply LGP52-08H EAY4175270
ceramic fuse 15A 250V 5*20mm 15A250V inverter IM38 RDENC2266TPZ
TDA7386 52"T-CON CPWBX3749TP NCMK-M1X for"XB" "XC" "XD all in stock
2SA970 2SC2240 A970 C2240 SHARP CPWBX3335 TPZ Z T-CON
MP2482DN MP2482 SOP-8 37"T-con MDK 336V-0N(19100054)
ceramic fuse 10A 250V 5mm*20mm 10A250V LA46A650A1R inverter SSB460W22V01 REV0.1
A3120 SOP8 CMO T-CON V420B1-CH1
T3.15A 250V T3.15A250V 3.15A250V cylindrical fuse 3.15A 250V 29" CMO T-CON VENUS-C REV:X7
6N137 DIP-8 CMO T-CON V320B1-C04
GZS10-2-108 new original for CMO T-CON V420H1-CH7
THB7128 ZIP-19 3A 46" CMO T-CON V460H1-C08
TNY176P TNY176PN T-CON V315H1-CH3 V470H2-CH1 V546H1-CH3
Ceramic fuse 8A250V 5mm*20mm 8A 250V CMO T-CON V420H1-CH1 V470H1-CH1
6.3mm jacks lock plug spring fire-retardant insulation jacket F12FA7M3C4LV0.1 t-con for 46" 52"
Leaded glass fuse 3*10mm F2A L250V for dell 2408WFPB T-CON LTM240CS05FFCC4LV0.4
original 1610A1 1610A for iphone 5S USB charging IC 36pin inverter 6632L-0414A 6632L-0415A
LED4253 40PFL5449 power supply LYP03008A0 465R1013SDJB K-PL-0A1 T-CON LM240WU3-TLC1 6870C-0221A
Constant current HL460-2S-12CH HL460_2S_12CH REV0.1 CPWBX4013TPZ C RUNTK4013TPX
original RUNTK5015TP QPWBXF908WJN2 XF908WJN2 for LCD-52LX550A 60NX550A 70LX550A all in stock T-CON LTM260CT01C4LV0.1
LGP40F1-15CH1 EAX66163001 EAY63630401 power supply inverter V298-701 4H+V2988.081/A1
power supply LGP32-14BPSU EAY63229701 26“ CMO T-CON V260B1-C04
power supply AY130P-4SF01 3BS0027514 CMO t-con V570H1-C01
50S9 power supply RUNTKB313WJQZ JSK4140-003A inverter VT71010.51(19.26006.131)
LCD-50V3A power supply DUNTKG500 QPWBFG500WJN1 T-CON V370H1-C 34A37C2401
power supply QPWBF500WJZZ DUNTKG500 55" T-CON F12FA7M4C4LV0.6
APDP-437A1 RDENCA479WJQZ 2955023601 power supply KLV-40F300A t-con T400HW01 V0 CTRL BD 07A01-1A
LCD-46LX765A power supply DUNTKG422FM01 QPWBFG422WJZZ AUO T-CON G420XW02 V0 CTRL BD 42G02-C02
LCD-52LX750A 52LX755A 52LX640A power supply RUNTKB001WJN1 JSL2145-003 T-CON T370HW02 V7 CTRL BD 37T04-C07
LCD-58U1A power supply RUNTKB412WJQZ JSK4180-003 T-CON T315XW02 VE CB/T260XW02 VK CB 06A90-11
47-55 inch power supply AYP449901 REV:1.0 3BS0012814 T-con T420HW04 V3 CTRL BD 42T06-C04
42S51 power supply 715G5292-P01-W21-003M AUO T-con T460HW02 V3 CTRL BD 46T02-C02
power supply DUNTKG635 QPWBFG635WJZZ original wan T-CON V230W1-C
LCD-60LX750A power supply RUNTKB071WJN1 JSL4190-003A KLV-40V300A 46V300A 40F300A Power supply 1-872-986-12
60UE20A power supply RUNTKB258WJQZ APDP-216A1 B T-CON 400WTC2LV0.2
LCD-50S1A power supply RUNTKB127WJQZ JSK4140-003B T-CON EAX39647901 EBR38301801
32" power supply PLHL-T808A(LIPS32 FHD) 2300KPG106A-F 32PFL3403D 32PFL5403D Power supply DPS-182CP
LCD-70UD30A power supply APDP-267A1 B RUNTKB256WJQZ T-CON LC420WUN-SAA1 6870C-4204A
LCD-55S3A power supply RUNTKB351WJQZ JSL2168-003 T-con 6870C-0160A LC370WU1-SLA1
LCD-60LX850A power supply DPS-204EP-3A RUNTKB157WJQZ DPS-204EP-3 A T-CON V6 55 FHD 120HZ 6870C-0369B_Ver0.1
LGP3942-13P PCB:EAX64908001(1.9) power supply KLV-32V530A 32S550A inverter SS1320-8C01 SSI320-8C01 REV:0.2
power supply LGP4247-14PL6 PCB:EAX65393901 EAY63072401 T-CON M240UW04 V1 CTRL BD 07M19-1A
power supply LGP42-14PLB PCB:EAX65424001 6870C-0039B LC320W01-B6 t-con
power supply LGP3942DI-15CH1 PCB:EAX66203001 T-CON LM181E05-B3 6870C-0004A
42PFL1609 L40DR93 power supply 715G3511-P02-000-003U or 715G3511-P02-000-003M all in stock BN44-00310A LF46F1_9DY power supply
power supply 715G3234-1 inverter VIT71053.50 VIT71053.51 REV:3
VA26LHDTV10T power supply 715T3003-2 32WL55C power supply PD2105B-2 23590206C DS-7209
VA26LHDTV10T power supply 715T3003-1 52PFL7432 Power supply DPS-331AP
H420DFC-YA21 INVERTER BOARD-V1.1 HR0-010802 KLV-37M300A Power supply EADP-170AF A
Y-Main LJ41-08458A LJ92-01728A LCD-46Z660A power supply RDENCA336WJQZ DPS-336AP 2950155402
Z parts LJ92-01600A LJ41-05904A OPVP-0059 EAY40503202 power supply
47"power supply TNPA5928 JA T-con LC260WXN-SBA3 6870C-0329A
PS51D6900DR Y SUS LJ41-09427A LJ92-01766A T-CON V6 55 FHD 120HZ 6870C-0369A
T-con EBR30597901 6870QCC113A 6871QCH059B KDL-52V4800 inverter 1-876-447-12 1-876-294-12
inverter SSL400-3E2K SSL400_3E2K REV0.2 T-con 6870C-0049A LC230W02-A5K2-E11
LED39K300J inverter L390H1-1EE Power board PSPU-J707A EAY42539401 2300KEG029B-F
6917L-0025B PCLK-D901 3PHGC10003B-R power supply 6871TPT292B 6871TPT292D
t-con 13YR-S60TMB3C2LV0.1 T260XW01 CONTROL BD 03A06-11 48.26T01.016 T-con
T420HF04 V0 LED Driver BD 42T15-D02 for 42" 46" 55" all in stock T-CON LM300WQ5-STA1 CONTROL PCB 6870C-0183D
55PFL5300 Driver parts T420HF04 V0 LED Driver BD 42T15-D01 6870C-0002C LC300W01-A3 T-CON
55P03-C03 P550HVN03.1 CTRL BD t-con LM181E06-A4 T-con 6870C-0006H
LH65EDDPLGC power supply BN44-00654A F65S1T-DSM LC370WUH-SCM1 6870C-0323A T-CON
power supply PD55DE_LFD BN44-00580A PSLF231C01A T-CON LC470WXN-SAA1 6870C-0205B
OPS_76 REV1.0W BN44-00553A power supply T-CON 6870C-0175C LC520WU1-SLA1-G31
UA46D6000SJ t-con T370HW05 V7 CTRL BD 37T07-C07 T-CON LC550WUD 6870C-0337A
UA55D8000YJ UA55D7000LJ UA46D7000LJ t-con S240LABMB3V0.7 T-con LC370WXE-SBV1 6870C-0305A
UA55D7000LJ t-con S240LABMB3V0.6 T-CON 320WSC4LV5.6
Original main board 1-883-754-21 for KDL-60NX720 55NX720 46HX820 40NX720 LC320WX5-SLB1 6870C-0151A T-con
power supply V71A00033000 PSLF221B01A 55D222WS1 6870C-0028D VER 1.0 LC420W02-B4/K1 T-con
power supply 1-474-610-11 GL1SB PSLF241401A REV0.4 T-con LC420WX4 6870C-0110A
original New UA65JU6800JXXZ power supply L65S6N_FSM BN44-00808C PSLF261S07A TH-L42U20C L42U30C inverter 3PEGC20006A-R 3PEGC20006B-R 6632L-0620A 6632L-0621A
LGP40-14UL18 power supply EAX65942801 EAY63488601 T-con LC260WX2-SLE1 6870C-0145B
original ADP-240AR PS4 host power supply 4-pin 5-pin all are in stock T-CON 6870C-0312B 32/37/42 FHD 120HZ
NCP1608B 1608B power factor correction (PFC) controller T-CON LC320WXN-SCC1 6870C-0325A
AXE520127 20pin 0.4mm 10pcs/lot T-CON LC420WUN-SCA1 6870C-0310A
AXE520124 [CONN SOCKET .4MM 20 POS SMD] D78F9222CX
OM8373PS/N3/A/2008=000PH73 OOOPH73-TM1V102 V420H2-CH1 T-CON for 42" 46" 50" 55"
SPHE8202VGQ Car CD DVD decoder chip inverter PPW-EE37VT-0(Y) Rev2.0 6632L-0506A
STRG9656 STR-G9656 STR-G9656D CM501
OB2354AP 0B2354AP IC DIP-8 t-con 4046HAC2LV0.4
FMLG16 BY459X1500 T-CON 520FHDNSC4LV0.0
MA8910 T-CON FRCM-TCON-V0.1 or FRCM_TCON_V0.1 for 40" 46" 52"
MR4011 40/46/52HFMC6LV0.3 T-CON
FGL40N120 TO-3PL 40A1200V IGBT LA52B620R3F LA52B610A5R T-con 2009FA7M3C4LV0.4
TK31A60W K31A60W 2009_240Hz_FRCQ_V1.2 or 2009-240Hz-FRCQ-V1.2 T-CON for 46" 52" in stock
RFRP8120 1200V/8A F460HEC6LV0.0 T-CON
MCR100-8 TO-92 I400HA04C4LV0.0 or 1400HA04C4LV0.0 T-CON
MCR100-6 1A 400V TO-92 KLV-46EX600 40EX600 T-CON TSL_C2LV0.2 TSL-C2LV0.2
FHP740 TO-220 10A 400V 40/46/52FHDSPTC6LV0.8 T-CON
L7806CV TO-220 6V/1.5A I520HBC4LV0.3 or 1520HBC4LV0.3 T-CON
V60100C 60A100V TO220-3 T-CON 570HSC6LV2.1
BU508A 8A700V TO-3P IHDC4LV0.4_K or IHDC4LV0.4-K T-CON
RU75N08R TO-220 75V 80A T-CON 400HSC4LV1.2
BTA16-600B BTA16-600BW TO-220 16A/600V 52PFL5403 T-con X3917TPZ XA
C3998 25A/1500V 2SC3998 KDL-32V5500 Power supply APS-243 1-878-988-31
2sk3568 k3568 12A 500V inverter KLS-42SNF25A KLS-42SNF25B 6632L-0531A 6632L-0531B
TK15A50D K15A50D 15A500V 26A3000C T-CON 260W3C4LV0.0
BTA26-600B BTA26600B TO-3P 32" 40" 46" T-CON FS-HBC2LV3.0 FS_HBC2LV3.0
BTA41-600B BTA41600B 230W2C4LV2.1 LTA230W2-L01 T-CON
IRF1010E 84A60V F1010E S120BM4C4LV0.8 T-CON
KSD-01F H55 control switch normally open 55 degrees automatically closed KLV-V26A10 T-CON 260W3C4LV1.3
KSD-01F H45 control switch normally open 45 degrees automatically closed 240m2c4lv2.6 T-CON
IRFB4115 FB4115 150V104A TO220 190E4L03C4LV2.2 T-CON
IRF840 500V8A TO220 T-CON 460WTC4LV0.6
G60N100BNTD IGBT 60A1000V G60N100 RUNTK CPWBX 4291TP KF331 for ZD ZE all in stock
G40N60UFD IGBT 40A600V G40N60 T-CON 260W2C4LV1.0
2SC2078 C2078 TO-220 t-con 420W1C4LV1.2
GT15J321 IGBT 15A/600V TO220F TH-42PV500c power supply ETXMM563MDK NPX563MD-1B
25Q32BVSIG W25Q32BVSIG SOP-8 inverter 6632L-0450A 6632L-0451A
19N60 19N60E 260WC4LV1.2J 260W1-L02 T-CON
TLP521-1 P521-1 inverter 4H.V2358.061/G
D2102 2SD2102 MPF3614 PCPF0091-1 RDENCA137WJQZ power supply
LM358 SOP-8 T-CON 240CT01C2LV0.2
UPC358C C358C DIP8 26WL36C T-con 260wc4lv1.1J
NJM4565D 4565D DIP-8 TH-L37S10C 37LZ80D inverter KLS-EE37TKF16 REV:1.0 6632L-0513A
OB2226CP SOP-8 4046FA7M4C6LV0.4 T-CON
CM1671B CMO TQFP64 AUO T-CON T546HW02 V0 CTRL BD 54T02-C03
YG902C2 10A/200V TO-220 original T-CON S120APM4C4LV0.4 for 40"46"55" all in stock
CP1099E CP1099 SOP-16 T-con 460W2C4LV0.3
OZ964AGN IC SOP-16 inverter HS-EE32-S HS-EE32-M REV0.6 6632L-0342A 6632L-0343A
A1964 C5248 TO-220 2SA1964 2SC5248 KLV-V40A10 t-con 400W2C4LV3.3
TD1484A IC SOP8 BN41-01073A CLAA320WF01 T-CON
RTD2120L RTD2270L RTD2122L 40HDMB460CP2LV0.5 T-CON
RM5101 RM5101A4R LCD-46A63 LCD-46GX3 power supply DPS-304BP-2 RDENCA237WJQZ
SN755867 320WTLF3C2LV0.3 T-con
SN755870 CMO inverter T871016.01 T87I016.01 REV:1
AS15-HG T315HW04 V3 CTRL BD 31T09-C0K 31T09-COK T-CON
AS15-G AUO T-CON T420XW01 V9 CTRL BD 07A06-11
DNP012 UA55C6200UF T-CON T546HW01 V0 CTRL BD 54T01-C06
25L2026 MX25L2026MI SOP-8 AUO T-CON T315HW07 V9 CTRL BD 31T14-C0A or 31T14-COA
MJE13003 E13003 TO-126 KLV-32M300A T-con T315XW02 V9 T260XW02 VA 06A53-1A T-CON
DDA001AG SOP-15 New original only working for 37" T-con 37T04-COM T370HW02 VG CTRL BD 37T04-C0M
FDD8780 TO-252 AUO T-CON T315HW04 VB CTRL BD 31T09-COM 31T09-C0M
B772 2SB772 3A/40V PNP T420HW04 V3 CTRL BD 42T06-C04 T-CON
LED43K260 LED43EC200 t-con T420HVN06.3 CTRL BD 42T34-C03 31T03-C01 T315XW02 VL CTRL BD T-CON
P42E202C buffer board JA31584-A JA31584-B T-CON T460HW03 VF CTRL BD 46T03-COK 46T03-C0K for 32"37 inch 40" 42" 46" all in stock
KDL-70R550A power supply DPS-248BP 2950315403 T-CON T460HW05 V0 CTRL BD 46T05-C00
LGP49BI-16CH1 EAY64328601 EAX66842701 Power supply T-CON T420HVD01.0 CTRL BD 42T24-C08
power supply LGP49-14PL6 EAX65393901 EAY63072501 T420HW07 V2 CTRL BD 42T09-C01 T-CON
original Y parts LJ41-10181A LJ92-01880A KLV-40F300A T-CON T400HW01 V1 CTRL BD 07A34-1C
power supply LJ44-00235A LJ44-00229D 37A3000C T-CON T370XW02 V0 CTRL BD 06A12-1A
Y SUS LJ41-10136A LJ92-01854A AUO T-CON T420HW01 V2 Control BOARD 07A33-1A
TH-P42U30C TH-P42U33C power supply MPF6909 PCPF0276 T260XW02 V0 TC0N-PCBA 04A12-1
TH-42PHD7CY power supply TNPA3195 AB T370HW02 V5 CTRL BD 07A63-1C T-CON
42PFL1335 power supply 4701-2150S2-A4135D01 LYP02487B0 T260XW02 V6 CTRL BD 06A04-1B T-CON
PS64E8000GJ power supply BN44-00516A P64SW-CPN KLV-37S400A T-CON T370XW02 VE CB 07A84-1C
AUO T-CON 42T06-C03 T420HW04 V0 Ctrl BD AUO T-CON T296XW01 CTRL BD 48.29T01.011 03A17-1E
42T34-C01 T420HVN06.1 CTRL BD t-con AUO 37"T-CON 06A19-1B T370XW02 V1 CRTL BD
T400HVN01.2 CTRL BD 40T07-C09 t-con 17"inch notebook 375mm(37.5CM)*2.0mm ccfl tubes with cable
LED32K01 LED32K11 t-con RSAG7.820.4574/ROH VER.A 350mm(35CM)*2.0 ccfl lamp with cable for 15.6" notebook screen
T-con 55T02-C07 T550HVN01.0 CTRL BD 11"inch notebook 240mm(24CM)*2.0mm ccfl tube with cable
SiI9287BCNU Sil9287BCNU Si19287BCNU 10"inch notebook 220mm(22CM)*2.0mm CCFL lamps with cable
L7812CV 13"inch notebook 274mm(27.4CM)*2.0 CCFL lamps with cable
IRFP460:500V,270mO,20A,280W 15"inch notebook 310mm(31CM)*2.0mm ccfl lamps with cable
IRF9530N 14A/100V/79W TO-220 15.6"inch notebook 352mm(35.2cm)*2.0mm CCFL tubes with cable
IRFZ44N:55V,17.5mO,41A,83W 12.1"inch notebook 255mm(25.5CM)*2.0mm CCFL tubes with cable
IRFP250N 30A/200V 214W TO-247 15.4"inch notebook 336mm(33.6CM)*2.0mm CCFL lamps with cable
IRFP4568 150V,4.8mO,171A,517W 14"inch wide screen notebook 307mm(30.7CM)*2.0 ccfl tubes with cable
ATMEGA168PA-AU ATMEGA168PV-10AU ATMEGA168-20AU 14"inch notebook CCFL backlight with cable 290mm(29CM)*2.0
1 pairs= NJW0281G NJW0302G HP DV9000 inverter
TDA2003 HP DV5000 DV5100 C300 C500 G5000 inverter
C5302 HP DV2000 V2500 V2600 V3000 inverter
UPC1701C C1701C HP nw9440 nw9000 nc6400 6910p nx942 inverter
TNY276P TNY276PN HP DV1000 V2000 M2000 ZE2000 inverter
TDA4863 TDA4863AJ HP Compaq CQ50 CQ60 CQ70 G50 G60 inverter
RJP30E2 HP 520 500 510 CQ40 CQ41 CQ45 inverter
TNY274PN DIP-7 DELL D620 D630 6400 inverter
FA3635 IBM Thinkpad T500 W500 LED inverter
P1260ATF HP Compaq2510P 2710P LED inverter
LNK305GN SOP-7 IBM Thinkpad T400 R400 LED inverter
TNY280PN TNY280P TNY280 DIP7 DELL 1735 1736 1737 LED inverter
2SD965 D965 5A/20V/1W TO-92 DELL E6500 6500 LED inverter
6N70 SSS6N70A FQPF6N70 6A 700V TO-220F Asus F2 F3 F3J Z53 Z53T Z96 F5 inverter
C2482 2SC2482 ASUS Z9100 Z91V Z91 Z91E Z91G Z91L Z91V inverter
LA4629 ZIP12 Audio amplifier chip Samsung R40 R50 R45 inverter
12N60 FQPF12N60C TO-220 HP6930 hp6930P hp8530 hp8530W inverter
FQB12P20 12P20 TO-263 IBM X200 X200s X201 X201i LED inverter
LNK364PN LNK364P Acer TM3000 TM3002 4530 6530 6930G inverter
LNK305P LNK305PN DIP-7 Toshiba M808 M806 M822 823 M833 M826 inverter
55"T-con 55P05-C00 P550QVN01.0 CTRL BD Toshiba M825 L310 M335 M336 M801 M802 M852 inverter
KDL-55NX810 inverter SSL550EL-S02 HP COMPAQ nc6400 6910p nx9240 nw9440 inverter
original main board BN41-01777A for UA46EH5080R UA55EH6000R UA60EH6000R UA40EH5000R Lenovo E390 420 inverter
55PUF6056 power supply KTC-4702-2PLL03-A6131D01-200W 4702-2PLL03-A6131D01 IBM X200 X200s X201 X201i lcd inverter
46ZV550C main board PE0670 B V28A000901B1 Lenovo C460 C461 C462 C465 C466 C467 14001 14002 inverter
original main board BN41-02394A for UA32J4088AJXXZ UA32J40SWAJXXZ all in stock Toshiba m207 M202 M203 M205 L203 L205 L206 inverter
32PFL5609 t-con 6870C-0244A IBM SL400 SL300 SL500 LCD inverter FUR:42W7997
LED43K300U LED43EC520UA T-con 6870C-0552A DELL 1310 1320 1425 1427 P40S lcd inverter
original t-con 14Y-60EF13UDMB3C4LV0.1 for LED40K681X3DU LED48K681X3DU all in stock zt3033 zv6000 zv6100 zv6200 C300 C500 R4000 inerter
original main board BN41-01603C for LA46D550K1R LA40D550K1R LA32D450G1 all in stock Fujitsu Amilo L7300 L7320 V2010 LCD inverter
T315HW06 V0 CTRL BD 31T13-C00 t-con Lenovo E390 420 N220 420A inverter
DNP015 DNP015NA DIP-8 Toshiba A200 P205 X205 A130 L100 inverter
AM26LS31CDR SOP-16 Toshiba M208 M211 M212 M215 M216 inverter
TM1629C LED panel display driver IC SOP32 Toshiba L300 A305 A305D inverter
KA7500C KA7500 power control chip SOP16 ASUS A3 A3H A3V A3L A3E A3000 inverter
KA7500B SOP16 switching power supply controller ASUS W3 A6 M9 A4 A7 A2H inverter
TDA8359J Toshiba A135 A70 A75 A215 inverter
original 2SA1943+2SC5200 ASUS C90S Z53 Z96 F3J X51 X52 X58 inverter
original main board 1-880-238-31 for KLV-40EX600 KLV-46EX600 all in stock Acer R 3050 3680 4320 5570 4720 5050 5583 inverter
original power supply L55S5-FDYV BN96-35336A for UA55JU5900JXXZ UA48JU5920JXXZ all in stock HP DV4 DV5 DV6 M300 M400 U300 U400 inverter
original power supply RSAG7.820.6350/ROH for LED50K300U LED58K700U all in stock Toshiba L311 L315 L316 L323 L322 M331 M332 inverter
LED55K380U power supply RSAG7.820.5738/ROH Acer 4310 4315 4920g 4710G inverter
LED42K360X3D power supply RSAG7.820.4981/ROH HLE-3242WA HP COMPAQ B1800 B1817TU inverter MPT N203
original power supply RSAG7.820.1976/ROH for LED40T39AKG LED42T29GP LED46K16X3D LED55T29GP HP DV6000 DV9000 V6000 F700 F500 inverter
LED55K600X3D power supply RSAG7.820.5289/ROH Toshiba M330 M332 M333 M338 M355 M358 inverter
LED26K18G power supply RSAG7.820.4319/ROH Lenovo 410 410L 410M 410A inverter
original power supply RSAG7.820.5024/ROH for LED42K200 LED46K360J all are in stock Toshiba A100 A105 A200 M40 A4 A7 inverter
LED32K100N power supply RSAG7.820.4561/ROH toshiba M200 M202 M206 M208 L200 L202 inverter
LED32EC600D LED32K610X3D power supply RSAG7.820.5003/ROH Toshiba Satellite A300 inverter
YKCN86V-0 8109776048 power supply Lenovo Ideapad Y510 F51 Y530 V550 LED inverter
original main board RSAG7.820.5683/ROH for LED42K190JD LED32A300J all in stock SL300 SL400 SL500 LED inverter
main board RSAG7.820.5785/ROH for LED55L288 LED55EC510N LED50EC510N LED50L288 LED48EC510N LED48L288 Lenovo G430 G430A G430L 430H G530 G530A G530M LED inverter
mainboard RSAG7.820.5583 for LED65K680X3DU LED60EC550A LED58K680X3DU 55K680X3DU 50K680X3D 42K680X3DU Lenovo Y430 LED V450 LED G530 LED inverter
LED55MU8600UC main board RSAG7.820.6772/ROH KLV-32S400A 32G480A T-con V315B1-C08
original main board RSAG7.820.6215/ROH for LED65XT910X3DUC LED55XT910X3DUC all are in stock KLV-32S400A inverter board T871029.13 T87I029.13 1
T-con FA7M4S120C4LV0.1 SG6841D SG6841DZ 10pcs /lot
original power supply RSAG7.820.5687/ROH for LED50K320U LED55K370 all are in stock 945mm(94.5CM)*3.4 CCFL backlight for 42" LCD TV
T-con V390DK1-CLS1 895mm(89.5CM)*4.0 CCFL backlight for 40" LCD TV
TC-37LZ700D inverter JLS-01-37EI PB-061129H-M PB-061129H-S REV:01 845mm(84.5CM)*3.4 CCFL LCD backlight for 37" LCD TV
UA65ES6500J power supply PD65B1QC-CHS BN44-00545B 720mm(72CM)*3.4 CCFL LCD backlight for 32" LCD TV
42LD450C 42LD550C power supply LGP42-12LF EAX64648001 600mm(60CM)*3.0 LCD CCFL backlight for 26" LCD TV
power supply LGP43S-16UL6 EAX66754801 LGP49S-16UL6 1190mm(119CM)*4.0 LCD CCFL backlight for 52" LCD TV
power supply LGP43DI-16CH1 EAX66793101 EAY64229501 1070mm(107CM)*4.0 CCFL LCD backlight for 47" LCD TV
power supply LGP40N-16UH8 OPVP-0320 EAY64309911 1030mm(103CM)*4.0 CCFL LCD backlight for 46" LCD TV
60UB8800 power supply LGP60-14UL12 EAX65784201 EAY63368801 HP 3392 3390 3380 3330 3030 3020 3055 3052 2840 2820 CCFL lamps
power supply LGP6065L-16UL6 EAX66796301 EAY64210801 EPSON ALL-IN-ONE CCD CCFL lamps
power supply LGP6065L-16UH12 OPVP-0305 EAY64269111 CCD Scanner headlight 250*2.6mm
power supply LGP49LIU-16CH1 EAX66923201 EAY64388811 CCD Scanner headlight 240*2.6mm
power supply 1-857-917-11 FSP055-4FS01 32LD320 32LD325 Power supply LGP32-10LHI EAX61124202
power supply LGP40-14UL8 PCB:EAX65942801 EAY63488601 42" 47" power supply PSLH-A951A 3PCGC10011A-R 0500-0512-0810
49UF6800 power supply LGP49E-15UL2 EAX66490501 EAY6398920 Original New 37LV3600 37LV36 power supply EAX62865601 LGP3237-11SPC1 and LGP3237-11SP all in stock
LGP43BIU-16CH1 power supply EAX66822901 EAY64249301 power supply PLDH-A001A(M2D47) 3PCGC10022A-R 0500-0712-0120
LGP4247-11SPH EAX62169601 EAY62876101/9 power supply LCD power supply 715G3829-P01-W30-003U
W2442PA W2252TQ power supply DPS-25HP New 42LV3600 42LV3500 power supply LGP4247-11SPL EAX63729001 EAY62171601
Connector AXE510127 0.4MM pitch 10PIN LA40D550K1R power supply BN44-00469A PS1V231
VA2231W-LED VS13694 power supply 491A013V1400R ILPI-268 LC32R03 Power supply 715G4088-P01-W30-003H
V203H G205H driver board 4H.OK601.A01 46PFL5605 Power supply FSP173-3MS01 3BS0240013GP
G22W 223BW 226BW 205BW 206BW driver board BN41-00885B LA32C350D1 power supply BN44-00369A I32HD-ASM
G226HQL driver board 715G5398-M0D-000-004L LA46B750U1F power supply I46F2_9SS BN44-00266A
SMNS1190T 19S1 driver board 715G3108-2 47LH30 47LH40FD 47Lh31fr power board LGP47-09LF EAX56851901/29
V243HQ V243HQAbd X233H driver board 715G3108-1 47PFL5403 Power supply PLHL-T722A 2300KEG033A-F
IPS236V V0.23 driver board EAX63330406(0) UA55C6200UF Power supply PD55AF1E_ZSM BN44-00359A
C222WT W2241T W2242T driver board EAX43179203(1) 55" power supply PLDK-A002A (M2D55) M2D 3PCGC10023A-R
L1953T driver board EAX36996501(0) 55SL80YD 55SL90YD power supply LGP55-09S EAY58476101
W2246 driver board W46PM EAX61772301(1) 42LE5500 Power supply YP42LPBL EAY60803201,Output 118V(need same good working)
T420HW08 V0 LED DRIVER BD 42T13-D00 UA40C5000QR UA46C5000QR power board PD46AF0E_ZSM BN44-00353A
LED370EVO inverter PPW-LE37V6-O 6917L-0046C UA46D6600WJ power supply BN44-00427A PD46B2-BSM PSLF151B03A
KLV-32BX205 inverter VIT70087.00 UN37C5000Q power supply PD37AF0U_ZSM BN44-00350A BN44-00351A PD37AF0E_ZSM
main board 715G7204-M0D-000-004Y for 40PFF5650 43PFF5755 50PFF5650 55PFF5650 all in stock UA46C7000WFXXZ power supply PD46CF2_ZSM BN44-00375A
55SV650C inverter INV55L96C original Power supply PD4612F1_A BN44-00269A PSLF121B01A for UA46B7000WF UA40B6000VF all in stock
main board PE0809 V28A001077A1 for 40XV650C 46XV650C 55SV650C all in stock LED 46" power supply PLDG-P977A 3PAGC10028A-R
55SV650C t-con FA7S138C4LV0.1 3PAGC10005A-R PLHL-T827A PLHL-T827B PLHL-T847A power supply
55SV650C T-con PE0768 V28A001011A1 UA46C5000QR power supply PD46AF1E_ZSM BN44-00357A PSLF171B02A
LED32K316X3D LED32K310J3D power supply RSAG7.820.4808/ROH 55LW7700 55LW9500 55LM9600 power supply LGP5565-11SP EAX62876001 EAY62169701
60PN650H t-con EAX64778001 EBR75545101 LED 46C8000 power supply PD46AF2_ZSM BN44-00362A PSLF251B02A
KDL-65W950B main board 1-889-347-12 42LG60FR power supply PLHL-T715A EAY41971801 2300KEG027A-F
KDL-65W950B inverter 14ST024M-A01 REV:1.0 52LG50YR T-con CPWBX RUNTK 4006TP
KDL-65W950B t-con 6870C-0497B 6870C-497B 42HU31 42S1A t-con EAX37265301 EBR37526501
KDL-65W950B power supply APS-366 1-893-335-11 32LD9570TC inverter HITACHI INVC755
LED40K360J power supply RASAG7.820.4737/ROH TH-32LX600 inverter INVC766
HG55AA790MJ main board BN41-01813A BN91-09246C inverter SSI460-16A01 SSI460_16A01 REV:0.4
43LF5400 power supply LGP43B-15CH1 EAX66162901(2.0) EAY63630301 inverter V070-W04 4H.V0708.661/A
main board BN41-02345A for UA55JU5920JXXZ UA65JU5900JXXZ 47LB7RF T-con LC470WU5-SLA1 6870C-0140B
main board BN41-02345A for UA40JU50SWJ UA48JU5900CXXZ all in stock T-con LC420WU2-SLA11 6870C-0107B
UA48JU5920JXXZ power supply L55S5-FDYV BN96-35336C inverter 4H.V1448.241/A1
UA55JU5920JXXZ T-con HV550QUB-B10 47-6021052 47PFL9532 t-con 6870C-0166B LC470WU2-SLA1-G31
KDL-46EX520 T-con ESL_C2LV0.4 50" PDP power supply MPF7712 PCPF0194
New original t-con 6870C-0480A V14 42 DRD 60Hz Control_Ver 0.3 PD32-A3000 Power supply PCPF0021 28 MPF7103
55PFL7520 main board 715G5630-M0C-000-005X 47LG70ED Main board EAX41637502(1)EBU48876501
original power supply 715G5173-P02-W21-002M for 47PFL7520 55PFL7520 60PFL7520 all in stock KDL-40V2500 Power supply 1-871-504-12
UA55C7000WFXXZ t-con 2010-R240S-MB4-0.4 LA52B620R3F LA52B550 power supply I52F1_9SS BN44-00267A
UA46ES6100J t-con T315XW07 V1 CTRL BD 31T18-C07 TH-50PHW3C T-con TNPA1901
main board BN41-01958A for UA40F5500AR UA46F6400AJ UA55F6300AJ all are in stock inverter RDENC2283TPZ A
t-con T650HVN12.0 CTRL BD 65T37-C0D 65T37-COD 42LG50YR-TK Main board EAX52263002(2)
t-con T320HVN05.4 Ctrl BD 32T42-C08 LA52F81B power supply BN44-00184A IP-351135A
PA43H4000AJ t-con LJ41-10346A LJ92-02019A inverter V225-201 4H.V2258.031/B
PA43H4000AJ power supply P43LF-EDY BN44-00685A 42PD5000TC T-con ND25001-D013 ND60100-0005
37PFL7422 t-con 6870C-0189B TH-42PA60C Main board TNPA3756 DG MC106W36FC9
N0AE6KK00009 NOAE6KK00009 PSC10351H P60St30C P55St30C for TH-P46UT30 TH-P50UT30C power supply P42S10 THP46G10L power supply NPX747AF-1A ETX2MM747MF /AF
E176FPB E196FP E197 E177FPB power supply 4H.L2A02.A18 TH-42PV30C Power Supply TNPA3460
E176 177FPB E196FP E197 power supply 4H.L2A02.B11 T-CON 6870QCE020D 6871QCH053H
Power supply PSPU-J703B EAY43521401 T-CON 6870QCH006C 6871QCH977C
L193 power supply ILPI-030 MT-42PZ45V power supply 3501V00148A APS-197 1-689-883-11
L1740 L1940T power supply 715G1995-2 TH-42PA50C t-con TNPA3654
L1740 L1940T power supply 715G1995-3 42PC5RVC 42V8B t-con EAX41659101 EBR41656401
KDL-48WM15B LED strip 1-889-674-11 173475211 LA40B530P7R LA40B550K1F power supply BN44-00264A H40F1-9SS
LCD-40SX160A power supply QPWBFG355WJN1 DUNTKG355 42V8X3 T-con 6870QCH006A 6871QCH074A
LS32A2SW t-con 32L02V0.3 PS50A350PI power supply BN44-00207A
32PFL1320 32FPL1200 power supply 715G5143-P01-W21-003H KLV-40X200A inverter 1-869-961-04 1-869-962-04
PS64D8000FJ T-con LJ41-09448A LJ92-01775A KLV-V40A10 inverter 1-866-362-13 1-866-359-13
original main board BN41-01623C for PS64D8000FJ PS59D8000FJ all in stock original power supply ETX2MM704MG NPX704MG-1 for TH-46PZ800C 50PZ800C all in stock
KLV-40X200A KLV-46X200A power supply 1-869-945-12 PDS4229WS power supply M00BX 03 8111717039 YKCN86V-0
main board BN41-02210B BN41-02210 for UA40HU5920J UA40HU5900J UA48HU5903J UA48HU5900J UA55HU5900J RT-50PZ45V Power supply 1-689-780-11 APS-198
32PFL1409 inverter 715G3333-1 32LH20R t-con 6870C-0288B LC320WXN-V3.5
50PFL6531 main board 715G5630-M01-001-005K inverter LC420WU 6632L-0482C 2300KTG008D-F
55PFL5641 power supply 715G5778-P02-002-002M LTA400HA05 inverter SSI400HA22 REV0.7
50PFL6531 power supply 715G5778-P02-000-002S Power supply 2300KEG012A-F EAX36072601
42PT255C ZSUS EAX62081001 EBR68342001 MPF3911 PCPF0098 RDENCA141WJQZ Power supply
power supply L48S1-FSM BN44-00703G power supply EAY32929001 1H372W PSC10194L M
P246H power supply 4H.OUG02.A04 4H.0UG02.A04 PS42A350P1 Y-Main LJ41-06004A LJ92-01483B
VE228T VE228 VE208T VE198 power supply 4H.12L02.A01 LA52A550 LA52A750 LA52A650 power supply BN44-00200A IP-361135A
LGP55-13LPB-3CM EAX64905801 LGP55-13LPB-3CMLED power supply LA37C530F1R inverter V298-5XX 4H.V2988.071/A1 4H.V2988.071/A2 V298-502
power supply 4H.22V02.A15 inverter V070 4H.V0708.321/D
P209HQL power supply 4H.22V02.A10 LCD-46GX3 Power supply DPS-304CP-2 RDENCA262WJQZ
K202HQL power supply 4H.22V02.A17 42PC1RV-CJ 42V8 t-con 6870QCH106C 6871QCH974C
42LA6300 power supply EAX65234301(1.3) LGP4247C-13PL2 EAY62990101 LA55B550 power supply BN44-00268A
E2441T E2441TX power supply EAX63028707 AIP-0209B BN96-03938A PSLF201401A power supply
L204WTS L225WT L222WT L226WTQ power supply AIP-0156 PCB REV:S original parts AOC L377A31 power supply 715T2512-2
17S1 190E2 190C1 G2225HDA power supply 4H.0V102.A02 LA32B360C5/350F1 power supply HV32HD_9DY BN44-00289A
42UB8280 power supply EAX65727601(1.7) LGP42-14UL6 50PC1R LG50X3 power supply 2300KEG003A-F 68709M0046A 687099000208
UA60D8000 power supply PD60B2_BDY BN44-00429A TH-50PV80CA Main board TNPH0713 LC
17S1 190E2 190C 190C1 G2225HD power supply 4H.0V102.A00 PS42B350B1 power supply P0842A BN44-00273B BN44-00274B
power supply LGP4247-12SPH EAY62169603 EAX62876013 original parts KLV-40F310A KLV-46V300A KLV-40F300A Power supply 1-872-986-13
original main board EAX65710201(1.3) for 50PB560H 60PB560H all in stock TLM3233D Main board RSAG7.820.998/ROH
VP2431 VT2430-G Power supply T24B-U-1 JC240XX61UA 2202141601P 37AV300C inverter HIU-811-S HIU-811-M HPC-1651E-S HPC-1651E-M
LED strip LG Innotek 65INCH 6030PKG 40EA 12PIN TYPE REV0.0 inverter VIT68001.60 REV:2 CPT 320WA01R REV01
55PFL5300 LED strip 110908_LG Innotek 55Inch 6030PKG 40EA inverter VIT70023.60 VIT70023.61 I420H1-20C
KDL-42W650A LED strip T42-40-L T42-40-R AUO 37"nverter V144-U01 4H.V1448.731/A
KDL-24EX520 power supply G1BSD 3L364W PSC10343F M TH-42PW4CZ TH-42PWB4 power supply TNPA2251
Original main board BN41-02420A for UA48J5088ACXXZ UA48J5088AJXXZ UA55J5088AJXXZ all in stock 55PD8900 T-CON ND60100-0068 ND25110-D013
UA48J5088AC t-con HU480FH2-600 47-6021043 inverter SSI520-18A01 INV52N18A(S) INV52N18A(M) REV 0.3
UA48J5088AC power supply L48SF-FDYVC BN96-35299C inverter LC370WUD 6632L-0579A PNEL-T808B 2300KTG017B-F
LED48K20JD T-con 13VNB-S60TMB4C4LV0.0 LA37B450C4H power supply H37F1_9SS BN44-00262A
LED50K20JD T-con V390HJ1-CE3 DPS-172DP 32" 110V lcd Power supply
original main board 4704-M608T9-A5233K01 for 50PFL5040 42PFL5040 all in stock 26TA2800 inverter TE26B-S TE26B-M(A) REV03 6632L-0290D 6632L-0291D
50PFL5040 inverter 4710-AP3041-A2233K01 Power supply BN44-00216A PSLF231501C
50PFL5040 power supply K-250N1 4701-250W00-A8135D01 Power supply EAY59547002 PDC10325F M 60PS11 1H489W A PKG1
UA32F4088AR UA32F4088AJ power supply BN41-02295A BN94-08044A LA32R71B Main board BN41-00680D
LED42K316X3D T-con RSAG7.820.4736/ROH inverter 47VT-D PPW-CC47VT-M S 6632L-0525C 6632L-0526C
TLM37V86K 37V66K 37V78K power supply RSAG7.820.1768/ROH 42PD9580 42PD9500 power supply MPF7436L MPF7437 LF PCPF0161
inverter V287-001 4H.V2878.021 /D1 PPW-EE47NF-0(C) Rev0.6 6632L-0612A original inverter
52LG5FRC inverter RDENC2559TPZL RDENC2560TPZL AUO T-con T420XW021 V2 CTRL BD 06A39-1A
Original main board EAX64671102(1.1) for 32LS310C 32LS3100 all in stock 46" inverter V235-10D 4H+V2358.461/C
t-con V420H1-CE1 KDL-46V5500 inverter V235-10C 4H.V2358.451/A
power supply DPS-308BP DPS-308BP-1 A RUNTKB171WJQZ 42V8B 42V8B Y SUS EAX38056701 EBR37866801
LCD-70X55A power supply RDENCA437WJQZ CT38006 C U84PA-E0010566C 42"CMO T-CON V420H1-C15
LCD-32NX330A 32LX330A power supply RUNTKA887WJQZ QPWBFF962WJZZ 32"inverter HPC-1655E HIU-813S HIU-813-M
LCD-42GX50A inverter PCB2928 A06-228305A PCB2929 A06-228306A RUNTKA367WJN2 47LG50YR-TK Power supply LGP47-08H EAY4050530 EAX40157602/0
55LB6330 main board LT42B EAX65363904(1.1) LA40A350C1 Main board BN41-00984A
60LB6520 main board EAX65363904(1.2) inverter LC420WX5 6632L-0371D 6632L-0372D
power supply PSPF231503B LJ44-00246A MPF7427 PCPF0137 ND61100-0005 power supply
original main board EAX65391004(1.0) for 42LB5510 42LB5610 all in stock inverter 4H.V0708.351/A3 VK88070S03
LED46K320DX3D t-con RSAG7.820.4933/ROH inverter V225-3XX 4H+V2258.131/A
inverter L500H1-4EB 32WL48C T-con 6870C-0027B LC320/LC260/LC230
LA32C530F1R inverter V225-AXX 4H.V2258.191/B UT42-MX08CB inverter PH-BLC187 N264861 S/M
39LN5100 power supply EAX64905301 3PCR00275B LG3739-13PL1 inverter SIT400WD20B00 HI40024W2A Rev1.2
1g47EX8 main board LC03P EAX62847901(4) TH-50PHW6CH power supply TNPA2890 LSJB1135-6
main board EAX65318802(1.0) for 55EA9700 55EA9800 all in stock 50" X-main LJ92-01688A LJ41-07015A
Original main board EAX65388003(1.2) for 50LB5620 55LB5670 all are in stock T-con L370W01-C6 6870C-0040C
Original main board EAX65388003(1.2) for 32LB5610 39LB5620 42LB5610 all in stock LA40S81B LA40M81B power supply BN44-00165B IP-40STD IP-231135A
49UB8800 main board EAX65684603(1.4) KLV-46X300A KDL-40W300A Power supply 1-873-813-14
Original Display panel LTD121C31T LCD-52GH1 46BK7 46GK9 power supply RDENCA191WJQZ LC605-4101CC
Original Display panel LTD121C31L inverter VIT71043.50 M VIT71043.51 S REV:2
Original Display panel LTD121C31S inverter KLS-EE42SCAN18A REV:0.6 6632L-0532A
Display panel LTM09C362A inverter 2300KTG014A-F LC420WX 6632L-0523A PNEL-T8096A
12" inch Display panel LTD121KM2M inverter 6632L-0424D 6632L-0425D KLS-470SC-H KLS-470SC-G REV:01
8.4" inch Display panel LTM08C351S inverter 6632L-0066B 6632L-0067B
Display panel LTA150B851F 42" power supply LJ44-00187A PSPF321501
15" Toshiba Display panel LTM15C458T 63PF9631D Power supply LJ44-00123A
15" Toshiba Display panel LTM15C458M LCD-37AF3 inverter RUNTKA155WJZZ RUNTKA207WJZZ
10.4“ SHARP Display panel LQ104V1DG72 KLV-32S200A inverter PCB2675 A06-126267 F CSN302-00
Original power supply B159-205 4H.B1590.081/C 4H.B1590.081/D all in stock PLHL-T605A/T606A PIPBREV2.0 power supply
inverter C650S06E02A LA46N81B LA46S81B power supply 1P-301135A BN44-00166B
T-con V650HK1-CS6 TC-37LZ80 TC-42LZ80 power supply TNP4G440 AB
TLM47T08GP main board RSAG7.820.1710/ROH VER.D TC-32LX60DA Power supply LSJB1221-1 DPK SU2AV-0 ASSY.NO.LSEP1221
TLM42T08GP TLM47T08GP power supply RSAG7.820.1535 VER.D KLV-40BX400 Power supply 1-731-640-12 1-881-618-12
Original main board 1-889-202-13 for KDL-48WM15B 48W600B KLV-60WM15B all in stock 37TA1800 power supply 3138 103 6294.2 31381036294.2
original main board 1-883-753-93 for KDL-46EX720,panel LTY460HJ05 TLM37V68 Main board RSAG7.820.1872/ROH
KDL-60R510A LED strip SVG600A13_REV06_R-TYPE_140513 TH-P50X10C power supply KPC 2294V-0 LSEP1279 LSJB1279-2
KDL-60R510A power supply UA-3181-1F REV:B P/N:813708 LCD-32GE220A Main board QPWBXF588WJZZ
KDL-60R510A main board 1P-0145J01-4010 LCD-46GE5A Main board QPWBXE770WJN2
Original inverter 14STM4250AD-6S01 REV:1.0 for KDL-42W800B 55W800B all are in stock 26TA1000 Main board 715T2011-1 3138 103 6140.4
60"t-con RUNTK 5489TP 0116FV 42PG20RC-TA Main board EAX43012504(2)
original main board 40-42PFL9-MAC4XG for 52PFL9503 47PFL9509 42PFL7409 all in stock T-con LC370WUN/WUE_V4 6870C-0247A
52PFL9509 T-con CPWBX RUNTK 4107TP ZA 42CV500C power supply PE0546G V28A000718C1
52PFL9509 52PFL9503 power supply DPS-411AP-4 6P18V00047 A2 T-CON
Power supply L65D2L_DSM BN44-00675A PSLF371D05A T-CON 6870C-0024A LC370W01-A5K1
Original T-con VD-STV5565EU22BC6LV0.1 VD_STV5565EU22BC6LV0.1 for 55" 65" all in stock 32" CMO T-CON V315B3-C04
Original T-con VD-5565EU22BC6LV0.1 VD_5565EU22BC6LV0.1 for UA55F9000AJ UA65F9000AJ all in stock LA32B530P7R T-CON 320HAC2LV0.2
UA55F9000AJ main board BN41-02116 BN41-02116A screen CY-KF550FSLV2H​ LA46F71B T-CON H460HSC6LV0.1
Original inverter 1-889-655-11 for KDL-40W600B KDL-48WM15B all in stock LA26R51B T-con 260W2C4LV1.6
KDL-50W700A power supply APS-342/B 1-888-356-31 T-CON 320W2C4LV2.1
Original power supply APS-342 1-888-148-11 for all in stock LC370EUN-SDV1 6870C-0374A VER1.0 T-con
KDL-46Z5588 inverter 1-878-621-12 1-878-620-12 LCD-52RX1 T-con CPWBY3821TP XM KE255 XE255WJ
Original main board 1-878-942-31 for KDL-46Z5588 46Z5599 52Z5588 52Z5599 all are in stock original T-CON V460H1-CH7 for UA46C6200UF LA46C650L1F all in stock
Original main board BN40-00259A for PA51H4000AJ PS43F4000AJ all in stock LTA230W1-L04 T-CON 230W1C4LV2.0
LA40C530F1R main board BN41-01490A BN94-03804J Main board LP91A EAX56856906(0) for 32LH30RC 32LH20RC 37LH23UR 42LH20FR 47LH30RC all are in stock
47TD300C main board 40-T01ES2-MAC2HG LCD-26AF3 main board XD304WJ KD304
main board BN41-01661A for UA40D5000PR UA46D5000P all in stock KLV-40J400A power supply 1-876-467-13
UA60EH6000R t-con 12Y_SHARP_120(2D) BN41-01815A BNN41-01615 KLV-46W380A 46W300A inverter 1-873-817-12 172876212
PS60E530A6R t-con LJ41-10T58A LJ92-01855A LCD-37AF3 Main board KD304 XD304WJ
t-con LJ41-05136A LJ92-01496A inverter V234-101 E206453 4H.V2348.011/A
new inverter SSL4055-2E4A SSL4055_2E4A REV:1.0 for KDL-46HX720 55HX820 55EX720 46HX820 P42E101C Main board JA09393
inverter PPW-CC55NF-M PPW-CC55NF-S 6632L-0613A 6632L-0614A KDL-40Z4500 Main board 1-877-368-11 JAE2402-322
inverter L650S1-4EB-C003 32"T-con CPWBN RUNTK 4004TP ZA CPWBNRUNTK4004TP
Original t-con 1-883-893-11 for KDL-46HX720 40HX720 55HX720 all in stock LC420/470/550EUQ-SCA2/SCA3 6870C-0357A T-CON
inverter C390S01E01C 35WP26M power supply PKG-1885 NP35B1MF01
inverter VDT70102.00 REV:3 REV: all in stock 42LG51RC-TA Main board EAX55161602(0)
55" T-CON 14Y-EF11-TA2C2LV0.1 14Y_EF11_TA2C2LV0.1 LA40A350C1 Power supply BN44-00199A IP-211135B
LED55K220 LED58K220 power supply RSAG7.820.6106/ROH 42PD300TC power supply MPF7414 PCPF0058
inverter SSI400-12E01 SSI400_12E01 REV0.3 42PD8900TC 42PT8800TA power supply MPF7415Q
inverter C500S01E01A 32LC2R Power supply P2637N 68709D00068B
17.3"17.3 inch notebook laptop Update LED backlight kit 380mm Brightness adjustable 46" LED power supply BN44-00242A PSLF311501C
inverter VIT71014.52 LOGAH REV:2 PT50600 PT50700 power supply MPF7733 PCPF0197
inverter 19.26006.126 VIT71014.51 LOGAH REV:2 KLV-32BX300 Main board 1-880-238-32
inverter SSL400-0E2A SSL400_0E2A REV0.4 KLV-S32A10 Main board 1-868-059-21
inverter 4H.V1448.111/E T-con 460W2C4LV0.3
CMO inverter VIT70004.50 REV:3 original T-con T370HW02 VC CTRL BD 37T04-C0G 37T04-COG,No IC for 32"37"40"46" all in stock
42"inverter 2300KTG012C-F LC420WU 6632L-0557A PNEL-T810A TLM46V69P power supply RSAG7.820.977
42" inverter LC420WUN 3PEGC20004A-R 6632L-0604A PNEK-T902 A LCD-32L120A Main Board QPWBSF609WJZZ SF609WE
inverter KLS-EE3CI-M(P) KLS-EE32CI-S(P) 6632L-0272A 6632L-0273A TH-50PV80CA power supply LSJB1260-2 DPK SU2AV-0 ASSY.NO.LSEP1260
VIT79005.80 VIT79005.81 LOGAH REV:1 B070-001 4H.B0700.001/F1 Power supply
inverter I270B1-12C 1270B1-12C LCD-46G120A 46N120A power supply RUNTKA722WJQZ JSI-460201
KLV32V300A inverter 4H.V1448.691/D E206453 V144-X01 LA46N81B power supply IP-301135A IP-46STD BN44-00166E
inverter IM3860 RDENC2556TPZZ U84PA-E0006162G 42PFL1300 42CA828 power supply 715G3760-P01-W20-003M
TOSHIBA L855 C55 main board DK10F-6050A2541801-MB-A0 KLV-46V380 inverter 1-874-741-11 (172898111)
TOSHIBA NB200 NB205 NB255 NB300 NB505 main board LA-5123P 5122P RDENCA248WJQZ QPWBF0183SNPZ PSD-0539 power supply
TOSHIBA M11 main board FGNSY1 42LC2RR-CL Main Board MF-056L/M EAX30407802
Toshiba P700 P745 M645 HM65 Integrated Graphics PBQAA LA-7101P 32PFL1409/93 Main Board 715G3639-M01-000-004K
Toshiba C800D C805D L840D AMD PCU main board DABY7DMB8C0 original main board 68709M9004G for 32LB1R 37LC2R 42PC1R P50PC1R all in stock
Toshiba C600 C640 HM65 independent Graphics main board CT10RG 6050A2448001-MB-A02 working 40 inch T-con FRC_TCON_CMO_55PIN FRC-TCON-CMO-55PIN
LENOVO M490 M495 B4450S b4400s b590 main board V26A1(ODC)CB-4 t-con
ACER E1-472 E1-430 E1-470G E1-410 e1-422g main board LCD-46GX3 T-CON R1LK460D3LZ50P CPWBX3709TP(ZZ)
LENOVO S300 S400 S410P LA-8951P main board LA37R71B T-con T370XW01 V0 CTRL BD 05A20-1B
ACER ICONIA 6120 main board PAU30 MBRF702001 LA-6392P t-con 260PW023S REV.B
THINKPAD X1 carbon X1C case keyboard US LCD-37AX5 LCD-37BX6 t-con CPWBX3508TPZ Q 68M
LENOVO S400 S300 U410 S410 S510P main board LA-8951P TH-L32S10C T-con 19100150 mdk336v-0n
HP 4440S 4540S 4441s 4446S 4520s main board 683495-001 T-CON LC470EUD-SCA1 6870C-0319A Ver0.6
Lenovo B4321 B4322 B4323 B4330 B4450S main board original Main Board EAX40043810(3) for 37LG50FR 42LG50FR 47LG50FR
Lenovo lifebood X1 x1c main board I5 I7 i3 CPU 32LH40FD-CE Main Board LC91A(BPR)EAX60736302(0)
ACER s3-951 S3 391 371 MS2346 R7-571G main board PDP42S1 power supply YPSU-J015A EAY32810301
HP CQ40 main board 510567-001 512105-001 LA-4111P AMD LA40C530F1R power supply I40F1_ASM BN44-00340A /REV 1.1
SONY SVT14 SVT141 SVT14128CC SVT141A11T main board LA52A550 LA52A650 power supply BN44-00201A SIP528A
IBM T420S T410S T431S T430S main board LCD-32AF3 inverter PSC10124H M PKG2 RUNTKA206WJZZ RUNTKAW153WJZZ
HP 4520S 4720S 4525S 4446S 4540s 4441s main board 628795-001 LCD-37AF3 power supply RDENCA131WJZZ PSC10141F
ACER V5-132 v5-132P main board TLM4077 Main Board RSAG7.820.582
DELL VOSTRO 2421 3421 main board 40E100CJ power supply 40-P232C0-PWF1XG 08-PW232C0-PW200AA
ThinkPad new X1 Carbon X1C x240s T550 main board AUO T-CON T420HW02 V0 CTRL BD 42T04-C04
ACER 5742G 5741G 4745g 5745 5740 main board LJ44-00036A LJ44-00025A power supply
ACER 4732 4732Z D725 D525 4736g main board 42PC5RAC-TB Main Board EAX32572506(0)
Thinkpad X230 X230I X230T T430 keyboard with backlight original motherboard LP78A/PP78A EAX32572503 for 32LC7R 37LC7R 42LC7R all in stock
DELL VOSTRO 3420 2420 V1450 main board Power supply APS-219 APS-219 1-868-783-12 E13551650X4
HP 440 445 G1 main board 42PM3MVC Power supply YPSU-J006A 6709V00010A
IBM T410 T410I main board power supply A06-124196B
THINKPAD L440 L540 L430 L440 main board 42WL66C Power supply PE0071B-1 V28A00003601
DELL Latitude 3330 3440 main board 32LC7R-TA Main Board EAX32572504(4)
acer MS2377 main board 37WL55C MAIN board PD2131D A5A001390010A
DELL 3541 3442 3542 3446 3441 3544 3440 3445 main board TH-65PV600C power supply NPX631MG-1A ETXMM631MGH NPX631MG-2
ASUS X450VE/X450C/X450J/X450JN/A450J main board 42V8&3 ZSUS 42V8X3 6870QZH004B 6871QZH953B
SONY VPCYA15EC PCG-31311T MBX-238 VPCYB MBX-244 main board inverter I315B1-16A 1315B1-16A
lenovo S410P S410 main board LA-A321P orininal Main Board EAX40043810(3) for 32LG30R 37LG60UR
ACER 5742TG 5741G 5560Gg main board LCD-46G100A power supply JSI-461801A RUNTKA676WJQZ
LENOVO G400 G500 main board LA-9632P LA-9631P TLM4077D Main Board RSAG7.820.888/ROH
ThinkPad E540 E440 main board NM-A161 X240 LCD-40G100A power supply JSI-401401A RUNTKA675WJQZ
Lenovo G410 G510 G500 main board LA-9641P 9631p LCD-32G120A power supply RUNTKA770WJQZ LIP-32U0402A
Lenovo G770 G780 G450 main board LA-6758P LA-7983P LCD-40Z120A Power Supply JSI-401403A RUNTKA720WJQZ
ACER AS5742 5741G 5551g 5553g 4745G 4820 5552g main board TLM3201 T-con V32B C3 V32BC3
ThinkPad E425 E420 E520 E525 E420S S420 main board 42V8B t-con EAX38056401 EBR37857101
lenovo G460 G470 LA-5751P LA-6751P G560 G570 Z370 MT-42PZ1V T-con 6870QCE011B 6871QCH031C
DELL VOSTRO 2520 INSPIRON 3520 I3520 main board PDP-434PC t-con ANP2028-D AWV2018
LENOVO E330 L430 l330 main board 04w4175 04Y2003 CMO T-CON V201B1-C
Lenovo M40-70 M30-70 M50-80 M50-70 FLEX2-14 15D main board 46" AUO T-CON T315HW04 V0 CTRL BD 31T09-C0G 31T09-COG
ACER 4745 4820TG 4820T 5820TG 4736TG 4741G main board 37" CMO T-CON V370B1-C01
ACER MS2387 main board TC-32LE7D t-con 320WTC4LV5.2
DELL 3542 3442 3441 3440 3446 3543 main board LC-32HU25 t-con 569HU2126B
IBM S230U X240 S430 S420 S410P S410 main board KDL-52V4800 46V4800 40V4800 t-con 404652ASNC6LV4.5
ACER V3-572G E5-572G V3-472G E5-472G Z5WAH LA-B162P main board T-con LJ41-03971A LJ92-01318A
IBM X240 X240S X230 S230U main board LCD-46BK7 T-con CPWB3796TPZ
dell Inspiron 13 7347 main board 3V489 YW66K H5R4P 7348 32" CMO T-CON V320B1-C06
DELL 3458 3558 independent Graphics Integrated Graphics main board T-con CPT320WF01C CPT 320WF01C SD WB VB VC WC all in stock
42LW7200 47LW7200 55LW7200 main board EAX63686303(3) EAX64405501(0) t-con 404652FIX2HC6LV1.3
inverter 782.26HU25-140A 47" CMO T-CON V470H2-C01
255mm*1.8mm CCFL lamps for 12" inch standard 12.1" Square notebook T-con CPT370WF02C SA SB ZA
270mm*1.8mm CCFL tube for 12" inch wode 12.1" inch notebook T-CON 6870C-0204B LC420WXN
290mm*1.8mm CCFL backlight for 14" inch 14.1" inch notebook 42LB5RT 42LB9R T-CON LC420WX8 6870C-0170B VER 1.0
310mm*1.8mm CCFL lamp for 15" inch 14.1"inch wide notebook 32TA1600 t-con CPT320WA01 C AA
336mm*1.8mm CCFL tube for 15.4" inch wide notebook LC370WU1-SL01 6870C-0072B T-con
352mm*1.8mm CCFL backlight for 15.6" inch wide notebook LCD-40E66A 40Z660A t-con CPWBX RUNTK 4106TP ZH ZC ZE
inverter VIT71037.50 LOGAH REV:1 26TA1000 T-CON V26DC1
inverter 4H.V2308.201/E1 4H.V2308.191/E1 TLM32V68 TLM32V78K TLM32V66 t-con RSAG7.820.1817/ROH VER.F
inverter 2995310601 DAC-24T042 T-CON LC320WXN-SBA1 6870C-0238A
inverter 715G3358-2 T-CON LC320/420/470/550WU_120Hz CONTROL 6870C-4000H
T-CON V15 FHD DRD 6870C-0532B T-CON LC320WX1-SLA1 6870C-0089F (4L)
T-con V15 FHD DRD 6870C-0532A 37WL55C 37WL48C t-con LC370W01-B6 6870C-0041C
T-con V14 42 DRD TM120 6870C-0469A CPWBX 3919TP T-con
CMO inverter VIT70038.50 REV:3 T200XW01 V0 04A19-1C T-con
CMO inverter I260B1-12F or 1260B1-12F 42TA1800 t-con 6870C-0102B VER 1.0 LC420WX3
inverter CPT 370WA02 REV01 4H.V1838.291/A4 TH-50PV70C T-con TNPA4134
inverter CPT 370WA02 Rev01 4H.V1838.291/B t-con 400W2C4LV1.5
inverter LC370WUD-SAB2 6632L-0492B T-CON LC260WXE-SBA1 P/N:6870C-0250A
inverter VIT68001.94 REV:0 LA32S81B T-CON 320WTC2LV3.7
KLV-52X300A inverter SSB520HA24-RU/LU/LL/RL Rev0.5 AT26125/6/7/8 T-CON T230XW01 V0 Control BD 06A13-1B
inverter LJ97-00470A PCB2598 A06-125837E T-con LC260W01-A5 6870C-0011D
KLV-46X200A inverter 1-869-948-11 inverter 6632L-0324C 6632L-0325C
inverter LC420WU 6632L-0481B V296W1-C1,X7 T-CON
T-con 31T10-T00 T315XW04 V1 TEST BD t-con CPT 320WB02 COB 6D
LED power supply 715G5792-P02-004-002H t-con LC420WUD-SBM1 6870C-3500C
LED power supply AY280P-4MF02 5VSB/5V/12V/24 Universal 6870C-0080D VER 1.0 LC420W02-SLA1 T-CON
LED power supply AY170D-4SF02 3BS0052014 REV:1.0 t-con MDK332V-0 N 260PW SVA 260WX01SA
LED power supply AY280D-4SF02 42" T-CON LC420WX5-SLA1 6870C-0113A
LCD-46LX530A power supply RUNTKA829WJQZ JSL4125-003 320W2C4LV6.4 T-CON
LCD-52LX540A 52NX545A power supply RUNTKA914WJQZ JSL2102-003 32WL68C t-con T315XW02 V6 Control board 06A10-1C
T-CON V5 LC370/420WUD 6870C-0309D 460WSC4LV0.1 T-con
LCD upgrade to LED backlight kit for 55"inch TV 46C3000C Main Board PE0251 V28A000318A1
LCD upgrade to LED backlight kit for 52"inch TV 42C3000C AV board PE0410 V28A000514A1
LCD upgrade to LED backlight kit for 50"inch TV KLV-V32A10 Main Board 1-867-623-21
LCD upgrade to LED backlight kit for 47"inch TV LCD-32A33 Main Board QPWBXE557WJN1 DUNTKE557
LCD upgrade to LED backlight kit for 42"inch TV 42WP48C Main Board PD1901E A5A001247010A
LCD upgrade to LED backlight kit for 40"inch TV TLM42V68PK(0)122987 Main Board RSAG7.820.1859/ROH
LCD upgrade to LED backlight kit for 37"inch TV MT-40PA10 Main Board 6870VM0203D(4)020313 L.J.W
LCD upgrade to LED backlight kit for 32"inch TV LCD-46A63 AV board QPWBNE414WJTN
LCD upgrade to LED backlight kit for 26"inch TV LCD-42B7 Main Board KD932 XD932WJ
40TA1CH t-con V460H1-C08 V400H1 V370H3 LCD-32A33 Main Board QPWBXE557WJZZ DUNTKE557
42" CMO t-con V420H2-CH3 LA40A550P1R power supply BN44-00198A SIP40D
TH-42PV65C t-con TNPA3820 AJ LA40S71B LA40R71B power supply BN44-00134C IP-230135A CS61-0267-04A
TH-50PH12C TPW50M88 t-con TNPA4750 LA40S71B LA40R71B power supply BN44-00134A
6870QCE016C 6871QCH046C t-con LA32A550P1F LA32A550P1R power supply BN44-00213A MK32P5T
42V6A T-con 6870QCE016A 26TA1000 32TA1600 power supply 715T2044-1 3138 103 6254.4
6870QCE120D 6871QCH053H T-con 47LC7R-TA power suppply FSP383-6F01 EAY3281690
40SD4 t-con 6870QCA002G LA46N81BX power supply BN44-00168B
40SD4-CTRL-06 t-con 6870QCA002F LG3237HEP power supply EAX31845201/13 EAY3305850
42TA2000 t-con T420XW01 V0 CTRL BD 05A43-1C 52LB5REA LG52LB9R Power supply EAY3667570 FSP455-6F01
32"inch LCD TV CCFL backlight upgrade to LED backlight kit LED strips 2*355mm Brightness adjustable 42WL68C power supply PE0206 C V28A000207B1
TC-32LX1D T-con 320W1-L01 WXC4LV2.6 LG 47LB7RF power supply PLHL-T707A EAX36781601/9 2300KEG021A-F
LTA400W1-L02 WXC4LV2.8 T-CON 32LC2RC 37LC2R power supply LGLP2637HEP PCB:68709D0006B
BD8193MWV LA40A610A3R LA40A550P1R power supply BN44-00197A
MAX9694ETJ 9694E power supply BN44-00153A
SF5A400HD 5A400 TO-252 42LH45YD 42LH50YD Power supply PLHL-T839A EAY57681701 2300KPG107A-F
RJP63K2 TO-220F Power supply BN44-00228C SIP40LFD-A SIP40LFD-B
IRG7R313U TO-252 Power supply PLHL-T807A 2300KPG105A-F
LED40T28GP LED46T28GP LED55T18GP Power Supply HPLD469A 043-530-8000 power supply BN44-00368B I26HD_AHS
LT27A550 power supply BN44-00450A PD27A0_BDY Delta power supply DPS-380CP-1 24V/12V/5V
2243BWX P2050 P2350 2033W 2243BW PLUS power supply IP-49155B power supply PLHL-T848A
LA32D450G1 power supply BN44-00468A I2632F1-BSM LA46C350F1R Power supply I46F1_ASM BN44-00341A
PLHL-T828A 2300KPG101A-F Power supply LA32S81B1 power supply BN44-00155A
UA46D6600WJ Power supply PD46B2-BDY BN44-00427B LA52B750U1F power supply I52F2-9SS BN44-00287A IP-361609F
PLHL-T837A E9U-IPB32-FHD-LOW 2300KPG103A-F Power supply power supply EAX55357707/2 LGP37-09LJA 3PAGC10001A-R
LGP4247-12P EAX64210201 EAY62512501 Power supply LA32A350 power supply BN44-00214A MK32P5B
37" power supply PLHL-T831A 37FHD 3PCGM10002A-R Power supply EAY3273110 FSP286-6F02
LED46K01P LED55T36GP power supply RSAG7.820.4162 KLV-52X300A 52W300A inverter 1-873-819-12
48L5450C 46L1305C 48L3350C Power Supply 40-E421A8-PWA1XG KLV-52W300A 52W380A inverter 1-873-818-12 (172867212)
LED32K580X3D Power Supply RSAG7.820.4715/ROH TLM3207 power supply RSAG7.820.848A/ROH
42L1358C power supply 40-E371C5-PWD1XG TLM3729G power supply E/RSAG7.820.848A/ROH
RSAG7.820.4903/ROH for LED40K680X3DU LED42K560X3D LED47K580X3D LED50K610X3D LED58K280J LED55k560X3D UT37-MX08CB power supply PB-F PS-91WW 1CA1081A
LED32K200 LED32K300 LED29K300 power supply RSAG7.820.4936/ROH LDM-3210 power supply 1-860-137-16 1-723-407-16
LED42K300 LED42K200 power supply RSAG7.820.4885/ROH HLL-4046WG LC37HWT3P power supply FKV7.827.927 FKV7.828.057
KDL-32EX550 32EX650 power supply APS-323 1-886-263-13 37PF7320 37PF7321 power supply 3104 313 60822 310431360822
37LH23 37LH30 37LH40 37LH20RC power supply EAX55357701 LGP37-09LH LCD-32J200A 32Z370A power supply QPWBFF063WJN2 KF063WE
24" 24 inch LCD screen upgrade monitor LED backlight kit 533mm Brightness adjustable PEBBLE22MFM IP-45130C Power supply
26"--65"inch LED strip LED converter 85V / 450mA 42LC2R-TH power supply YP4201 6709900017A
29"inch LCD TV CCFL tubes to LED backlight 322mm LED strip KLV-32V530A KLV-32S400A Power supply 1-875-582-12
26"inch LCD TV CCFL bulbs to LED backlight LED strip 594mm LCD-32G100A power supply QPWBFF185WJN1
26"--65"inch LED strip LED converter 85V / 450mA LA37A550P1R power supply BN44-00220A MK37P5T
KLV-32S400A 32G480A T-con V315B1-C05 LCD-32BK8 LCD-37BX5 Power supply RDENCA228WJN1 SRV2074WW
KDL-60WM15B Main board 1-889-202-12 Power supply RSAG7.820.1768/ROH VER.H
KDL-50W800B Main board 1-889-202-12 LCD-52GE5A 46GE50A power supply DPS-294BP RDENCA299WJQZ
UA60F6088AJ main board BN41-02136A for screen CY-D600CGS1VH 32WL55C power supply PD2105A-1 23590206C
t-con BN41-01789A for 40" 46" 55" all in stock LA52A550 power supply BN44-00201A SIP528A
KDL-40R350B main board 715G6702-M01-000-004K TH-42PW5CH power supply TNPA2599
KDL-32R300B main board 715G6702-M0D-000-004K for screen TPT315B5-XVN02 42" t-con6870C-0223A LC420WX5-SLC2
50" t-con V500HK1-CS5 LCD-42B7 LCD-42G7 power supply RDENCA225WJQZ SRV2053WW
t-con 32/37 ROW2.1 6870C-0442B LCD-32PX 37AX5 37BX5 power supply RDENCA182WJQZ SRV2006WW
40C550C power supply PK101V0750I FSP238-4F03 LA37A550P1R LA32A550P1FX power supply BN44-00234A
32LV2200 main board EAX64340301(9) 42PF9541 power supply 3H133WI PSC10135G M 3H133W1
55LW4500 Main board LD01D EAX63347701(0) LCD-40E66A 40Z660A Power supply DPS-226AP-1 2950231700 RDENCA340WJQZ
42PN460H main board EAX65369301(1.4) HLP-2642WA power supply RSAG 7.820.1673/ROH
50PN460H main board EAX65369301(1.4) TLM26V68X power supply RSAG7.820.1977/ROH VER.F
Original main board BN41-01622B BN41-01622 for UA46D7000LJ UA55D7000 all in stock KLV-V40A10 Power supply 1-866-356-11
power supply I26AD-ASM BN44-00368A LA32N71B LA32S71B Power supply BN96-03057B PSLF201501D
power supply PLHC-T849A LCD-32G100A power supply QPWBFF185WJN2
UA32EH5000J power supply BN44-00493A PSLF570A04A PD32AVF_CSM LCD-42PX5 power supply SRV2052WW RDENCA195WJQZ
UA39F5090BJXXZ power supply BN41-02294C BN94-08043C TLM2637 power supply E/RSAG7.820.760A/ROH VER.C
UA39F5088AJ power supply L39SFE-EVD BN41-02294A 42TA1800 42TA2000 power supply 715T2243-1 3138 103 6338.1
Power supply PD46B2Q-CSM BN44-00522A PSLF131Q04A LCD-46Z660A 46E660A power supply RDENCA342WJQZ DPS-286AP-1A
40" LED power supply APS-293(CH) 1-884-405-11 KLV-46W300A Power supply 1-873-813-13
TH-50PV500C power supply ETXMM564MEK NPX564ME-1A 32PFL3409 32PFL5609 32PFL5409 power supply 40-IPL32L-PWG1XG
UA40ES5500R UA46ES5500R power supply PD46A1C-CSM BN44-00502E 47PFL5609 power supply 40-IPL47L-PWI1XG
2217V power supply TFT22W90PS 715G2824-4-5 inverter 4H.V1448.061/E
190E1 191V2 MWE1190T G225HQV 2036S power supply 715G2892-2-3 LA52N81B inverter INV52B24A (LL)(LU)(RL)(RU)
VL-194SSWL power supply 715G3509-2 inverter 6632L-0626A 3PEGA20002C-R PNEL-T912
W2009F power supply 715G3804-P01-000-003H LA46M81B inverter SSB460WA22L-R SSB460WA22L-L REV06
715G3409-P01-001-001S power supply inverter VIT70002.60 REV:4 I320B1-24-V04
E2210HC E2210C power supply 715G3537-1-HF KLV-46W300A inverter SSB460HA24-L SSB460HA24-R REV0.5 AT26111(1) AT26112(1)
E2210HC E2210C power supply 715G3537-3-HF inverter 4H.V1838.041/E 4H.V1838.051/E 4H.V1838.061/E 4H.V1838.071/E
E178FPC E170SC power supply 715G3460-3-HF inverter KLS-EE32M-M KLS-EE32M-S 6632L-0278A 6632L-0279A
E1910HC IN1920C E170SC power supply 715G3460-6-HF KLV-32U200A inverter E206453 V070 4H.V0708.401/C
V193W V193WV power supply 715G3350-1-3 inverter 6632L-0211D 6632L-0212D KLS-EE32CI-M KLS-EE32CI-S
P190S power supply 715G3545-P03-000-0H1S inverter LC420WU 6632L-0481A
KLV-55BX520 t-con 6870C-0399A inverter 6632L-0495A KLS-EE32TKH12 REV:1.1
PSLF131501 BN44-00181B power supply inverter LC260W01 6632L-0053E 2300KFG018C-F YPNL-M013C
LED power supply DPS-165CP inverter 4H.V1838.461/B
LED power supply DPS-152BP 2950251303 inverter PCB2831 A06-127559 PCB2832 A06-127560
DPS-217AP-2A RDENCA410WJQZ power supply inverter LC420WXN 6632L-0502A PNEL-T716A 2300KTG009A-F
DPS-217AP A RDENCA395WJQZ power supply inverter HS320WV12 REV 0.1
LCD-60LX710A power supply RUNTKA646WJQZ PSD-0730 inverter 6632L-0225G 6632L-0226G
LCD-60LX540A power supply RUNTKA915WJQZ/WJN2 JSL4170-003B inverter VIT79005.50 VIT79005.51 REV:1
LCD-46LX845A 46LX840A power supply KA953WJQZ RUNTKA953WJQZ inverter CPT 370WA03S 4H.V1838.491/B1
LCD-70LX640A power supply RUNTKB058WJQZ RUNTKB058WJN1 inverter KLS-S320BCI-V REV:01
70" power supply RUNTKB241WJQZ DPS-246CP A inverter E206453 4H.V1448.291/B1
LCD-40LX235A power supply RUNTKA982WJQZ JSL2085-003 47PFL7422 inverter VIT70042.50 VIT70042.51
LCD-60E77A inverter RDENC2663TPZZ RDENC2662TPZZ inverter 6632L-0326A 6632L-0327A LC420WU1-SL01 LC420W02
LCD-37GX3 inverter RUNTKA333WJZZ U84PA-E0005059F inverter 6632L-0066A 6632L-0067A
LCD-37GX3 inverter RUNTKA334WJZZ VIJ38002.50 4H.V0708.001/E5 V070-001 Inverter
32A1C power supply PSIV161C01T V71A00016500 PS1V161C01 inverter 6632L-0493A LC370WXN 2300KTG007B-F
715G3714-P01-H20-003S power supply 42PF7420 inverter 6632L-0151A 6632L-0152A KLS-420CP-C KLS-420CP-D
VX2336S/VA2333-LED power supply 715G2824-P02-010-001S 6pin inverter SSI320_16B01 REV0.3 SSI320-16B01
715G3721-P02-H20-001U power supply inverter VIT70004.60 REV:4
L2262WA 226V3L power supply 715G4497-P05-000-001C inverter V144-301 48.V1448.021/A
L2262WA power supply 715G4497-P05-000-001M 47PFL7422 inverter I470H1-20A-Master I470H1-20A-Slave
715G4263-P01-H20-001E power supply 37PF7320 inverter 6632L-0282A 6632L-0283A
32" LED power supply 715G4293-P01-H20-001U 5V 5VSB12V24V interchangeable inverter SSI460HB24-S SSI460HB24-M Rev0.3
42PFL3350 42PFL1326 power supply 715G3829-P01-W21-003M inverter 4H.V0708.501/D6 E206453 V070-W01
LCD-46LX430A/NX430A power supply RUNTKA828WJQZ/WJZZ JSL4155-003 inverter VIT68001.95 REV:0
LCD-40LX235A power supply QPWBFG349WJN1 DUNTKG349FM01 inverter 6632L-0117H 6632L-0118H KLS-EE26-S KLS-EE26-M
315LM00002 power supply 715G6592-P05-000-001E inverter 6632L-0381A 6632L-0382A
E1912HC power supply 715G4210-P01-001-0H1M inverter I320B1-16A 1320B1-16A
E1912HC power supply 715G4210-P01-001-0H1S inverter LC320W01 6632L-0209A 6632L-0210A
VH228D-C VH228 power supply 715G4497-P01-000-001S inverter I270B1-12A 1270B1-12A
VW224TE VW198T-CN VW193T power supply 715G2538-P01-007-001S 32WL46C T-con X3219TPZ C
e1913c power supply 715G4210-P02-004-0H1S 2408WFPB inverter SLM-240D7
715G3510-1 power supply inverter CIU11-T0052 E156181
VA2013W VA1932WA VA2232WA power supply 715G2892-3-8 inverter NP8601-A TMS90146CS 0516TRANSTELE
VB195 power supply 715G2892-P03-014-001S inverter RUNTKA259WJZZ RUNTKA260WJZZ RUNTKA261WJZ RUNTKA262WJZ
715G2892-P02-W25-001S power supply single LED Interface inverter 6632L-0467A
LCD-60LX531A t-con CPWBX4911TP QPWBXF759WJZZ LA32B450C4H power supply H32HD_9SS BN44-00260A
TH-P55ST30C power supply PSC10351H M PKG LA52M81B LA52N81B power supply BN44-00150A
TH-P60S30C power supply PSC10351H M N0AE6KK00010 23" Inverter SIT230WD06B02 HU23024W2C REV4.0
KDL-52Z5588 inverter 1-878-998-12 1-878-997-12 LA40M81BX LA40R81BA Power Supply BN44-00167A
KLV-32BX350 inverter SSI320-4US01 32AV550C power supply SRV2169WW-I TYPE-2 68-FB43B
LCD-32Z120A inverter RUNTKA771WJQZ LIP-32U0402B power supply H40F1_9HS BN44-00264C Rev 1.4
KLV-46F300A inveter F10V0465-01 F10V0465-02 (3) inverter T871014.00 T871014.01
LA40M81B LA40R81BA LA40S81B power supply BN44-00165A IP-40STD IP-231135A CMO inverter I260B1-12A or 1260B1-12A
LG 72LZ9700 t-con EAX64043702(4) 26A3000C inverter SSI260WA
55LK530 main board EAX63529601(12) KLV-40V530A 40W5500 inverter SSB400W12S01 Rev0.1
FQPF12N60 12N60 12N50 inverter INV32S12M REV 0.5
ASUS Y481c X450VC A450c d452c/e X401a/u/c x402c monitor LED screen inverter KLS-EE32HK14A 6632L-0443B
Samsung RV411 RC420 R440 RV415 RV408 monitor LED screen inverter 6632L-0211B 6632L-0212B KLS-EE32CI-S KLS-EE32CI-M REV:03
DELL 14R 5421 5437 5435 7420 M431R M421R monitor LED screen 32A3000X inverter 6632L-0420A LC320WX1 PPW-EE320S-0
LP140WF1 SPK1/U1 B140HAN01.0/01.1/01.2/01.3 B140HGE-EAA KLV-40BX400 40EX400 inverter VIT71880.00 REV:3
HP DV2700 V3700 HP541 CQ40 monitor LED screen LTN141W1-L04 inverter SSI550-22A01 SSI550_22A01 REV0.2
DELL Inspiron 14 3441 2548 3445 7447 monitor LED screen inverter LC320WX1 6632L-0324A 6632L-0325A
ACER V5-471P V5-431P V5-473P monitor LED screen inverter JLS-37EI PB-051290D-S PB-051290D-M
SONY VPCEH-111T PCG-71212t VPCEH-112T VPCEL monitor LED screen LCD-40E66A inverter RUNTKA568WJN1 DAC-60T020 BF
ASUS K43SJ A43S A41I A85V x45v k40in A40D X42J monitor LED screen inverter CPT 370WA02 REV01 VIT68004.50
BT140GW01 V.5 V.9 LTN140AT02/04/07/16/22/26 HSD140PHW1 37PF9531 inverter RDENC2253TPZ RDENC2254TPZ IM3817F-1 IM3817F-2
DELL 14-3441 3442 3445 3446 5447 monitor LED screen inverter 4H.V0708.521/A1
Acer E1-432G E1-470G/472G V7-481G V5-472G monitor LED screen AUO inverter 4H.V1448.341/B2
Sony pcg-61113t pcg-61713t pcg-61212t monitor LED screen LCD-32A37A 32J200A inverter QPWBGF071WJZZ DUNTKF071WE
Lenovo Y480N V470C Y470A Y400N Y471A Y485 monitor LED screen inverter 6632L-0580A KLS-EE42SCAN18B REV:0.2
Lenovo E47G M495 M490 E47A E49L E49A B490 N480 monitor LED screen CMO inverter VIT70061.50 VIT70061.51 REV:4
Lenovo K4450A E40-70 N40-30 S41-70 monitor LED screen LCD-46G100A inverter JSI-461801B JSI-461801C RUNTKA677WJQZ RUNTKA654WJQZ
Lenovo E40-30 G40-30 E40-70 monitor LED screen LTN140AT30/29/31 inverter V070-W02 4H.V0708.621/C
Sony PCG-61A11T 61911T VPCEG-111T 112T 211T 212T monitor LED screen inverter SSI46022S-H REV0.6 SS146022S-H
Lenovo V460 V470 E431 U460 Y471A U450 Y485 E425 monitor LED screen inverter 4H.V2308.031/D2 4H.V2308.021/D2
DELL 14-3441 3446 5447 7447 7437 3442 3445 monitor LED screen CMO inverter I260B1-12D or 1260B1-12D
Lenovo T440 M4400 G40-70 U430P Z410 E440 monitor LED screen inverter CPT 370WA03 Rev01 4H.V1838.401/D
ASUS X450VC/CC A450C UL80V JT PR04J F450C Y481L monitor LED screen inverter LT460BLWS1A LT460BLWS1B REV:0.0
Samsung 300E43 370R4E 3440VX 530U4E 450R4V monitor LED screen LCD-37GA6 37GA6 37AX3 inverter RUNTKA182WJZZ RUNTKA183WJZZ
B140XTN03/02 B140XW03 V.0 V.1 N140BGE-L42L32L31LB2LA2LA3 KLV-32V300A inverter 4H.V1448.691/C1
B140HAN01.2 B140HAN01.3 B140HAN01.0 B140HAN01.1 LP140WF1 inverter IM3857 RDENC2540TPZZ
Lenovo S410P S435 S405 T420 T430 U450 V490U monitor LED screen Original inverter SSI-400-14A01 SSI_400_14A01 REV0.1
HP CQ511 4410S 4411S 511 515 4416S 4421S monitor LED screen inverter T871029.24 T871029.25
Lenovo Y450 G455 G450 G410 G490 G485 G400 G470 monitor LED screen inverter IM5603 USP.NO.6714111
Acer V5-452G V7-481G E5-471G V5-472G V5-473G monitor LED screen 6632L-0050E KLS-260W2 inverter
ASUS X43S X42J K45VD K42J X45V A45V monitor LED screen inverter SSI320A12 REV0.6
Toshiba L700 L800 L511 C805 C600D L510 L600 monitor LED screen KLV-46EX400 Inverter SSB460-12S01 Rev0.3
ASUS K43SJ A85V X45v K40in A40D K84LY monitor LED screen KLV-32V200A inverter WAX2C CSN308-00 PCB2737 A06-126731 B
ASUS K42J/JZ/F X88S X42J X8AIN K43SD/SJ X45V monitor LED screen inverter KLS-420CP-A(G) KLS-420CP-B(H) 6632L-0344A 6632L-0345A
thinkpad L421 L412 L410 L430 E40 E49 monitor LED screen inverter 4H.V2668.001/G V266-001
Samsung 300E4A Q470 305V4A monitor LED screen LTN140AT21-001 002 inverter 6632L-0314A 6632L-0315A PPW-EE37-S PPW-EE37-M
Lenovo Y40-80 S41-70 B40-30 M40-70 G40-30 70 45 monitor LED screen inverter LC320WX3 6632L-0342B 6632L-0343B HS-EE32WL-M/S
LTN140AT31 N140BGE-E33/E43/EB3/EA3/EA2 HB140WX1-301 401 501 monitor LED screen inverter CPT370WA03C VIT68014.51
DELL Vostro V3460 V2421 V5460 V5470 V3400 monitor LED screen HS320WK12 Rev 0.5 INVST320N inverter
Acer 4738G 4741G 4743G 4738ZG 4736ZG 4750G monitor LED screen 37TA2800 inverter VIT71022.54 LOGAH REV:2
HP envy4-1007tx 1008 dv4-5004tx monitor LED screen LP140WH2 TLQ1 inverter VIT79001.52 LOGAH REV:0
Lenovo SL410K G490 G475 B490 B460 G470 B475 monitor LED screen inverter 6714111 IM5604-1 IM5604-2
ACER E1-471G EC-471G E1-451G 4752G monitor LED screen inverter 6632L-0490A PPW-EE37VF-O(N)
Samsung R428 R429 R439 RV415 R467 monitor LED screen HB140WX1-100 inverter 48.V1448.001/F
ASUS X450E x450c K450C F401A A450J X401U X402E monitor LED screen inverter CPT 320WA01R V144-F01 4H.V1448.181/H1
N140BGE-L43 LTN140AT20 LTN140AT27 HB140WX1-300/400/500/600 monitor LED screen 30"inverter 4H.V3008.001/ C1 V300-001
ASUS K42d/jz/jc a42j/a40j X84H/L/K43sd/X42J/x43b monitor LED screen inverter V144-F02 CPT 320WA01R 4H.V1448.271/A1
ThinkPad S3 L440 T440 E455 T440s T440p monitor LED screen inverter PTB-1880 6832188000P01
Lenovo B490S G400S T420 Y460 Y480N L430 S410 monitor LED screen inverter VIT70077.00 VIT70077.01 VIT70077.02 VIT70077. 03
ACER 4741G 4738G 4752G 4750G 4739 4743G monitor LED screen inverter GH169C REV0.0
Lenovo G400 G410 B465 Y450 B460 G490 E430 monitor LED screen inverter LC420WUN 6632L-0503B KLS-EE42TKH18A REV:0.97
N140BGE-L42 N140BGE-LB2 LP140WH2 B140XW03 V.1 V0 B140XW02 V1 monitor LED screen inverter SSI460_24B01_H_Rev0.2 SSI460-24B01-H-Rev0.2
HP G4 G42 CQ43 431 4431S CQ42 4436S monitor LED screen 42AV300C inverter 6632L-0503A KLS-EE42TKH18 REV:0.97
Lenovo E420 S400 S40-70 Y470 Y480 E425 S405 monitor LED screen inverter 6632L-0457A KLS-EE37TKH(B1) LC370WX4 REV:04
Lenovo E47L E40 E49A E430C G490 N480 Z475 Z465 monitor LED screen 47PFL7422 inverter 6632L-0392B 6632L-0393B KUBNKM133LA KUBNKM133LB REV 0.4
B140RW02 V.0 V.1 LP140WD2 LTN140KT03 monitor LED screen inverter IM3832A U84PA-E0003486E RDENC2287TPZ A
ASUS X450V X401A A450V X401U X402E S46C monitor LED screen 52" inverter DAC-24T082 RDENC2591TPZF RDENC2592TPZF
ASUS A450c X401A X402 F450V X401C Y481C monitor LED screen inverter 715G3335-1-2
B140XW01 V.0 V.6 V.8 V.9 LP140WH1/WH4 LTN140AT02/07/22/26/01 UT37-MX08CB UT37-MX08CW inverter ICA0761S(M) PH-BLC184 N264831
Lenovo T440 E450C G40-70 E440 E422 Y40 Z410 LED screen inverter 6632L-0153D 6632L-0154D KLS-420CP-E KLS-420CP-F
ASUS A450c X401A X402 F450V X401C Y481C LED screen T871029.14 T87I029.14 inverter V315B3-L01 I315B3-6UA
Lenovo E47L E40 E49A E430C G490 N480 Z475 Z465 LED screen inverter CPT HPC-1609E HIU-684 VIT68001.70
N140BGE-L42 N140BGE-LB2 LP140WH2 B140XW03 V.1 V0 B140XW02 V1 inverter HIU-812-S HIU-812-M HPC-1654E
Lenovo E420 S400 S40-70 Y470 Y480 E425 S405 LED screen inverter 6632L-0465B 6632L-0466B
HP G4 G42 CQ43 431 4431S CQ42 4436S LED screen inverter HI40024W3I-M REV0.4 or HI40024W31-M
ASUS X450V X401A A450V X401U X402E S46C LED screen TLM26V68K power supply RSAG 7.820.1646/ROH
Lenovo Z480 G470 G460 B470 Y450 G450 LED screen inverter 6632L-0199D 6632L-0200D
Lenovo Y400 Y410P V470 V480C T420 T430 V480S LED screen 40XV650C Inverter RDENC2611TPZ U84PA-E0007444G
ASUS K45V A41L X45VD X43B X45V X84H A43S LED screen inverter LC370WX1 6632L-0199B 6632L-0200B
DELL 14R N4110 1464 N4010 N4030 N4050 32PFL7422 inverter 6632L-0421A 2300KFS021B-F
ACER E1-471G E1-451G EC-471 LED screen inverter 6632L-0528A 2300kTG011A-F PNEL-T803A
ASUS X42J A40J A42J A45V X44H X43B A43S A41E LED screen inverter HI40024W2I-B H140024W21-H
ACER 4830TG 4740G MS2360 4810TG V5-471G inverter RDENC2178TPZZ RDENC2179TPZZ RDENC2180TPZZ RDENC2181TPZZ
Lenovo Z400 G405S B4450S Y400 V470 Y410P S410 LED screen inverter F10V0493-02
DELL 14r/z/v-5437/5421/3421/5423/5420 LED screen inverter KLS-320VE-J ERV:01
Lenovo Y470 Y460 U410 E420 S400 S405 E425 E431 LED screen inverter KLS-320SSA KLS-320SSB REV:02
LP156WH4/WH2 B156XW02 V.2 V.6 LTN156AT02/05/17/16/32/24 inverter 6632L-0153C 6632L-0154C KLS-420CP-A KLS-420CP-B
N156BGE-L41 L31 LTN156AT11/30/20 LP156WH3 B156XW04 V.5 V.0 KLV-46J400A KLV-40V530A Power supply 1-876-467-11
BT156GW01 V.4 N156BGE-L21/L0B B156XW02 V.2 LTN156AT24 inverter VIT70023.50 VIT70023.51 REV:6
B156XW04 V.5 V.6 N156BGE-LB1 L41 L31 LP156WH3 TL AC/AA/E1 inverter V183-IXX 4H.V1838.761/D1
N156B6-L0D LTN156AT07 LTN156AT11 LTN156AT29 LTN156AT35 inverter HI46024BL-IS HI46024BL-IM Rev0.5
Acer E5-511G E1-570G LED screen B156XTN04.0 inverter VIT71008.90 VIT71008.91 VIT71009.50 REV:0
Lenovo V580C B5400 LED screen LTN156AT32 LTN156AT05 CMO inverter T87I015.01 REV:1E T871015.01
LTN156AT01 LP156WH1 TLC1 N156B3-L02 B156XW01 CLAA156WA01A KLV-40V200A inverter A06-126268 A06-126269 PCB2676 PCB2677 CSN303-00
B156HTN03.7 B156HAN03.0 B156HTN03.1 B156HTN03.6 B156HTN03.4 inverter LC420WU 6632L-0521A KLS-EE42PIF 18A REV:1.0
B156XW04 V.0/V5/V6 LTN156AT20/29/30/35 N156BGE-L41 L31 LB1 inverter 715G3335-P01-000-003D
Lenovo G50-70A/45/70/75 Y50-70 S5-S531 S500 LED screen inverter 6632L-0494A 2300KTG006A-F
Dell E5520 E6530 5520 5525 E5530 E6520 LED screen inverter SSB520H24V01 REV0.3 RL RU LL LU
Toshiba L750D L855 L850 C850 L850 L750 LED screen LP156WH2 inverter 6632L-0328A 6632L-0329A
ASUS X53S A53 K53S X53 X53B X55VD X54H K55D LED screen inverter VIT71872.50 VIT71872.51 REV:0
Lenovo B575E B570 E525 E530 E50 B545 B570A B590 LED screen inverter RDENC2590TPZZ DAC-24T079 BF
B156XW03 V.0 LP156WH3 TLS1 LTN156AT20/30/29 B156XW04 V.5 V.6 CMO inverter VIT70079.00 VIT70079.10 REV:1
ASUS A55XI A55V A55A X55V K55D LED screen inverter F10V0463-01 E77755
Lenovo G500/G505/Y500/T520 Y570/V580C/E545/E530 LED screen inverter 6632L-0239A 6632L-0240A
HP dv6-7301tx dv6-7001TX 7002tx LED screen inverter 6632L-0054A 6632L-0054B KUBNKM080A KUBNKM080B
DELL15R-3542 7548 LED screen NT156WHM-N12 inverter 782.26HU25-140B
Samsung NP300E5A 305V5A 300V5A LED screen LTN156AT19-001 42" inverter 4H.V1838.371/C2 4H.V1838.381/C2
Lenovo Z585 E530C E525 Y570 E520 V580C B5400 LED screen inverter V225-3XX 4H+V2258.041/C
N156B6-L0B L0a L02 L04 L06 BT156GW01 V.1 V.3 V.4 V.6 CMO inverter VIT70080.00 VIT70080.10 REV:2
ASUS X502C A550J S550C A56C A550V Y581C F550V LED screen inverter 6632L-0032B KLS-300A1
HP 15-b135tx LED screen B156XTN03.2 nt156whm-n10 CMO inverter I420B1-16A-Slave I420B1-16A-Master 1420B1-16A
ASUS K56CM F550V A550V/C X501A/U X550V/C LCD screen inverter HIU-686-M HIU-686-S HPC-1612D-M HPC-1612D-S
ASUS X501a X550v X502c K550v K550D X550C LCD screen inverter VIT70006.60 Rev:6 I370H1-24A-V00-L1E0
Acer E1-570G V5-552 V5-573G LED screen B156XW04 V.8 V.7 inverter HIU-641C HPC-1561D 19.26006.108(EC02)
ASUS K52J A52J K53SJ K52D A55XI K53U LED screen inverter RDENC2299TPZZ(60) QKITF0169SNP2
Toshiba L650 C850 L850 C50-A C655 C650 C660 LED screen inverter 4H.V2358.011/C2 4H.V2358.001/C2
DELL 15R M5110 1564 M501R M511R M521R N5010 LED screen inverter 4H.V1838.411/B1
ASUS G58JM N551JM A550JK FX50JK LED screen TLM3201 inverter KLS-EE32P-S-M REV1.2 LC320W01 6632L-0189A 6632L-0190A
Lenovo LED screen G500S G505 G510S T530 T510 T520 inverter SSB400HA20V REV 0.1
Lenovo V2000 LED screen HB156FH1-301 inverter V235-109 4H.V2358.291/B1
LTN156AT09/05/32/16/17/27/24 N156BGE-L21/11 B156XW02 V.2 V.6 invreter RUNTKA367WJN2-1-2 A06-228305A A06-228306A
Sony SVE151C11T SVE151E11T SVE151D12T SVE151G13T LED screen Inverter SSI320-8B01 SSI320_8B01
DELL M5010 5520 1545 N5110 1564 M5110 LED screen 40" CMO inverter I400H1-20A or 1400H1-20A
LP156WHB TPA1 NT156WHM-N12 LTN156AT37 N156BGE-EB1 E41 inverter VIT71053.54 VIT71053.55 REV:0
ASUS K550J N551J A550JK S551 LED screen B156XTN04.0 inverter 6632L-0486B 6632L-0487B
Samsung NP-355E5C 355V5C LED screen LTN156AT05 B156XTN02.1 inverter VIT71021.50 VIT71021.51 VIT71021.52 VIT71021.53
Lenovo G555 B575E B570A V580C V560 Y510P L530 L520 LED screen inverter LC420WX5 6632L-0371A 6632L-0372A PW-CC42B0-M/S
Lenovo Y560 Z500 Z501 Z505 LED screen B156XTN03.2 LTN156AT11 inverter 6632L-0334A 6632L-0335A
ASUS A53S X53S K53SJ K52D A55XI LED screen inverter HI40024W51-M Rev1.0 HI40024W5I-M
ASUS X502C A56C X501A X501U S550C LED screen inverter board SSI460HA22-M SSI460HA22-S Rev0.1
Lenovo Z565 G580 E50 E520 E525 SL510 B590 LED screen inverter KLS-420W1SD-A KLS-420W1SD-B 6632L-0193A 6632L-0194A
Samsung NP470R5 370R5E 450R5U 450R5V LED screen LTN156AT30 inverter 6632L-0424A 6632L-0425A KLS-470SC-C KLS-470SC-D
B156XTN02.1/.0 B156XTN02.2/.4 BT156GW01 V.4 V.5 BT156GW02 inverter VIT71865.50 VIT71861.50 REV:3
Lenovo Z575 B570A B575 B580 E531 B590 Y570 E530 LED screen inverter KLS-460BLWSA KLS-460BLWSB REV:0.1
Acer v5/E1-522 570G 573 e5/e1-572g 551G LED screen inverter T871028.13 or T87I028.13
ASUS FL5600L FX50JX ZX50J XG550JK LED screen inverter VIT71037.51 REV:4
ASUS A550V A550L K550L A550C K550D LED screen B156XW04 inverter 6632L-0465A 6632L-0466A
Samsung 370r5e 370R5V 450R5U 450R5V LED screen LTN156AT20 CMO inverter T871032.070 or T87I032.070
N156HGE-L11 B156HW01 V.4 V.7 LP156WF1 LTN156HT01 B156HW02 inverter 6632L-0330A 6632L-0331A
ACER E1-531G E1-571G 5750G LED screen LTN156AT24 inverter T871034.02 1 or T87I034.02 1
ASUS W519L W509LD X550C X503M VM590L R556L LED screen inverter IM3861 RDENC2541TPZZ U84PA-E0006413C
Raytheon G150MG G170SG/TH 911-T2/E1 LED screen inverter 4H.V2308.191/D2 4H.V2308.201/D2
N156HGE-EAB N156BGE-EA1 B156HTN03.6 B156HAN01.2 LP156WF4 inverter 2995303800 DAC-24T042
ThinkPad E540 LED Screen B156XTN02.6 N156BGE-E11 inverter U84PA-E0006102D IM3857 RDENC2540TPZ Z
N156BGE-L11 L21 LP156WH2/WH4 (TL)(N1)TLA1/TLN1 A1 LTN156AT02 inverter 4H.V1838.351/E2 4H.V1838.341/F2
DELL 15R-5547 3542 3541 LED screen LP156WH3 TPS2 inverter KUBNKM133LC KUBNKM133LD 6632L-0392D 6632L-0393D
X53B X53S A53S K53S X54H X552V A55A X55V LED screen inverter 715G3358-1
DELL 15R M531R-5535 3537 3521 5537 5521 LED screen inverter 24V40W2S(HIP0212A) REV4_1
N156BGE-LB1 L41 L31 LP156WH3 TL AC/AA/E1 B156XW04 V.5 V.6 inverter VIT70078.00 REV:1
Lenovo Z510 Y50-70 Z50-70 G50-45 B50-30 LED screen inverter SSI520-24A01 LJ97-01645A LJ97-01646A LJ97-01647A
Samsung 355V5C 270E5U 270E5V 270E5J 270E5G 270E5R LED screen inverter 6632L-0442A
LTN156HL01/02/06 LP156WF4 SPB1 N156HGE-EA1 B156HAN01.2 inverter I420H1-16A0
Dell Inspiron 15R M5110 M5010 5525 N5010 N5110 LED screen inverter IM3861 RDENC2541TPZ Z
ASUS X55V K55VD A55XI A55V A55A LED screen inverter QKITPE612WJZZ RUNTKA418WJQZ
ASUS X501u/a X550V Y581C X550C X502C K550V LED screen inverter 5800-D42TLQ-0920
Lenovo Y570/G505/G510/G500/E525 E520/E530/B590 LED screen inverter HI40024W2I-M HI40024W21-M Rev0.9
LTN141AT10 LTN141AT13 LTN141AT07 LTN141AT03 LTN141AT01/02 32"inverter RUNTKA214WJZZ
B141EW04 V.4 V.5 HT141WXB-100 N141I1-L03 LP141WX3/WX1 inverter SSI320_8A01 SSI320-8A01 REV:0.2
Toshiba L311 L315 L322 L323 L331 L310 M306 M363 LCD screen inverter 6632L-0536A 6632L-0537A
Toshiba L205 L208 M300 L200 L201 L202 L203 LCD screen 42"inverter LC420WU 6632L-0520A 2300KTG012A-F PNEL-T805A
ACER 4920 4930G 5570 4710Z 4720G 4520 LCD screen inverter F10V0441-01(4)
ACER 3680 5570 5580 4320 3260 3270 LCD screen inverter 6632L-0191A 6632L-0192A LC370W01,M
B141PW04 V.0 LTN141BT09 LP141WP3 TLA1 LTN141BT04 LTN141BT01 inverter 4H.V2938.001/C I260B1-5UA
ASUS F8S F8SG F8G F8V F80C A8S LCD screen LTN141AT07 inverter SSI260-4UA01 SSI260_4UA01 REV0.5
Sony PCG-3E1T 3G1T 3E3T 3E2L 3E2T VGN-CS13H LCD screen 37LH20RC 37LH40FD power supply LGP37-09LF EAX55357701 2300KPG093A-F
Toshiba M302 M331 M330 M338 L310 L311 L315 L322 LCD screen inverter RDENC2305TPZF RDENC2306TPZF RDENC2307TPZF RDENC2308TPZF PSD-0528
Samsung R455 P459 P458 R453 R458 R459 LCD screen inverter 6632L-0504A KLS-EE37TKH16(A) REV:2.0
B141PW01 N141C3-L01 LTN141BT06 LTN141WD-L05 LP141WP1 inverter HIU-607 HPC-1518
Toshiba m319 m320 m321 m323 l200 m40 LCD screen LP141WX1 inverter LTA400W2-SLAVE LTA400W2-MASTER KLS-400SSA KLS-400SSB
sony cr31 cs36 cs320j cs26g cs25h LCD screen LA40A650A1R inverter SSB400W20V01 REV0.0
Lenovo 14001 C466 C466M C466L C466A 14002 LCD screen KLV-46V200A inverter A06-126436D 37D 38D 39D CSN307-10 PCB2698 PCB2699 PCB2700 PCB2701
HP 6520 6535B 6535S 6531S 6520S 6530S LCD screen inverter 4H.V1838.241/G1
Lenovo F40 F41 F41A F41M F41G C466L E42L LCD screen inverter SS1320WF12 REV.2 GP LJ97-01264A
LTN141W1-L04/L05/L02/L09 LTN141AT03 LTN141AT13 LTN141AT07 LCD screen KDL-40Z4500 KDL-46Z4500 inverter 1-876-292-21 (172959321)
ASUS N81 N80V N80H LED screen B141EW05 V.1 V.0 inverter 260PW011S-D 49-3-0132-000
samsung R18 R19 R21 R23E R25 R26E LCD screen B141EW04 V.5 KLS-EE32CI-S M inverter 6632L-0211A 6632L-0212A
ASUS X81S X82S X80 X80H X81 F80L X80L LCD screen inverter VIT75001.50 REV:3
Lenovo F40 F41 F41A F41M F41G LCD screen LTN141AT02 CMO inverter I260B1-12C or 1260B1-12C
LP141WX3 TLN1 B141EW04 V.4/V.5 HT141WXB LTN141AT13 B140EW02 LCD screen LCD-42PX5 inverter RUNTKA343WJZZ DAC-24T056 AF
T410I T410 LED screen LTN141AT15 LP141WX5 TLP3 inverter T871034.06 or T87I034.06
IBM T410S T400S LTN141BT08 LED screen Inverter VIT70002.00 REV:5
DELL D630 D620 640m PP26L 1420 1400 LED screen inverter 4H+2258.141/A
HP 6535 6535B 6535S 6531S 6520S 6530S LED screen Inverter 6632L-0338A 6632L-0339A
Lenovo E46 E46A K46A E46L T410 T410I LED screen LTN141AT15 LCD-42B7 inverter RUNTKA271WJZZ MPV8A044 RUNTKA272WJZZ MPV8A045
HP HP520 HP540 HP541 CQ40 LED screen LP141WX3 TLN1 Inverter SS1460WA SSI460WA-M SSI460WA-S REV0.6
Lenovo Y430 SL400 V450 G430 R400 LED screen LP141WX5 TLD1 inverter LC320WXN 6632L-0624A 3PEGA20002A-R
ASUS UX30A U31J U35J UL30 LED Screen B133XW03 v.0 VIT71043.50 VIT71043.51 inverter
Lenovo E325 V360 U350 E30 E31 E320 V370 Z370 S300 LED screen inverter MIT70007.50 REV:4
ASUS UX30A X301A X32V X35S U31J U35J U38 P32 LED screen inverter CPT370WA03S 4H.V1838.291/B1
ASUS UL30K UX30 U31J U31S U38 X32U X35X LED screen 42PFL7422 inverter I420H1-20B-Master I420H1-20B-Slave
HP 4321 CQ326 G32 G31 CQ320 LED screen B133XW02 v.0 inverter SSI400WA16 REV0.7
LTN133AT01/07 LTN133W1 N133I7-L01 b133ew01 LP133WX1 CMO inverter VIT70064.50 VIT70064.51 REV:3
B133EW03 V.1/2/3/0 N133I6-L01 L03 L06 LTN133AT11 6632L-0458A KLS-EE37HK(B1) LC370WX4(SL)(A1) Inverter
HP Compaq CQ35 CQ32 CQ321 4311S LED screen inverter PPW-EE37VW-0 LC370WUD-SAB1 6632L-0492A
Lenovo S300 E330 E335 L330 E30 E31 E320 E325 LCD screen inverter 6632L-0474A 6632L-0475A KLS-EE42-A/B REV:5
B133EW04 B133EW07 LP133WX2 LTN133AT09 N133I6-L09 LP133WX3 LA26B450C4H Power supply H26HD-9SS BN44-00259A
HP CQ35 320 321 4311S 4321S 4310S 4320 LED screen inverter 6632L-0320A 6632L-0321A
ASUS X301A ux31 x32u U31S u31j ul30v LED screen LTN133AT27 inverter VIT68015.50 REV:4
Samsung NP530U3C 530U3B 535U3C LED screen LTN133AT23-803 inverter 4H.V0708.001/E2 V070-001
Acer S3-391/951-2464G MS2346 LED screen CPT 320WB02S 4H.V1448.451/C1=4H.V1448.371/C1 inverter
Lenovo U330P LED screen HB133WX1-402 B133XTN01.3 M133NWN1 R3 KLV-26BX205 inverter VIT70084.00
ASUS UL30K U31SD P31SG B33E U30J P32 U130V U31JG LED screen KLS-EE37PIH16(A) 6632L-0522A inverter
ASUS UL30K/V UX30A X301A X32V X35S U31J P32 LED screen inverter VIT71864.50 CEM-1
42LB5800 main board EAX65610206(1.2) LCD-37BX5 37BX6 inverter RDENC2300TPZ A IM3837 A RDENC2300TPZ U84PA-E0003860C
Lenovo E325 V360 V370 Z370 S300 U350 E30 E31 E320 LED screen Inverter 6632L-0197D 6632L-0198D
Lenovo L645 Z360 G360 LED screen B133XW02/04 V.0 LP133WH1 inverter SSI320WF12 REV.2 GP
Samsung NP 905S3G 915S3G LED screen B133XTN01.5 LC370WU3 6632L-0480A inverter
thinkpad E30 Z380 Z370 S300 E330 V370 V360 LED screen 32"Inverter 4H.V0708.411/B
AM29F010-45PC AM29F010-45 AM29F010 DIP32 inverter CPT 320WB02 REV01 4H.V1448.371/C1
TLV1572IDR TLV1572ID TLV1572I TLV1572 SOP8 TLM52V67PK inverter V235-701 4H+V2358.381/D 4H+V2358.371
TLC4541ID TLC4541I TLC4541 SOP8 inverter SSI460-22A01 SSI460_22A01 REV:0.1
REF102BP REF102B REF102 DIP8 6632l-0417A KLS-EE32HK(B1) inverter
STM8AH6189TAKIT 8AH6189TAKIT QFP64 4H.B0700.051/B1 B070-401 inverter
INA128PA INA128P INA128 DIP8 Power supply EAY58473201 P/N 2300KPG083A-F PSLL-T804A
DS90UR906QSQE DS90UR906Q DS90UR906 QFN60 T-con 6870QCE014C 6871QCH034C
24C02C-E/SN SOP8 24C02C-E/SN TH-42PV70C power supply TNPA4221 DPK SU2AV-0
MSP430F5308IRGCR MSP430F5308 QFN64 P50A01A P50A101CM power supply TA7802027 A MPF7718 PCPF0164
XTR116U XTR116 SOP8 P42E101C power supply HA02391 HA02392 1CA0131 PS-80 2391H
ADA4861-3YRZ ADA4861 ADA4861-3 SOP14 PS42D5S power supply BN96-01923A
OPA4820ID OPA4820I OPA4820 SOP14 Power supply APS-197 1-689-833-11 3501V00148A
TLC27L4IDR TLC27L4ID TLC27L4 SOP14 P50X101C power supply MPF7726L LF PCPF0202
STM8S105S4T6C STM8S105 LQFP44 42PD5000TC 42PD5000TC power supply MPF7409 PCPF0038
AD9283BRSZ-100 AD9283BRSZ AD9283 SSOP20 42PD6000TC3 42PD6000TC Power supply MPF7421 PCPF0084 54A
AD8676ARZ AD8676AR AD8676A AD8676 SOP8 TH-42PA60C TH-42PV65C power supply TNPA3911
DAC7571IDBVR DAC7571 SOT23-6 Power supply PSPU-J702A EAY39190301 EAX38865401/10
AD704ARZ AD704AR AD704A AD704 SOP16 LA32R71B LA32S71B power supply BN96-03775A
PACSZ1284-04Q PACSZ1284 SSOP28 42PC1RB Power supply YPSU-J011A 6709900019A 2300KEG002A-F
TL16C752BPTR TL16C752B TL16C752 LQFP48 50" power supply APS-219 1-868-783-12 3501Q00200A
TLC4545ID TLC4545I TLC4545 SOIC-8 YPSU-J017A EAY32957901 2300KEG006A-F power supply
DAC8164IDPW DAC8164ID DAC8164 TSSOP16 47PFL9532 power supply UL94V-0 PSC10192E M 3H180W
BQ27000DRKR BQ27000D BQ27000 QFN10 LJ41-05253A LJ92-0151A power supply for 50"
AD8644ARZ AD8644AR AD8644A AD8644 SOP14 TH-42PZ700C Power supply ETX2MM681MF NPX681MF-1
REF43GSZ REF43GS REF43G REF43 SOP8 power supply LJ44-00101C PS-424-PH
OP491GSZ OP491GS OP491G OP491 SOP14 Power supply PSPU-J711A EAY43533901
ADM2484EBRWZ ADM2484EB ADM2484 SOP16 37PX60 37PX600 power supply TNPA3912
ADS7818P ADS7818 DIP8 42LC7R power supply LGLIPS42V2 EAX37617801 EAY37075801
STM8S207R6T6 8S207R6T6 STM8S207 QFP64 42FD9935 power supply LJ44-00049A PS-422-PH
MAX1204BCAP MAX1204BC MAX1204 SSOP20 TH-50PH10CK TH-50PV70C power supply NPX655ME-1B ETXMM655MEH
STM32F102C8T6 32F102C8T6 STM32F102C8 QFP48 Power supply PSPF501A01A BN96-037035A
OPA333AIDR OPA333A OPA333 SOP8 Power supply LJ44-00025A LJ44-00036A
TLV5638IDR TLV5638ID TLV5638I TLV5638 SOP8 42PF75202 Power supply 3104 303 50161 3104 313 61281
TLC2543CDW TLC2543C TLC2543 SOP-20 42PD6000TC3 Power supply MPF7423
REG104FA-A REG104FA REG104F REG104 TO263 52" CMO T-CON V520H1-C01
TPS767D301PWP TPS767D301 PS767D301 HTSSOP28 T-CON LJ92-00621A LJ41-01161A
DAC1220E DAC1220 SSOP16 42PG20RC Power supply PSPF451601A EAY41360401
OPA549T OPA549 TO220 power supply BN41-00256D BN94-00443W
TLP3052F TLP3052 SOP5 KDL-40Z4500 46Z4500 52Z4500 Power supply 1-877-271-12
M25P32-VMF6G 25P32-VMF6G M25P32 SOP16 TH-42PZ80C TH-42PZ800C power supply ETX2MM702MF NPX702MF-1A
S29AL004D70TFI010 S29AL004D70 SSOP48 KLV-40X200A T-CON 400HIC4LV1.3 400H1C4LV1.3
ADS8345NB ADS8345 SSOP-20 T-con LJ41-01724A LJ92-00817A
ADG508FBRNZ ADG508FBR ADG508F ADG508 SOP16 LCD-32GA5 37GA5 37AX3 32AX3 T-CON CPWBX3369TPZ A B C E all in stock
ISO7241CDW ISO7241C ISO7241 SOP16 EAX37265601 EBR37527501 T-con
ADS8341EB ADS8341E ADS8341 SOP-16 T-CON EAX36465703 EBR38897103
STM8S207R8T3 8S207R8T3 STM8S207 QFP64 TH-50PV60C T-CON TNPA3820 AB
AD8402ARZ50 AD8402ARZ AD8402A AD8402 SOP14 40" CMO T-CON V400H1-C01
STM8S105S6T3C 8S105S6T3C STM8S105 QFP44 32" T-CON 19100209 MDK 336V-0W
ADG426BRSZ ADG426BRS ADG426 ADG426B TSSOP28 LJ41-03703A LJ92-01371A T-CON
OP184ESZ OP184ES OP184E OP184 SOP8 T-CON LJ41-01968A LJ41-02476A LJ92-00915A
OPA2691ID OPA2691I OPA2691 SOP8 42FD9944 42PMA400C T-con NA26701-B441 NA18106-500703
ADS1115IDGSR ADS1115ID ADS1115 MSOP10 EAX42752001 EBR43988901 T-CON
MPC509AU MPC509A MPC509 SOP-16 power supply EAY32927701 1H369W PSC10188L
MAX9260GCB/V+T MAX9260GCB MAX9260 QFP64 T-con EAX52393302 EBR50219801
TSM103AIDT 103AI DAS001/TSM103 SOP8 6870QCE020D 6871QCH066H T-con
MPC509AP MPC509A MPC509 DIP16 6870QCC013A 6871QCH059B T-CON
CD4060BE CD4060B CD4060 DIP16 EAX36952701 EBR36954101 T-con
AD8552ARZ AD8552AR AD8552 SOP8 TH-42PH10CK 42PV700C T-CON TNPA4133
SUN4004S SUN4004 SOP8 T-CON 6870C-0134A LC420WU2-SLB1
UC3854BN UC3854B UC3854 DIP16 T-CON EAX33642601 EBR35756601
SN65LVDS387DGG SN65LVDS387 TSSOP64 T-CON EAX41832901 EBR39594903
ADG333ABRSZ ADG333ABR ADG333A ADG333 SSOP20 40" CMO t-con V400H1-C03
OPA129U OPA129 SOIC-8 TH-42PV70C 42PV700C T-CON TNPA4134
TPS75901KTTT TPS75901K TPS75901 TO-263 TH-42PD12C T-con TNPA4750 AH
TPS73HD318PWPR TPS73HD318 HTSSOP28 EAX43922801 EBR50523101 T-con
TPS75801KC TPS75801K TPS75801 TO-220 6870QCE014B 6871QCH034A T-con
AD7888ARZ AD7888AR AD7888A AD7888 SOP16 T-con EAX37799701 EBR37857101
CD74HC390E CD74HC390 74HC390E DIP16 Original t-con V420H1-C07 V420H1-CO7, 2 inductance or 3 inductance all in stock
CD4511BE CD4511 CD4511B DIP16 32TA2800 32PFL7422 32TA3000 power supply 715T2190-4 32PFL7422
AD7366BRUZ AD7366BR AD7366B AD7366 TSSOP24 inverter 6632L-0500B 6632L-0501B
TLV2548IPWR TLV2548IP TLV2548 TSSOP20 TPW4233H power supply 1H273W-3 PSC10165B M P/N3501Q00201A
A3988EVT A3988EV A3988 QFN36 42PDAHX power supply MPF7410A PGPF0039 ND61100-0003
ADS1243IPWT ADS1243IP ADS1243 TSSOP24 Power supply PCB2147 A06-122344E
TPS75901KC TPS75901 TPS75901K TO-220 LJ41-05964A LJ92-01508C power supply
TPS75501KC TPS75501 TPS75501K TO-220 TH-42PW6CH power supply TNPA2813
TPS78618KTTT TPS78618K TPS78618 TO263 TH-42PV500c power supply ETXMM563MDK NPX563MD-1C
A5350CA A5350C A5350 DIP16 TH-42PA50C Power supply TNPA3643
A6648CAT A6648CA A6648 DIP16 T-CON 6870QCE012B 6871QCH032B
TPS75933KC TPS75933K TPS75933 TO220 TH-P50S10C TH-P46S10C power supply NPX747MF-1A ETX2MM747MF
TPS75518KC TPS75518K TPS75518 TO220 TH-P50S10C Main board TNPH0784 FC
TPS79625KTTT TPS79625K TPS79625 TO263 T-con LJ41-06617A LJ92-01670A
GC5016-PB GC5016 GC5016-P BGA252 power supply LJ41-05701A LJ92-01556A
PIC10F322T-E/OT SOT23-6 PIC10F322T-E/OT MPF7434 PCPF0156 power supply
AD7795BRUZ AD7795BR AD7795B AD7795 TSSOP24 50" power supply 2300KG004A-F YPSU-J013A EXA32241201
STM8S207C8T6 8S207C8T6 STM8S207 QFP48 LJ92-01517A LJ41-05309A T-CON
K4M561633G-BN75 K4M561633 BGA54 TH-42PA50C TH-42PA500C T-CON TNPA3540 AF 3 D
CS4231A-KL CS4231A PLCC68 KLV-40U200A power supply 715T2095-D
ADS7800JP ADS7800J ADS7800 DIP24 LJ41-02094A LJ92-00984A T-con
BQ4802LYPW BQ4802L BQ4802 TSSOP TH-P42X10C power supply LSJB1279-21 ASSY.N0.LSEP1279
INA103KU INA103K INA103 SOP-16 T-con LJ41-04220A LJ92-01402A
ADM3072EARZ ADM3072EA ADM3072E ADM3072 SOP8 47PFL9532 inverter 6632L-0404B 6632L-0405B
DAC8830ICDR DAC8830 SOP8 PDP Y-SUS LJ41-05779A LJ92-01582A
THS3201DGN THS3201DG THS3201D THS3201 MSOP8 AUO T-CON T370HW04 V4 CTRL BD 37T06-C01
64F2134AFA20V H8S/2134A HD64F2134AFA20V QFP HIT 32" T-CON 320AP03C2LV0.1
OP747ARZ OP747AR OP747A OP747 SOP14 CMO T-CON V260B1-C01
TC1072-3.0VCH713 SOT23-6 CMO T-con V315B3-C01
AD737JRZ AD737JR AD737J AD737 SOP8 CMO T-CON V520H1-C06
TLV5619IDW TLV5619I TLV5619 SOP-20 320WB02 C0B 6D t-con
AD8618ARZ AD8618AR AD8618A AD8618 SOP14 L46E9FBD main board 40-00MS68-MAC2XG
AD8532ARZ AD8532AR AD8532A AD8532 SOP8 LCD40A71-P MAIN 40-LD40V8-MAE4X
ADM2491EBRWZ ADM2491EB ADM2491 SOP16 L46M61F Main board 40-00MS96-MAD2XG
TL16C754BFN TL16C754B TL16C754 PLCC68 L42M61F MAIN board 40-L52M71-MAF2XG
DSPIC30F2011-30I/P DIP-18 L37M61F MAIN board 40-L52M71-MAF2XG
UC3176QPTRG4 UC3176 PLCC L42M61F MAIN board 40-L52M71-MAG2XG
NE5532D N5532 SOP8 32LC7R 32LB9R T-con 6870C-0320A LC320W01-SLB1-G31
PGA2500IDB PGA2500I PGA2500 SSOP-28 32" t-con 320AP03C2LV0.2
PTH05060WAH PTH05060W PTH05060 EUW10 original T-con V420H1-C12
ADUM3210BRZ ADUM3210BR ADUM3210 3210BR SOP8 V320B1-C03 T-CON
OP97FSZ OP97FS OP97F OP97 SOP8 32A100C T-CON T315XW04 V1 TEST BD 31T10-T00
THS5651AIPW THS5651A THS5651 TSSOP28 LC-26HU26 t-con 782.26HU25-260B
OPA637AU OPA637A OPA637 SOP8 782.26HU25-260C t-con
INA111BU INA111B INA111 SOP-16 LA40B530P7R LA46B550K1F LA52B550K1F t-con FHD60C4LV1.1
STM32F105RBT6 32F105RBT6 STM32F105RB QFP64 LS32A33W TLM3218 T-con 32L02V0.5
XCR3384XL-10FG324I BGA324 V270B1-L01-C T-CON
UAF42AP UAF42A UAF42 DIP-14 6870QCE120D 6871QCH066H T-con
AD8638ARZ AD8638AR AD8638A AD8638 SOP8 T-CON CPWBX4023TP KE789 XE789WJ for 42"46"52"in stock
TPS40057PWPR TPS40057PW TPS40057 TSSOP16 37"T-con TW10794V-0 X3593TP for ZA XB in stock
AD974ARSZ AD974ARS AD974AR AD974 SSOP28 GS19XX power supply CQC08001026140 SLK-PI190201
MCP1416RT-E/OT SOT23-5 TLM42E58P(0) MAIN board RSAG7.820.1438
DCR010505P DCR010505 DIP10 L32A8A-A1 Main board PY12026-Q(V2.1)
BQ27200DRKR BQ27200D BQ27200 QFN10 TLM4229G(1) 112611 Main board RSAG7.820.969
XC6SLX45-2CSG324I XC6SLX45 BGA324 L42R1 motherboard 0091801439 V1.1
EPM7064AELC44-10 EPM7064 PLCC-44 LU42R1 MAIN board 50AX07A-C2 0091801192
A3988SJPTR-T A3988SJP A3988S A3988 LQFP48 L42M61F motherboard 40-L52M71-MAF2XG
TPS70248PWP TPS70248P TPS70248 TSSOP-20 L42E9 motherboard 40-0L46E9-MAD2XG
AD627ARZ AD627AR AD627 SOP8 HDP3233 Main board RSAG7.820.829/ROH
TLV2556IDW TLV2556ID TLV2556I TLV2556 SOP20 KLV-32S550A Main Board 1-878-659-11
STM32F205RBT6 32F205RBT6 STM32F205RB QFP64 LC32ES62 MAIN board 35014005
ALVC164245 164245 PD32ES33 Main board 35011447
UCC2803D UCC2803 SOP8 KLV-32BX300 Main Board 1-880-238-33
TPS61030PWPR TPS61030P TPS61030 HTSSOP16 6870C-0099B LC420WU1-SLA2 T-CON
L6385D013TR L6385D013T SOP-8 T-CON 6870C-0060H LC370WX1/LC320W01
ADUM5401CRWZ ADUM5401CRW ADUM5401 SOP16 LC320WXD 6870C-0197B T-con
ADS1256IDBT ADS1256I ADS1256 SSOP28 37WL68C Main Board PE0194 V28A000174A1
25AA010AT-I/OT SOT23-6 25AA010AT-I/OT L32E09 Main board 471-01A2-64201G
AD711KRZ AD711KR AD711K AD711 SOP8 LED42K16X3D LED46K16X3D power supply RSAG7.820.1913/ROH
AT91SAM9G45C-CU AT91SAM9G45-CU AT91SAM9G45 BGA324 TLM4233D TLM4229G power supply RSAG7.820.968/ROH VER.H
AD712JRZ AD712JR AD712J AD712 SOP8 Power Supply 715T3188-2
ADE7758ARWZ ADE7758AR ADE7758 SOP24 LTM32V68C (9)121590 main board RSAG7.820.1727
AD8021ARZ AD8021AR AD8021A AD8021 SOP8 LC40GS60DC main board 35013925 MSD289
DS90UB925QSQ DS90UB925Q DS90UB925 QFN48 LC42GS80DC Main board 35014679 MSD289
ADUM1250SRZ ADUM1250SR 1250SRZ SOP8 LC32DS30 main board 35011217
A8294SESTR-T A8294SES A8294S QFN20 CPT 370WA02C 1A 4B C D CPT370WA02C can be employed universally.
MAX9247ECM+T MAX9247ECM MAX9247 QFP48 KLV-32EX400 Main Board 1-880-238-21
AD8066ARZ AD8066AR AD8066A AD8066 SOP8 T260XW03 V2 CB 26T04-C00 t-con
TPS5450DDAR TPS5450DD TPS5450 SOP8 new original 37T03-COO T-CON T370XW02 VC CTRL BD 37T03-C00
DAC7725UB DAC7725 SOIC-28 LC320/LC260WXE-SBV1 6870C-0303B T-con
ADS1255IDBT ADS1255 SSOP20 T-con FHD60C4LV0.4
DAC8532IDGK DAC8532 MSOP8 original T-CON FHD_MB4_C2LV1.4 FHD-MB4-C2LV1.4 for 32" 40" 46" 55" all are in stock
GAL16V8D-25LPN GAL16V8D-25 GAL16V8D DIP20 T-con CPWBX RUNTK 4010TP KE707 XE707WJ for XG XH XJ ZQ
DAC6573IPWR DAC6573IP DAC6573 TSSOP16 UT32-MH08CB T-CON 19100109 MDK 336V-ON
AD725ARZ AD725AR AD725A AD725 SOP16 MT-42PZ45V t-con 6870QCE011A 6871QCH031A
DAC7625U DAC7625 SOIC-28 42WP36C 42WP48C T-con 6870QCE012B 6871QCH032B
TL16C554 TL16C554AIPNR LQFP-80 L40E9FBD Main board 40-00MS68-MAC2XG
OP482GSZ OP482GS OP482G OP482 SOP14 47PFL3609 Main board 40-T8222P-MAE2XG
OPA2350UA/2K5 OPA2350UA OPA2350 SOP8 LCD-46CN9 Main board B.TR901C
OPA2277UA OPA2277U OPA2277 SOP8 T-con 6870C-0119A LC420WX6-SLA1
OP284FSZ OP284FS OP284 SOP8 LC320WX3 6870C-0087A T-con
LOG112AID LOG112 SOIC-14 6870C-0169B LC420WX7 SL E1 T-con
REF02BU REF02B REF02 SOP8 power supply FSP285-3PS01
TFP410PAP TFP410P TFP410 HTQFP-64 TLM32E29X TLM32V67D TLM3207A power supply RSAG7.820.1032/ROH VER.H
MSP430F1491IPM MSP430F1491 LQFP64 TH-P50X20C power supply PCPF0257 MPF6904
PCM2706PJTR PCM2706PJ PCM2706 QFP32 LA46M51B power supply BN94-00700A BN41-00542A
TPS767D325PWP TPS767D325P TPS767D325 SSOP28 TPW50M78(BOM1) Main board RSAG7.820.2153
XTR110KP XTR110K XTR110 DIP16 TLM4033H(0) main board RSAG7.820.957/ROH
INA101KU INA101 SOIC16 L29V6-A1 Main board MAIN-BD-REV2.0
OP184FSZ OP184FS OP184F OP184 SOP8 LC37DS30C Main board 35012228 MST6U89
ADS8321EB/250 ADS8321EB ADS8321 MSOP8 LC37AS28 Main board 35010078
TVP5150AM1PBSR TVP5150A TVP5150 QFP32 LC42DS30D1 Main board 35009459
ADG202AKRZ ADG202AKR ADG202AK ADG202 SOP16 LC32ES62 Main board MST9U19B 35013020
ADS8329IBRSAT ADS8329 QFN-16 42PFL3605 power supply PLHF-A962A 3PAGC10031A-R
INA122U/2K5 INA122U INA122 SOP-8 Power supply BN44-00259B H26HD-9DF B109-701 4H.B1090.082/1.1
AD660BRZ AD660BR AD660B AD660 SOP24 TLM32V66A 32V68 Power supply RSAG7.820.1459/ROH
PT2222A-001 PT2222A PT2222 PT2222-001 SOP power supply PLHL-T611A 2300KFG016A-F
ADM211ARZ ADM211AR AD SOP28 40PFL6665D 40PFL5605 Power supply DPS-206CP 2950248907
AD588JQ DIP16 t-con CPT 370WA03C CPT370WA03C 4C 4G 4H 4F all in stock
SN74ABT646ADWR ABT646A TI SOP14 P42E101C T-con JP60103 JA09572
ATMEGA323L-4AI TQFP44 P42E101C power board JP59232 JA09422-E
OP295GPZ DIP8 6870QCE011B 6871QCH031C T-con
STV2247H DIP EAX37265601 EBR37527501 T-con
MAX352CSE MAX352 SOP-16 LG40SD4-CTRL-G T-con 6870QCA002A
IRFD220 DIP-4 T-con LJ41-03136A LJ92-01287A
TOP246FN TOP246F Power supply LJ44-00057A
TLP521-4GB TLP521-4 DIP16 power board PSPF411701A BN44-00161A
CSD87351Q5D 87351D TI SON-8 1H165W-2 PDC10284B M LJ44-00107A power supply PH-63R8
5M0380R KA5M0380R TO220-4 42PC1RVA t-con 6870QCH006D
NJM13700M 13700 SOP16 42PF9946 power supply LJ44-00058B PS-423-PH REV0.1
BA6287F-E2 6287 SOP8 PP-42SCP Main Board MCSA710 VER4.0
STRW6554A STR-W6554A Original power supply BN44-00281A LJ44-00174A
MC14024BDR2G 14024BG SOP14 S50HW-XD01 T-CON LJ92-00598A LJ41-01057A
INA117P PDIP8 LJ41-05244A LJ92-01508A power supply
AD7714AR-5 SOP24 P50A101CK P50A101C T-con JA09582 JP60112
L3G4200DTR L3G4200D printing AGD8 MT-50PZ41 power supply APS-189/C 1-685-728-21
LM2676S-ADJ TO263-7 Main Board 6870VM0306G(0)RF-02CA
CD4098BE HEF/HCF4098 CD4098BM 6870QCC004C 6871QCH019C T-con
TDA7491HV ST SSOP36 LJ41-02024A LJ92-00949A LJ92-00950A T-con
DRV8811PWPR DRV8811 TI HTSSOP28 T-CON LJ41-04213A LJ92-01395A
MX29LV160DTTI-70G TSOP48 MXIC Power supply PSPU-J706A 2300KEG026A-F EAX41678701/1
AT89C2051-24SU SOP-20 MC33274AD MC33274ADG AD33274ADR2G
ICE2A165 2A165 DIP8 M51995AFP M51995FP
AD1674AR AD1674ARZ AD1674BR AD1674JR KR DG413DY
CC2540F256RHAR CC2540F256 CC2540 QFN40 TI MIC5158YM MIC5158BM
TPA3123D2PWPR SSOP-24 C78091
SST25VF016B-50-4C-S2AF SST25VF016B SOP8 TEA1506T
CQ1565RT FSCQ1565RT L6201
TPA3110D2 TPA3110D2PWPR TPA3110LD2 TDA8932T
CC2530F256RHAR CC2530F256 CC2530 QFN40 TI AD797AR AD797BR
STM32F051C8T6 STM32F103C8T6 LQFP48 ULN2803A ULN2803AG
LM2576S-5.0 LM2576SX-5.0 TO263-5 TA2024
MMST2222A MMST2222(K3P) SOT323 AD8309ARU
LM2576SX-12 LM2576S-12 LM2576S 12V TO-263 AD623AR AD623BR
EP20K100EFC324-1N EP20K100EFC324 BGA324 100EFC324-1N BH1417F
EP1C20F324C8N EP1C20F324 EP1C20 BGA324 DS1305 DS1305E
EP3C25F324A7N EP3C25F324 EP3C25 BGA324 LM2902M
TMS320F28335PTPQ TMS320F28335 QFP176 DG211BDY DG211CSE DG211DY
TMS320F28335PGFA TMS320F28335 QFP176 BB DAC904E
STM8S207S8T6C 8S207S8T6C STM8S207S8 QFP44 TEA6425
STM8S207R8T6 8S207R8T6 STM8S207R8 LQFP64 ICL7662CBA ICL7662EBA SOP-8
STM8S003F3P6TR 8S003F3P6 STM8S003F3 TSSOP20 CDC329A
STM8S003K3T6C 8S003K3T6C STM8S003K3 QFP32 PCM2702E
STM8S003F3P6 8S003F3P6 STM8S003 TSSOP20 TLC5510I TLC5510INS TLC5510INSR TLC5510
STM8S105K6T6C 8S105K6T6C STM8S105K6 QFP32 DS3231SN DS3231N
STM8S105C6T6 8S105C6T6 STM8S105C6 QFP48 THC63LVDF84B
STM8S105K4T6C 8S105K4T6C STM8S105K4 QFP32 PCM2705 PCM2705DB
STM8S103K3T6C 8S103K3T6C STM8S103K3 QFP32 XC18V01SC XC18V01
STM8S005K6T6C 8S005K6T6C STM8S005K6 QFP32 AD1853JRS
EP3C25F324C8N EP3C25F324 EP3C25 BGA324 PCM2704 PCM2704DB PCM2704DBR SSOP-28
TPS54612PWPR TPS54612 HSSOP28 HIP4082IBZ HIP4082IB 4082IBZ 4082IB
XC2C384-7FG324C BGA324 L6201P
XC2C384-10FG324I BGA324 TLE4299GM
XC2C512-10FGG324I BGA324 SEM2006
XC5VLX50-3FF324C BGA324 DIR9001 DIR9001PW
DAC7724NB DAC7724N DAC7724 PLCC-28 AD1955A AD1955ARS
INA111AU INA111 SOP-16 DF1704E
INA2141UA INA2141 SOP-16 ELMOS ATIC83E2 ATIC83 E2 ATIC83 E2 32330
STM32F373RCT6 with instructions ARM Cortex-M4 core 32-bit MCU ST ELMOS AB9702A E19005A
STM32F373CCT6 IC MCU 32BIT 256KB FLASH 48LQFP 512832-004
STM32F373R8T6 MCU 32BIT 64KB FLASH LQFP64 A2C11837
LTC3803HS6-5 LTC3803HS6 LTC3803 SOT23 A3935KLQ
LTC1480IS LINER SOP-8 BI668-A-1002B 688-A-1002B
L6234 L6234D L6234PD HSOP20 LAFTA V3
ISO1H811G ISO1H811 SSOP36 BOSCH 44602
FM25H20-G F-RAM memory MLX15120DB
55LW9800 main board EAX64405401(0) MLX15119BB
47LX9500 main board EAX62118206(0) P-2161-699102-4 P-2 161-699102-4
55LX9500 main board EAX62118206(0) EAX62118205 TLC5920 TLC5920DL
60PN660H main board EAX65369301(1.4) ULN2004A
55LY540H main board EAX65611303(1.0) YDA138-E
original main board EAX65384003(1.2) for 42GB6580 47GB7800 all in stock AT-220
original main board EAX65384003(1.2) for 55GB7800 60GB7800 65GB7200 all in stock 12028IBAZ ISL12028IBAZ ISL12028IBA
KDL-50W650A main board 1-888-389-12 MIC2595-2BM
KDL-42W650A main board 1-888-389-12 MAATSS0015 MAATSS0015TR
MAX3222CDBR MAX3222 MAX3222C SSOP-20 MIC2186YM MIC2186BM
ISO7242MDW ISO7242M ISO7242 SOIC-16 EL8401ISZ EL8401IS
TPS70351PWPR TPS70351 TSSOP-24 SP3491EN SP3491CN
TPS70348PWPR TPS70348 TSSOP-24 5618AC TLC5618AC TLC5618A TLC5618AI
AD8674 AD8674ARZ AD8674A ADI LCDA12C-8
AD7780BRZ AD7780BR AD7780B AD7780 SOP14 UC2845D UC2845BD
AD629ARZ AD629AR AD629A AD629 SOP8 SS8A03 SS8A03 1002B
AD7401AYRWZ AD7401AY AD7401A AD7401 SOP16 OPA690
ADA4412-3ARQZ ADA4412-3 ADA4412 QSOP20 EL7457CSZ EL7457CS
AD780 AD780AR 2.5V/3.0V SC2621S
AL3201BG AL3201B AL3201 SOP16 UCC2580D-1 UCC2580D-2 UCC2580D-4
DAC5672AIPFB DAC5672A DAC5672 TQFP48 SWD-119
ADS7864YB/250 ADS7864YB ADS7864 QFP48 UC2578DP
ISO7241MDW ISO7241MD ISO7241M ISO7241 SOP16 PCM1804 PCM1804DB
JANTX2N6766 2N6766 OPA642U
TPS70458PWP TPS70458P TPS70458 TSSOP24 MIC2182YM
AD8045ARDZ AD8045ARZ AD8045 SOP-8 SP791EN
DAC7715U DAC7715 SOP16 RF2103P
XC7A100T-1CSG324C XC7A100T 1CSG324C BGA324 TDA1575T
TLC2264AID TLC2264A TLC2264 SOP14 AUTOLIV 16013A
AD8554ARZ AD8554AR AD8554A AD8554 SOP14 EL1508CMZ EL1508CM
NCP1252ADR2G NCP1252A 1252 SOP8 ELMOS 18001A
C8051F040-GQR C8051F040 TQFP-100 A8285SLBT A8285SLB
DAC8531E/250 DAC8531E DAC8531 MSOP8 EL7571CMZ EL7571CM
OPA4277UA OPA4277U OPA4277 SOP-14 CPC7583BA
TLC7524CPWR TLC7524CPW TLC7524C TSSOP-16 LM1877M-9
PS2801C-1-F3-A PS2801C-1-F3 PS2801C SOP4 MAX807LCWE
ADS1241E ADS1241 SSOP28 TFA9810T
UCC27424DGNR UCC27424D UCC27424 MSOP8 UC2854BDW UC2854DW
OPA2132UA OPA2132 SOP-8 UC2854BDW UC2854DW
PTH05050WAH PTH05050W PTH05050 DIP6 TEA1085AT TEA1085T
PTH12050WAH PTH12050W PTH12050 DIP6 X9251TS
TPS54311PWP TPS54311 HTSSOP20 SC1189SW
L6225PD L6225P L6225 HSOP20 TDA7348D
ADS2806Y/250 ADS2806Y ADS2806 HTQFP (PAP) | 64 TDA7410D
DAC2900Y QFP48 MC0061FP
LTC3588EMSE-1 LTC35588 MSOP-10 A3953SLBT A3953SLB
STM32F101R8T6 STM32F101R8 STM32F101 LQFP64 ELMOS 10026B
IKW40N120H3 Code K40H1203 BOSCH 01226
DAC7741YC/250 DAC7741YC DAC7741 LQFP-48 ALLEGRO E338ASK E338A
RCV420KP RCV420 DIP-16 TL7770-5C TL7770-5I
ADS8509 AD603AR SOP8
ESP8266 Serial WIFI wireless ,WIFI wireless transceiver module ESP-01 FAN5059MCC FAN5059MCNC
ADS8505 SSOP28 E11701C 450276770
HK4100F-DC9V-SHG DC9V 3A 6pin 250VAC DS1023-200 DS1023-100 DS1023-50
RS507 KBU507 5A 1000V ADUM1410BRWZ
NTC 16D-11 T91152D
relay SRD-03VDC-SL-C 3V 5pin 10A 250V ICS8735AM-21
Relay HK4100F-DC24V-SHG 24V 3A 6pin 250VAC SP334CT
Relay HK4100F-DC5V-SHG 5V 3A 6pin 250VAC MIC5842YWM MIC5842BWM
Relay HK4100F-DC3V-SHG 3V 3A 6pin 250VAC TDA1593T
Relay HK4100F-DC12V-SHG 12V 3A 6pin 250VAC UC3854DW UC3854ADW UC3854BDW
ST7538 ST7538Q QFP44 ST ADUM1510BRWZ
MBR3045PT TO218 45V/30A OKI M6882-5
SRD-5VDC-SL-C relay 5V T73 5pin 10A ADC0831CCWM
SRD-24VDC-SL-C Relays 24V T73 5Pin DS1337 DS1337C
M4T28-BR12SH1 M4T28-BR DIP4 L4971D
SRD-12VDC-SL-C Relays 12V T73 5pin 250V/10A 75ALS162 SN75ALS162 SN75ALS162DW
78L05 SOT-89 IRU3013CW
0603CS-2N2X 0603 2.2nH 17S50ASC XC17S50ASC
3904 TO-92 MIC4424YWM MIC4424BWM MIC4424CWM
5551 TO-92 NE5517D
A42 TO-92 ELMOS 10901D
A92 MMBTA92 BOSCH 30428
0510 560uH LGA0510-561 color ring inductance A3968ELB A3968ELBT
0307 820uH LGA0307-821 color ring inductance ACT11244 74ACT11244 SN74ACT11244DWR
0204 82uH LGA0204-820 color ring inductance SSM2019B
0410 220uH LGA0410-221 color ring inductance UC2875DWP
8002 3W SOP SP3232ECT
0603CS-8N7X 0603 8.7nH IR2010S
0307 0.22uH LGA0307-R22 color ring inductance MAX693ACWE MAX693CWE
0410 15uH LGA0410-150 color ring inductance SP232ECT SP232AET
14D102K IR2132S
ZMM13V LL34 T3591BID T3951AID
9v battery deduction,Battery Connector,Cable length 10cm,copper Buckle MIC4423ZWM MIC4423BWM MIC4423CWM
FR107 1A 1000V 609600700A E16015B
Diode IN5399 MIC4468ZWM MIC4468YWM MIC4468BWM MIC4468CWM
1206CS-121X 1206 120nH IR2136S
0410 0.68uH LGA0410-R68 color ring inductance IR2110S IR2110 SOP-16
0204 8.2uH LGA0204-8R2 color ring inductance TDA7461ND
1206CS-751X 1206 750nH DS1501WS
1206CS-820X 1206 82nH SC1175CSW
3362P 25K - 253 adjustable resistor potentiometer SAA1064T
3006P 1M - 105 adjustable resistor potentiometer TLC5628C TLC5628CDW
14D821K TLC5540I TLC5540INS TLC5540INSR TLC5540
10D821K 82C54FP M82C54FP
RS1B SMA(DO-214AC) L4978 power management chip DIP8
SS15 SMA(DO-214AC) AD724JR
SS12 SMA(DO-214AC) ATM46C3 966781
ZMM8V2 LL34 AD7528JR
SS35 SMC(DO-214AB) AMTECH 40248-03
RS2G SMA(DO-214AC) 01228 BOSCH
ZMM30V LL34 L4949EP
20D680K CPC7592BC
0410 1.8uH LGA0410-1R8 color ring inductance SP3220ECT
6C patch Transistor BC817-40 SOT-23 TDA7419 TDA7419TR
FH19SC-22S-0.5SH 0.5mm Pitch 22Pin Connectors MC145406D
CJ79L08 SOT-89 W24257S-70LL
0805CS-681X 0805 680nH UC2825DW
1206CS-911X 1206 910nH MIC4469ZWM MIC4469CWM
SSL2101T 17S40LSC XC17S40LSC
3362P 500K - 504 adjustable resistor potentiometer UDN2982LW UDN2982LWT
0204 100uH LGA0204-101 color ring inductance ELMOS 13102A
BM10NB(0.6)-10DS-0.4V(51) 74ABT16500C
ZMM2V7 LL34 PBL38112
05D120M 75ALS160 SN75ALS160 SN75ALS160DW
M5 SMA(DO-214AC) 74HCT374
SS210 SMB DO-214AA PCF8591T
NTC 2.5D-15 GD75232
NTC 5D-13 NTC5D-13 INTERSIL 450277160
NTC5D-9 NTC 5D-9 CPC7593ZC
NTC5D-11 NTC 5D-11 PCF8574T nput /Output Expander IC 8
NTC 8D-11 NTC 8D-11 MF72 SC1152CS SC1152CSW
NTC5D-20 NTC 5D-20 MF72 IR2130S
3386P 1M - 105 adjustable resistor potentiometer 100LVEL14 MC100LVEL14 MC100LVEL14DW
NTC10D-9 NTC 10D-9 MF72 SSM2142
05D330K SP691ACT SP691AET
05D561K DS2188S
05D181K TLV1543C TLC1543C
SMD-4 SMD 6PF 32.768K 32.768KHZ BI688-A-1003BLF 688-A-1003BLF
07D270K IR2135S
ES1B SMA/DO-214AC NAGARES98-0344 98-0344
07D361K PCF8584T
PT2313 SOP-28 EL1508CSZ EL1508CS
LM386 DIP LM224
3362P 50R - 500 adjustable resistor potentiometer CD4093BCM
M1 SMA(DO-214AC) 1528CREZ EL1528CREZ EL1528CRE
2N2222 1537IREZ EL1537IREZ EL1537IRE
14D112K 16255401
MB8S 0.5A/800V A3957SLB A3957SLBT
20D331K AD811JRZ AD811JR
2N4403 8320ARP AD8320ARP